Men’s Summer Style with Shorts

men's summer style

Men’s Summer Style with Shorts

Quote of the day: “You are your possibilities. If you know that, you can do anything.” Oprah Winfrey

Men’s summer style usually revolves around shorts. In fact, does it make you wonder why women feel the need to stop wearing shorts after a certain age, yet men never consider it? Just a little food for thought…

And even though Rob is wearing what you’d consider a t-shirt and shorts, I think there is certainly enough interest in the outfit so it wouldn’t be considered plain or sloppy.

Rob’s Outfit:  Here we are scouting out some fun places to take photos for some upcoming blog posts!

And you thought blogging was all fun and games!! We wanted to make sure that the lighting would work for some photos we will be taking for a fun collaboration next week! And since Rob was showing off his men’s summer style so well, I figured he might as well pose for the camera!

Shorts for Men over 50

His shorts are some that I think any man could wear! When I looked at their tag, it seems like they are golf shorts. Not that Rob golfs anymore, but the shorts look great!

Since these are black and white, Rob has worn them for both casual and somewhat dressier occasions! If this is a men’s summer style that would work for anyone in your family, then I found even nicer shorts below. If you are partial to the black and white versions, then this pair is more equally black and white. Whereas this pair is more white than black!

Summer mens fashion with shorts

The t-shirt is certainly not fancy, but I love that it has more details than a plain shirt.

I know we found this shirt while walking through Gordmans, so it couldn’t have been very expensive.

Rob doesn’t wear a baseball cap much anymore, but I think there are some that are great! If they are popular in your family, then I came across some interesting versions like the corduroy one or the two toned one!

Shorts for guys' fashion for men's summer style

But my favorite part of the outfit has to be the red sneakers! I’m sure I’m biased because I am such a shoe lover. However, I am so glad that Rob enjoys a fun pair of shoes too! Just like in his last men’s style post, where he wore yellow shoes!

If your man prefers more tame sneakers, I can understand. But let me tempt you with a couple of fun ones like black leather or black tweed!  However, there are some unique sneakers if you want to check them out too. This pair is more subtle in the front and then a party in the back! Or there’s the all out, colorful pair, that will grab anyone’s attention!

Men's Summer Style with Shorts

Shorts: Grand Slam (similar here)~~Shirt: Modern Culture (similar here)~~Shoes: Old Navy (similar here)~~Hat: (similar here)

I’d love to hear what you think about wearing shorts and a person’s age. I know many women will say it’s because their legs aren’t perfect anymore. But I’m always quick to point out that I have a scar from my cleft lip that is front and center on my face! And I can’t just wear a bag over my head to hide it!

What’s your verdict for men’s summer style?

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  • My husband would wear these shorts, but he would still shy away from red shoes of any kind.

    • Well, we need to change that Jennifer!! Red shoes show off a great personality!!

  • I like this look – simple and stylish.

  • Lee Gaitan

    It may be September, but we will still have plenty of warm days here in Atlanta, so it will be a good time for some of the darker colored shorts. I love these! I finally got my husband into some plaid shorts and a couple Father’s Day gifts ago and now he has about four pairs and likes them!

    • Don’t you just love it when our men get some great style, Lee?

  • Deb’s World

    I’m a fan of shorts for anyone at any age. These look good on Rob and I love his red sneakers!!

    • I’m so glad to hear you say that, Deb!!

  • I was worried you were going to skip discussing the sneakers. I need not have feared…

    • Rob loves his shoes almost as much as I love shoes!! So never fear…

  • LaurieStone

    Cute outfit on Rob. Love the red sneakers!

  • My husband only wears shorts from May to October…if he can get away with it! I wear shorts but not as much as him – apart from on holiday when I wear them every day (mostly denim cut offs ) 😊

    • I love to hear that you still wear shorts too, Linda!! Of course you have fabulous legs to show off!

  • My husband loves him some shorts! Showing him this

    • And do you wear shorts too Carol? I find it so interesting that our men do, yet we don’t….

  • Sarah Stockley

    I really like the shirt and the shoes – it’s a great outfit choice. Sarah #fabfridaypost

  • Kim

    My fiancé wears similar clothes! Shorts are a must for the summer!

    Simply Lovebirds

  • Len Dela Peña Parent

    Amazing photos and super handsome! Love his look!
    Have a wonderful day!

    Much love, Len

    • Thanks so much Len!! This will make my husband’s day!!

  • Rob’s outfit is perfect for a summer day out! Love the shorts! 🙂

  • Such a nice outfit, looks good! Great post.


  • Jacqueline Rendine

    Love the shorts!
    Stylin In St. Louis

  • Aditi Oberoi Malhotra

    Cool look!! I like the shorts!
    Adi xx

  • Great look!

    Daniel x

    The Daniel Originals | Instagram: danielpoonvignez

  • Thanks for joining us for our link up party this week! And thanks for sharing some male style! Ron looks super! Peace!

  • Your husband looks fantastic! I love his short and the cap goes very well together with the outfit. My boy love wearing shots. My O.H. on the other hand only wear shots in extreme hot weather. He is very choosy though. Typical of him, lol! Thanks for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

    • Thanks Su!
      Is there a reason your O.H. doesn’t wear shorts much??
      I always think that guys don’t really care, but maybe I’m wrong??

  • I honestly don’t understand the logic telling women (or men) over a certain age not to wear shorts. I did a post a year or two about this subject. In that post I stated that I was at a public event and I just started noticing legs, and what I noticed, was that there were a lot of “ugly” legs out there…it didn’t matter what age the person was. Whether they were children, young, or old. And no one tells them not to wear shorts. In fact, my husband and I were dining recently and two twenty something girls walked in wearing the shortest shorts I ever saw, and lets just say they didn’t have the legs for it. Yet, no one would ever tell them that, because they are “young”. It was then I said to my husband “This is what I don’t understand about the short issue. Why is it socially appropriate to tell someone over 40 not to wear shorts, but it’s not socially appropriate to tell someone with unattractive legs to wear shorts?” It doesn’t make sense to me. It seems that the only group of people you can still discriminate against is the elderly. Personally, I don’t think anyone should be telling anyone, whatever age they are, not to wear shorts or anything else for that matter. When bloggers start sharing fashion “rules” especially “age appropriate rules”, that’s when I hit the delete button.

    On another note, your husband looks cute in his shorts. One thing I would note about that is short style or length seems to change for women as they age (the young girls wear short shorts where the older women get the longer the shorts get) but they are the same for men. The men all wear the same style of shorts. The shorts your hubby has on a twenty something guy would wear too. Why it’s different for women…I’ll never understand.

    • Man, you’ve hit the nail on the head Amy!!
      It reminds me of the commercial (although I can’t for the life of me remember what product or company it was for) where these big, beefy guys were saying the complaints that women always say. You know….like, “does this make my butt look fat” or “i inherited big thighs from my mom’s side of the family” Why is there any difference between the sexes on our clothing and how we feel about ourselves? Nuture or nature??
      I can’t wait for the time when we as a society can really embrace our bodies as what they are and the changes that come with them. Not that we have to show off every piece of our body, but to stop being so critical of ourselves!!
      Have a great Saturday—and thanks for being so passionate about it!!

  • Ann H

    We’ve got some very similar – the boys in the family love them #wotw

  • Judy Gramith

    Rob looks comfy and happy with his look. I really like the shorts a lot!! The shoes offer that nice pop of color that men care very little about. Your Rob is proof positive of the importance of a little outfit planning. My Jay does this with golf and pheasant hunting apparel and looks great for those beloved activities!

    • I think it’s nice when the men in our lives take pride in their look and appearance!! I mean, heck! They have to keep up with us, right??

  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    Rob looks like he’s enjoying this photo shoot. That is awesome! 🙂 The first thing I noticed were those red shoes, I love them!! I need to buy my husband some cooler shows for more casual outfits. He always just wears regular tennis shoes!


    • I do feel a little sorry for my husband at times—I wouldn’t let him go out in his regular tennies!! LOL
      Thanks Carrie!!

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    Those look great on Rob! I think knee length shorts on “grown” men look so much better, or even a little shorter. Men are naturally short through the thighs, and I get so tired of seeing the younger men in the saggy baggy shorts down to their calves, yuck! My hubby has short legs so he has trouble finding shorts short enough to be higher on his knees. I clicked on a couple of those links 🙂

    • I’ve actually shortened a couple of Rob’s shorts!! We laugh because some are so long that I call them “longs”!!

  • Nicole Mölders

    I like these longer shorts.

  • dan

    Nice changing the point of view and see a man who is sharing his outfit! A casual look is what very often men wear here too…

  • Charlotte Miller

    Rob looks great as usual-he really deserves to be the center of attention since he is so great to be taking many of the pictures, Yes he does have some really sharp shoes.

    • But you know, mom….let me point out that his shoe selection has improved tremendously since meeting me!! LOL!!!!

      • Charlotte Miller

        I know you’ve upgraded all our styles.

  • Yep, the outfit is great…but it’s all about those sneaks, for me!

    • I hear you Em!! That’s exactly I how feel!!
      Have a fabulous weekend!!

  • My husband also loves fun shoes and just bought another pair of red ones when he was home visiting.

    I had to laugh when you said you thought the photo of my Rob was your Rob. Ha ha!

    You know what they say about men that wear nice shoes…


    • Actually I don’t know that saying!!! You have to enlighten me!!
      My mom keeps calling Rob dapper—isn’t that the cutest term???

  • donnanance

    P.S. Boy, do I feel silly with egg all over my face! I was going through posts that I missed and lo and behold, there is Rob wearing a snappy hat! I was right…he does look fab! xoxo

    • There’s no egg on your face, Donna—you can’t be expected to not only read all of my crazy posts, but remember them too!! Heck, I hardly remember what I’ve posted in the past. And I spend hours putting them together!! LOL!!
      Have a great weekend, and thanks for all of the love!!

  • donnanance

    Rob looks fab, as usual! The little detailing on the shirt brings the whole outfit up a notch. Of course we can’t forget about the shoes…perfect… My husband wears a brimmed hat to protect his face and ears from the sun. Rob looks like he could wear a snappy hat very well. You’d be surprised at the positive comments from the ladies. xoxo

    • I have to admit, that Rob gets a ton more attention from people when he’s dressed nicely!! Not this outfit, per se, but when we go out.
      Did I ever tell you the time we went to Home Depot (dressed nicer than most) and a gentlemen stopped us to tell us that we were such a well dressed couple!! We love those times!! And maybe that’s why we do it?

  • I think men look good in shorts no matter what their age but it’s all in the styling. I was going to refer back to the whole “No socks with sandals” but I believe that’s the latest fashion craze among all the millennials! Hahaha

    • Really??? It’s funny how we would look at the socks with sandals and just cringe!!!

  • Love these cool shorts! Your hubby is so handsome. Thanks of sharing these picks!

    • Thanks Kathrine!! He’ll love to hear you say that!!
      Have a great weekend!!

  • MamaGrace

    I love the Express and Nordstrom ones. My husband wears shorts all year round, he says he finds it more comfortable. #FabFridayPosts

    • I do know a lot of guys that wear them all year!! Of course, it helps if you live where it doesn’t snow…ha ha!!
      Thanks and have a great weekend!!

  • Rob looks great Jodie! You are so lucky he likes fashion! Great post! Peace!

    • I am lucky, Cheryl!! But then again, I think his philosophy is “when in Rome” LOL!!

  • I agree with you that the sneakers are the best! My hubby is much more conservative in his dress. Actually the price tag is usually his number one consideration! I did force him to buy some more expensive shorts this summer that have some very nice quality fabric and stitching and I think he’s getting what it means to spend a little more to have a better quality item. Plus, he loves them and that doesn’t happen often. Rob is such a good sport doing this. I wonder if I could get Dave to do it?? Have a great weekend lady! Julia

    • I think sometimes pushing ourselves and others out of the norm, is a good thing!! How boring we are, if we never change, right??
      So you definitely need to get Dave to start showing some fabulous style for men—then we’ll have more great dressed men out there!!
      Have a great weekend, Julia!!

  • Your husband seems such a nice friendly guy! In fact, I think that your friends are happy to have friends like the two of you! You look like such a great cople!
    My hubby kust started to wear shorts this year. When he was younger he never did. I think shorts these days are so much fun that I am glad he wears them!

    • That’s so interesting that your husband just started wearing shorts….what changed his mind?
      And thanks for the wonderful compliment, Nancy!!

  • I love the red shoes!! My husband has been on the hunt for a pair of red shoes too! He likes a hint of red in his dress shoes too. 🙂 The plaid shorts are fun too! It’s always fun to see your hubby’s style as well! I hope you all have a great weekend!


    • I guess it’s no secret that I like color, so I’m sure that’s rubbed off on Rob too!! You know, how when you’ve been married awhile you start dressing alike, right? Ha ha!!
      Thanks Lindsey and enjoy the weekend!!

  • Laura

    I like patterned shorts are men! My husband has a plaid pair he wears and I think they look great!

    • I know my husband wasn’t too hip on them at first, so we started with this pair since they are a tad more subtle!! But now I’ve twisted his arm to get a multi colored pair like the ones from JCPenney!! And he loves them!!
      Thanks Laura, and have a great weekend!!

  • rakhshanda

    I love your hubby’s style. He looks great and has a nice smile. I loved the his shoes especially!!

    • Thanks so much Rakhshanda!!
      The shoes just make it for me—in everyone’s outfits!!
      Have a great weekend!!

  • Bev @ Walking Well With God

    I have to smile and give your hubby kudos for wearing plaid shorts. My husband is strictly a khaki shorts kind of guy. I think i’d fall over if he wore bright plaid or camo. But here’s to the guys who do and wear it well!
    Bev xx

    • Well, if you would have met my husband when we first started dating—you would think he had a brain transplant, Bev!! We used to joke (but it was true) that he only had tan pants in his closet and boring shirts!! He’s come a long way—that’s for sure!!
      Thanks and have a great weekend!!

  • Karen

    Men don’t think twice about wearing shorts for the same reason that the majority of them don’t think of coloring their hair. Aside from that, their legs don’t age like ours do. For women, it seems that skin tends to ‘go south’. Men don’t seem to have this issue. You don’t see much if any cellulite on a man’s legs (is it the hair, or do they just not get it there?) They age differently. It is not lost on me how men are considered “dignified” with some gray in their hair while women, even with the newish trend toward going gray, are seen as aging, old, certainly not too many positive words flying around out there in spite of how many women look great with gray hair. My sister and I talked about this recently. We were trying on nice, high end gray wigs to see how we’d look with gray hair. The result was dreadful on me, but my sister looked great. As we stood there pondering, we realized that it all depends on how you present yourself. She was dressed nicely, looked chic, her outfit was stylish and not aging, and it worked. I was dressed like her but still the gray hair on me was just not good. Maybe a different shade, though we tried many. Your mom and Nancy look very chic with gray hair. It’s all how you present yourself. This is not an issue for men, however. Just saying. Rob’s shorts and tee shirt look great. The shirt definitely has more interesting components than a plain tee shirt, and his shoes and hat also elevate the look. I really like plaid shorts for men. I guess for women too, but comes a time when you look at your legs and wonder what happened! : )

    • It is an interesting phenomenon, Karen!! Do men’s legs not age the same? Rob is noticing some small spider veins recently (he was freaking out and I was laughing at his reaction—shhhh…don’t tell him I told you)! But maybe it is the hair covering it that helps? Maybe I need to stop shaving! LOL!
      But I can’t wait for the day, when we start embracing the changes that age brings instead of fighting it!! I remember thinking I would never be comfortable in my pale skin—that I would always need to tan or wear tanning lotion. But over time, it seems normal, and I’m good with my paleness! So hopefully the same thing can happen with our skin and hair??
      I do follow a group on FB called Going Grey Gracefully!! It’s fun to see women looking great with grey hair. Do you dye yours?? I wish I was with you when you were trying on those wigs—it’d be a great time!!
      Have a fabulous weekend, Karen!!

      • Karen

        Mine is colored to my natural color. When I see the roots I realize it’s not a pretty gray like some have. It’s just not there yet. My hairdresser told me to give it more time and it will change. So for now, color is my friend! I’ll have to look for that FB group!