Dressing up for the Holidays

Dressing up for the holidays for 3 generations

Dressing up for the Holidays

Quote of the day: “I know for sure that what we dwell on is who we become.” Oprah Winfrey

It’s that time of the year again when the women of the Ageless Style group showcase a theme and how we all style that theme. Shelly chose a holiday inspired look and the 3 of us started off with a casual look recently.

Now we get to have fun with a dressier outfit. I noticed that we all wore skirts or dresses for this category, and I apologize for those of you who only wear pants. But you could easily substitute black pants in my outfit, if you wanted.

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: When I think of dressing up for the holidays, I love to incorporate a lot of sparkle and shine.

Therefore, I had to style this metallic silver pleated skirt that I just recently acquired. In a moment of weakness, when I received a postcard saying I’d get 40% off anything at H&M, I went to look at their site. I had been wanting a pleated skirt, and had even asked my mom to make me one. She said they weren’t easy to make, so I figured I’d have to buy one.

So while I was looking on their site, I didn’t find any I liked, until the light bulb went off, and I checked the kid’s section. I mean, it was under $20 and with the discount, it was such a steal. I was worried it might be too short. But you can see that the girl model on their site must be my height, because it hits us in the same place, LOL.

Dressing up for the holidays with a pleated skirt

Since I grabbed a longer necklace, I decided to wear some statement earrings. When I bought these beauties, I didn’t even think about how heavy they would be. And they are pretty darn heavy. I can wear them a couple of hours, but definitely not all day.

I think that’s why I loved the Coruu earrings that we showcased this summer except they aren’t as colorful.  Possibly the statement earrings that are fabric like these or these would be lighter?

Dressing up for the holidays for women over 50

I’m sure you’re not surprised that I wore my OTK boots.

These have been my absolute favorite new style in footwear lately, especially because they are so much warmer for me. All three of us showcased them with skirts just recently on the blog. You could argue that this pair is too dark for this outfit, but maybe that just means I need to buy some more in different colors, right?

Most of us have the stereotype in our heads about these boots, but manufacturers have started making them very mainstream. For example there are some that are barely over the knee, and then are those that are just like a regular boot but taller.

Dressing up for the holidays with OTK boots

It’s hard to tell in these photos, but my top under the cardigan is metallic and sparkly. In fact, enough that it caused concern when I went through TSA at the airport. Or let’s just say, that I got a nice massage from TSA that day, ha ha.

Metallic tops could be the easiest way to incorporate bling into your outfits if you don’t already have one. There are gold ones, silver and even a white version.

Women 50+ and Dressing up for the holidays

Skirt: H&M (here)~~Cardigan: J.Jill (similar here)~~Top: (similar here)~~Boots: Betsyville (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: BaubleBar (similar here)~~Purse: Mix No. 6 (similar here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: Nancy was excited to show off her purchases from our recent local boutique shopping when we were included in Trendz fashion show.

The coat was an item that I modeled in the fashion show, but Nancy snagged it because she has been looking for a longer, casual coat for the winter. This one is almost sweatshirt material, so it’s  nice and soft and works for dress up or casual, I think.

If you live in the colder climates like we do, then having a couple of basic coats is a must. If you’ve been in the stores recently, then you might realize that the leopard coats are huge this season. But there are also fun colored, solid ones like light blue, olive green or burgundy ones too.

Dressing up for the holidays for women over 60

Nancy wanted to sort of recreate her look from the style show with this dress. Since she didn’t purchase the scarf or necklace that she wore that evening, this is one of the variations that she came up with.

The wrap is one that I knitted for Nancy many years ago. If you’re a knitter then you might be able to tell that it’s flipped, but it still looks nice. She could even scrunch it up and wrap it around her neck to have it be more like an infinity scarf.

And then she chose a pearl necklace to fill in the neckline. Pearls are taking on a new way to be worn lately. I’ve seen them on jeans, sweaters, and even sweatshirts. What do you think about this dichotomy?

Dressing up for the holidays up close

Metallic footwear is a great way to bring in sparkle and shine for the holidays.

Nancy bought these because they have a chunky heel so they are easy to walk in and yet quite dressy. But you wouldn’t have to choose a heel to join in on this style. I found a pair of loafers, sneakers, or even booties if you wanted a different selection.

Dressing up for the holidays with a dress

The nice thing about this dress, besides the fact that it has long sleeves, is that it can easily be worn for casual or fancy events.

These swing dresses are so flattering and easy to wear. I found some in other colors for your convenience. There are many in charcoal, green, velvet blue, and even a black & white one.

Dressing up for the holidays with a hand knit shawl

Dress: purchased at Trendz (similar here)~~Coat: purchased at Trendz (similar here)~~Shoes: Chinese Laundry (similar here)~~Shawl: Jodie knitted it (similar here but not in black or this one in black)~~Necklace: (similar here)

Charlotte’s (70+) Outfit: Dressing up for the holidays for my mother would definitely include a dress of some kind.

She made this maxi dress last year, and even wore it when we traveled to Vegas for our Christmas fun last year. The nice thing when you make your own clothes, you can make sure it has long sleeves for the colder months.

Both Nancy’s dress and mom’s dress have long sleeves, but it always amazes me how many you see at this time of year with no sleeves. But I did find some other long sleeve dresses at the bottom of this post, if you’re interested.

Women 70+ and Dressing up for the holidays

My mom has quite a few garnet jewelry pieces since it’s her birthstone. Even though she is quite the discount shopper, these are items she will end up spending more money on if she really likes them.

Personally, I don’t have a lot of pieces in my birthstone–do you?

Dressing up for the holidays with garnets

I have to admit that my mom and I have a discussion about these shoes every time she wants to wear them for the blog.

If you’d like to see a close up shot of them, she had them on in our New Year’s Eve post from 2 years ago. Our discussion that we always have revolves around the fact that mom has some hose that are the same color, and she always wants to wear them together. My argument is when she wears these hose with them, you don’t notice how cool the shoes are because there’s no contrast.

So for the sake of the blog, mom wore her nude hose with this outfit. But if you know my mother, then you’ll know that when she wears this out in public, she’ll have on her burgundy hosiery with it instead, LOL!

Dressing up for the holidays with a maxi dress

And not only can my mom make her clothing, but she also has made a few purses in her time. She made my leopard purse that I wore in a post last December. And she made Nancy’s purse that she styled with our print mixing challenge this spring. And this burgundy and gold one is also one of her creations. I have one just like it.

Dressing up for the holidays for older women

Dress: Mom made it (similar here)~~Shoes: Donald J. Pliner (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Purse: Mom made it (similar here)

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

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Dresses can certainly make dressing up for the holidays easy. Whether they are fancy or casual, I rounded up a bunch with long sleeves for you:

  • Your mom’s shoes made my heart go pitter patter. Love that you bought your skirt from the girls’ section. I’m always looking for things in unexpected places as well. And Ms. Nancy — I love love love her shawl. You all look fabulous.

  • I love your burgundy OTK boots and pleated skirt! Your mom’s dress is fabulous, she is very talented! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

  • Oceanblue Style

    Really love your burgundy boots Jodie. Thank you for hosting the link-up. xo Sabina

  • Wow! All you ladies look fabulous in your holiday outfits, but I must admit, your mom’s outfit stole my heart again. She looks absolutely striking in that maxi. So elegant and posh. And I love your boots Jodie!

    • Thanks so much Amy!!
      Isn’t my mother such a dream?? I love that she enjoys dressing up still and putting her best foot forward!! She’ll be 80 next month and I think she’s such an inspiration!!

  • Nicole Mölders

    Thanks for linking up to the Top of the World Style linkup party. I love your OTK boots! Great color!

  • That quote hits me hard I must admit. Jodie rocked that outfit like a young heart lady. Nancy and Charlotte’s casual look is a game stopper.

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

    • Thanks Katya!
      I’ve always loved quotes because they can pack a punch in a short amount of words…..

  • These are such great looks for dressing up for the holidays! It is so fun to put on your favorite outfit and spend time with your family. I would definitely wear these red dresses! So cute!
    Thank you for linking up this week!

    ~xo Sheree

  • You each look beautiful in your holiday finery! Charlotte’s shoes compliment her maxi wonderfully and I could not agree with you more about them needing a contrast to really shine. Very smart idea about checking the girl’s section for your skirt! I don’t know if I own even one thing that’s my birthstone…

    • I wonder if the birthstone thing is a generational thing??
      Thanks so much Jennie!!!
      ps..I sent this to my mom, but I know she doesn’t agree…ha ha!!!

  • Your look is my favorite, Jodie! From the shades of pink and blush to the rich variety of textures, it represents everything I’m loving about winter fashion. And the statement earrings finish the look to perfection! What I love about outfits like this is that because it’s built from separates and is layered and accessorized, it’s a truly personalized look. No one will show up in the same outfit, and your outfit introduces so much of who you are without you having to say a word!


    • Thanks so much for the wonderful compliment, Liz!!! I’ve never thought of it that this is truly a personalized look!!!
      But maybe that’s why I love shopping at different stores, so much. I don’t want to look like everyone else!!

  • Kathy Marris

    It’s great to see some wintery dresses, because mostly we wear pants in the colder weather. Nancy’s raspberry dress with the shawl is a real standout. I love how this dress falls. It is very flattering. #TeamLovinLife

    • Since we have such a long winter season, I do love finding ways to keep warm with dresses, Kathy. In fact I just bought some burgundy & silver plaid tights—-won’t those be fun??
      Thanks!! Nancy will love to read your comment and really appreciates your kind words!!

  • Judy Gramith

    Charlotte looks very elegant this maxi dress look.
    Cute little shrug on Nancy and I love your resourcefulness in finding the party pleats Jodie!

    • Thanks Jude!!
      I learned that resourcefulness from you—ha ha!!!

  • Len Dela Peña Parent

    This is absolutely amazing post! You ladies are inspiration! Loving all your holiday looks!
    SIMPLY STUNNING! Keep it coming!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Much love, Len

    • Thanks so much for all of your enthusiasm Len!!! I always love your positivity!!

  • You three are beautiful in your holiday wear! Isn’t it fun when you find great things in the kids section? I browse there from time to time!

    pumps and push-ups

    • I would have never thought to look in the kid’s section before I started blogging—but really–it’s smart!!
      Thanks so much Brooke!!

  • I love your mum’s dress – the plain top and striped bottom. It looks dressy and comfortable at the same time.

    I’m also eyeing off your glasses as I need new ones and am tempted by some that are bright green and wondering how they will go with different outfits…. or if I should stick to black / brown / metal!

    I will probably be in shorts and singlet on Christmas day unless we have the aircon pumped up. I am pondering a couple of my summer dresses for my Xmas outings though!

    • I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on these glasses, Deborah!! I like that they don’t go with everything, and stand out instead!! But that’s definitely my personality lately!!
      Thanks for the fabulous compliment for my mom—she will just love reading this!!
      And as for being in shorts on Christmas—it seems so different….I’m sure I’d get used to it, but when would I get to wear my faux fur???

  • That rose pink is gorgeous on you – and those boots! I also love Nancy’s shrug and your Mum’s dress looks fabulous on her too. #TeamLovinLife

    • Thanks so much Jo. My moms will love to read this so thanks for including them in your lovely compliments!!!

  • Oh my! I forget about sparkle and shine but I do love them. I spy some sparkly shoes and they are perfect to complete a holiday look!

    • They really are the perfect footwear for the season, Carrie!!

  • I love the Holiday looks! That green coat that Nancy has is stunning on her and looks so warm!


    • Thanks Ruth!!!
      Nancy is so glad she got this coat—it’s perfect for her!!

  • Love all your holiday looks! Jodie – those boots are incredible! You are rocking them!


  • You ladies look so pretty in all of these outfits! They are the perfect mix for the holidays. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  • You all look gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this holiday inspiration. I love your metallic skirt and your mom’s maxi dress is beautiful
    Julia x

  • Your advice about adding metallics is right on. Especially if you don’t want to buy something just for a holiday party and never wear it again. I don’t think your boots are too dark (and I love them btw!). I think they look like they ground the outfit. Tell your mom we thank her for her sacrifice of wearing the nude hose so we can see the delightful shoes! They are scene stealers!

    • I do love the addition of bling to anything, so I probably don’t only do this at the holidays, Julia–ha ha!!!

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Those metallic pleats and boots are everything. And how you ladies shine in the festive colors! So cheery!

  • What lovely outfits, Jodie! I just adore the fact that you bought your skirt from the kids section at H&M – that’s the kind of thing that I frequently to myself 😉
    I love Nancy’s dress – I would so wear that myself! And Charlotte’s shoes are the cutest!!
    Suzy xx

  • You are all looking so festive ! this post is a perfect example of all of your individual styles – Nicely done ladies.

  • Don t you just hate that , that those gorgeous earrings are so heavy! I have the same issue!

    • It’s such a bummer, isn’t it, Nancy??
      Of course, I don’t usually wear my party wear all day long…ha ha!!

  • A touch of red on the outfit is definitely a dress up for holidays.
    I’m lovin all the outfits!

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  • Jodie I feel like I have those boots in black, just the back is a little different! Also you knitted that shawl? It’s stunning and I love it!

    • And don’t you just love the boots, Laura?? I almost feel sorry for my older “tall” boots like the riding boot variety—I hardly ever wear them anymore!!

  • Once again you three have hit it out of the park! Nancy’s wrap is lovely, and that really is a great, versatile choice for a dress!
    Hooray for the children’s department! What a great skirt, fit and deal! And you know I love the boots!
    And now for your mom…Go Charlotte! What an awesome look for her! Beautiful, beautiful dress! The jewelry is perfect! And those shoes! I’m glad she took your advice so we could see how truly fabulous they are!💖💖💖

    • Thanks for such a glowing compliment on each of us, Ronnie!!
      I made sure to forward it to both mom and Nancy so they can smile as much as I did!!

  • Lesley Watson

    Love Charlotte’s shoes! With or without matching hose they are winners. I notice she is a January baby. My youngest daughter is too. My birthstone is emerald ,May, and I NEVER wear green. I have a couple rings that sit in my jewelry box, and a scarf (1 scarf among many) that has some emerald green in it. That’s all. Are you all going to Vegas again this year?

    • So I wonder why you don’t ever wear green, Lesley?? It’s such a beautiful color—in fact, I just wore it to the Figgy Pudding Party that we go to every year.!! Maybe I’ll have to put it on my schedule for the blog to get everyone excited about the color again??
      And no, we aren’t going to Vegas this year, but we are driving up to Glenwood for an overnight. Rob has never been there, so we thought it’d be a perfect time to go!!

      • Lesley Watson

        Where are you staying in Glenwood? I lived in Carbondale 18 years, the valley is a wonderful place. I’ve loved it since I first drove through on my way to collage. My daughter still lives up in the valley. Weather permitting I’m going up 16th to help her a few days post surgery. Have a wonderful time up there. If you need ideas of things to do let me know, I’ll load you down. Enjoy

        • We are staying at the Hotel Colorado, and having dinner there that evening. Of course, we will be spending an hour or so soaking in the springs too. But give us some suggestions—we have nothing planned for the next day when we leave (so obviously it cant be too long) but are there any great breakfast places or shops we should visit???

          • Lesley Watson

            Hotel Colorado is wonderful! Good choice. Breakfast: Daily Bread on Grand Ave (main street through GWS) Stroll Grand ave, all sorts of different independently owned shops. Rosi’s Cafe. If you want to drive up to Carbondale (12 miles up hwy 82) beautiful drive, charming town, MUST for breakfast VILLAGE SMITHY! It’s been there for years, owned by same family and in institution in the valley. That would be my suggestion. If you are going to be there Christmas day, check to see what is open however. We were up there one Christmas and Rosi’s was all that was open. It is good, but there was a wait. I’ve heard THE PULLMAN in Hotel Denver (across the river by train station) is good. Have fun

  • I love your mom’s outfit, can’t believe she made that dress! That last shot of her is perfect!


    • Thanks so much Jeanne. My mom will absolutely love to read this comment!!

    • Charlotte Miller

      Yes Thanks so much for the lovely comment.

  • I know you ladies are not competing, and I don’t normally compare you three because you each have your own unique style. However, I must say, I love your mom’s outfit the best! She looks elegant and very classy from head to toe, I especially love the first photo of her. I don’t think you’ll mind me saying that because she is your mom after all! So today, I just had to give her this compliment! In fact, if I had to choose my favourite outfit of hers, this is it! 🙂


    • Isn’t my mom such a treasure, Carmen? She will glow after reading this comment, and it’s so heart warming to know that it will help her self confidence too!!!
      Thanks so much for such a lovely, lovely comment!!

    • Charlotte Miller

      Thanks Carmen, I have to add my sincere gratitude also.

      • You are most welcome Charlotte! You always look so fashionable, a lady with grace and good taste! ❤️

  • Mother of 3

    So lovely! I love the ties on the back of your boots. I too love a little sparkle and shine with my holiday outfit.

    • Thanks so much!!
      I know that we can wear sparkle and shine anytime, but it’s so much fun at the holidays!!

  • ADA

    You ladies are rocking reds and pinks for the holidays. All great looks. Love those gorgeous statement earrings JODIE.

  • I love the colours. You all look amazing

  • Laura

    I love the colors and metallics you wore in your outfits! Jodie, that skirt is so pretty!

  • Tina von tinaspinkfriday

    Wow Jodie, I am in love with all your looks. I love yours, Nancy’s and Charlott’s in the same way. Sooo amazing. XO Tina

    • Thanks so much Tina!!
      That just warms my heart!!

  • I love your outfit Jodie and those boots are special. I love how sexy the laced up back on the OTK shows on you. Enjoy. . .

  • So many fun holiday looks! You all look so pretty and festive!


  • Those boots you’re wearing are amazing, Jodie! They’re such a beautiful color. You seriously have the best boots collection! And how could you not by that skirt? It’s so cute! And that’s an awesome deal!


    • I do have quite a few boots, Lindsey. But as my mom always rationalizes—I’ve had many more years to collect them…ha ha!!

  • Oh I am loving your mom’s shoes! Those are so spectacular. And the combination of pinks, burgundies, and blushes with sparkle in your outfit, Jodie, are so brilliant! Such great outfits once again! Thanks so much for linking up with me and #SpreadingTheKindness!


    • Thanks so much Shelbee!!!
      I always love the holiday looks…don’t they just make you smile?

  • Charlotte Miller

    I made the small evening bags from place mats from directions in the famous magazine THREADS
    from ’05. It’s handy to have the long strap when you have to go through the buffet line.

    • That’s right—I totally forgot to include that in the post!! We will have to wear our matching ones in an upcoming one, and then I’ll explain that!!

  • mummabstylish

    Great idea Hun, love your mum Charlottes dress. super colours for the time of year. Thanks for hosting too. x Jacqui http://www.mummabstylish.com

  • Rebecca Saffer

    How clever of you to check out the children’s department for that great skirt. It really shows that we need to think outside the box more. The scarf/shawl you made Nancy is stunning and looks great with the pin closure (very elegant). Your mom’s dress is beautiful and fits like a dream but what I love most is that gorgeous necklace – we share January as our birth month (mine is January 3) so maybe we can share some of the garnet jewelry!!

    • Charlotte Miller

      Sorry to say–Good Luck. Actually only the earrings are garnets. I do have several garnet necklaces but not as magnificent as this costume necklace from Avon years ago.

    • Thanks for the wonderful thoughts Rebecca!!
      And didn’t my mom’s response just crack you up??? She’s not the biggest sharer around–ha ha!! Even I don’t get to wear her “good” stuff regularly!!
      Are you doing something special for your birthday this year??? It’s so close to New Years, that I bet it gets brushed over at times???

      • Rebecca Saffer

        I loved your mom’s comments – she sounded like my big sister! As for birthday celebrations, I was the middle child of 4 close in age and all born in the month of January so festivities were minimal if at all. I do like celebrating now though!

  • I have been on the hunt for a pleated skirt. Love yours!! Not sure I could fit in one from the kids section but I’ll give it a try!

    • I wasn’t completely sure about this either, Darlene—but considering it was an elastic waistband, I figured I had a good shot!!
      But I’m also trying to be open to looking in the men’s section too for some items!!

  • Cindy

    Love your mom’s dress! I’m amazed at her talent! Of course you all look adorable and festive!

  • donnanance

    Jodie, love the pleated skirt…clever girl to look in the girls’ section! Those boots are smokin’! Although it wouldn’t hurt to have a couple more colors . Love Nancy’s red dress and the pearls are perfect. I think I have a similar necklace. A dressy shoe like hers would be my choice.
    Your mom is so talented and makes one of a kind garments. Love the shoes (with the nude hose). The shoes are too pretty not to be showcased. xoxo

    • You think like I do, Donna especially about my mom’s shoes.
      I had to laugh though because when we went to the Figgy Pudding party last weekend, my mom wore this outfit —-only with the burgundy hose. I knew she would. She doesn’t believe her daughter, LOL!!

  • Rachel Lee

    Unique and fun blog! Cute styles. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Rachel!!
      I’m so glad you stopped by!

  • Gotta say your Mom’s homemade dress and whole outfit stole the show for me this time. Wow! I kind of agree with her about the shoes too BTW : )

    Love the skirt you got from H&M. Clever thinking!


    • Isn’t my mom amazing with what she can “whip up”??
      And the funny thing, is she wore this to our Figgy Pudding Party that the 4 of us go to every year, with the shoes AND the hose!! I knew she would!!
      Thanks Suzanne!!

  • Oh Jodie you all look so beautiful and festive! I love that you found that skirt in the kids seciton! I am always looking in the kids section and even buy boys tshirts! Ha ha! I just got a pair of burgundy thigh high boots yesterday and cannot wait to style them! Happy Tuesday!

    • You’re going to love the burgundy OTK boots, Cheryl!!! I feel like besides the black, they are my most worn ones!!!
      And it’s smart to look in all of the sections for our clothes—I just don’t always remember, but I’m getting better!!

  • Eileen Flanigan Sinda

    All the outfits today were lovely. You are lucky you can look in the children’s section. Wouldn’t work well for me though. Although the OTK boots are pretty cool, I think this outfit would look better with a bit of flesh peeking out between the skirt and boot. Just my humble opinion. Love your mom’s shoes. Great job!

    • I love that you said that about some leg showing between the skirt & boots, Eileen. That’s usually my preferred look too, But then I know some women still don’t love the idea of the OTK boots, so I thought this might appeal to them?? I’ll have to see how much I wear this skirt and with what–maybe I’ll try it with my “shorter” OTK boots next time….
      Thanks so much for your thoughts.
      I’m also trying to keep an open mind about shopping in the men’s section. Sometimes they have the best plaid shirts….

      • Eileen Flanigan Sinda

        Hi Jodie! Yes I did mean leg. Not much on showing any flesh elsewhere, especially in winter! I actually don’t mind the OTK boots. Matter of fact, I was complimenting a young woman on hers the other day. I think it was more about the bulk they added under that cute skirt of yours. It looks like the boots are catching the edge of the skirt.
        Men’s departments definitely have great plaid shirts. I love to wear them as a soft jacket around the house and with casual wear to ball games or outdoor work. Love plaid. Keep up the great work, Jodie. I enjoy all of your posts. Love Nancy and Charlotte too. Eileen

  • Karen

    What a great idea to look in the kids’ section for things! Another tip I’ll keep in mind! I love those boots, especially with the high heel! They are gorgeous! And that cardigan looks so light and feminine, I don’t remember seeing that at J Jill but it’s a winner! I like how Nancy dressed up a dress that could go for either casual or dressy, depending on the accessories! It’s pretty with the cape and her shoes! Your mom’s bag goes so well with the stripes in her dress, and I love her shoes! I have a party to attend at the place my mom lives and this gives me some good ideas!

    • Thanks so much Karen!! I’m also trying to keep an open mind about searching in the men’s sections—sometimes they have items that would work for us women too (like their plaid or gingham shirts)!!
      This J.Jill sweater is probably from over 10 years ago. I don’t wear it very often, but I’m glad I haven’t gotten rid of it!
      I hope you have a fabulous time at your party!! I’d love to see a photo of you and your mom!!

  • Bev @ Walking Well With God

    You ladies look lovely and elegant!! I do have one gathering to go to and Jodie, you have me thinking shimmer and shine 🙂
    Bev xo

    • I love to hear that, Bev!! I know we can now wear shimmer and shine any time but most of us feel way more comfortable wearing it around the holidays!!! I’d love to see what you end up wearing!! Are you on Instagram?? Or you could email me the photo??

  • Such lovely outfits! Pink looks so lovely on you Jodie.

    Gemma x

  • fashionistha

    And yet again, you three beautiful ladies slay!!
    Love love love!

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    efforts and I will be waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.

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  • Big yes to a touch of red!! I still have to think about my look for the holidays! xx

    • Can’t wait to see what you pick!!
      Thanks Chiara!!