Mochiis, Indian Inspired Shoes

Mochiis Shoes

Mochiis, Indian Inspired Shoes

Quote of the Day: “There is no education like adversity.” Disraeli

I was approached by Mochiis, a new company, to help out with their Kickstarter campaign to introduce Indian inspired footwear to the Western World. These 2 young women are using their expertise in materials science and engineering to better understand the fabrication and construction of these shoes.  As a certified shoe lover, of course, I wanted to help them out and see how you would like this kind of footwear.

Their kickstarter program is only available until the end of this month. If you’re anything like me, you’re not super familiar with kickstarter campaigns. But how it works is that funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing. No one will be charged for a pledge towards a project unless it reaches its funding goal. This way, creators always have the budget they scoped out before moving forward. Therefore, if you decide to pledge to Mochiis, but it doesn’t reach it’s goal, then you will not be charged. Otherwise, you’ll receive your reward by the end of the year!

Tanu, one of the founders of Mochiis, did say that if they don’t reach their goal on Kickstarter, they will continue their venture and use their website to sell these shoes. So all is not lost, if you become a fan of their product!

Because this is a startup company, the three of us were only able to try out their prototypes for you to see! Therefore, I’ll go through the specifics on the issues that Mochiis is trying to make better for us!!

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: Since I wanted to incorporate all 3 different designs of Mochiis to show you, I chose the red, classic leather pair for myself.


As we go along with these photos, I’m going to tell you how they felt for me, and how Tanu, one of the founders, responded to my feedback about this shoe!

The first day I wore these flats, they were quite stiff and tight on my feet. Considering these are real leather shoes, that is not a surprise, since this happens with many leather shoes. I’m sure the leather would break in after a few wears. But considering that I’ve never been good at being patient, I decided to hurry the process along. I’ve read many tricks to stretch your shoes, so I used the trick that I’ve done before. I put on a pair of socks with the shoes, and then used the hairdryer on them for a couple of minutes. Then I let the leather cool, and voila, the shoes felt so much better!

Red Mochiis with Pink jeans

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: Nancy’s pair of Mochiis are one of the pretty print versions, and are fabric on top of the leather! 

Printed Mochiis shoes for women over 60

Having a pair of print shoes was the subject of one of our print mixing experiments earlier this year! These are gorgeous prints that would work for either a casual outfit or even a dressier outfit. I know many older women don’t wear heels as much anymore, so having a nice pair of flats can be very helpful!

Women 60+ Wearing Mochiis flats

Another observation with these shoes was the fact the Mochiis don’t have a lot of arch support. They have suede padding in the heel and mid sole that is nice. In order to counteract the lack of arch support for any of my flats if I’m planning to walk a lot , I add my orthotics which I wore for our outdoor summer style post.

Charlotte’s (70+) Outfit: Mom’s pair of Mochiis are from the elegant embroidery versions!

Mochiis Shoes for Women over 70

As someone who loves her accessories and bling, I figured this pair was the perfect addition to my mother’s closet! She is wearing them here with solid colored pieces to have the shoes be more of the focal point. But she also wore them with a bright colored maxi skirt which you will see next month!

The last point about these Mochiis that I reviewed with Tanu is the fact that the bottom sole is leather and thus wears out relatively easily. This is exactly one of the features that the duo is working on to change. They are planning on adding a protective layer on the sole, and are in the process of evaluating suitable materials.

Mochiis Shoes as your Print

There are many other Mochiis designs available that can be seen on the site I’ve linked for you. This is where you can also read about the women behind this venture and the rewards with the program.

These women’s mission is to preserve the original art of jutti making and introduce it to the rest of the world. If you’d love to be in on this adventure and have your own pair of Mochiis, make sure to head over to the Kickstarter site and make a pledge.

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  • They’re really cute. I know what kickstarter is, but I never knew it was an all or nothing – interesting.

    • I definitely learned a lot from this, Jess! And I see that the funding was unsuccessful, which is too bad. But they said they’ll try to go ahead anyways…

  • I love the colors, especially the shoes! So fun and lively, yet stylish. I love sporting Indian-inspired patterns as well. Especially on bags.

    Jessica |

    • I think I’m drawn to the Indian inspired patterns too because of all of the lovely colors!! It’s so different from NYC and the love of black!!

  • Mary Kalpos

    Jodie these are my kind of shoes, flat and stylish with a bit of the quirky to them. I like all those fun colors that they come in and if they were to take care of the sole problem I’d probably buy a pair.

    • That’s why I thought they’d be such a hit, Mary!! But everyone is different…

  • Thanks Rakhshanda!!

  • Sarah Stockley

    I owned many pairs of these style shoes in the past. I love them – I used to buy them from an Indian shop in South London. Sarah #fabfridaypost

    • That’s so cool, Sarah!! I didn’t realize they were so popular, but it makes sense to find them in London!!

  • Sound like a great Kickstarter project to be involved! I love Nancy’s shoe. They are absolutely gorgous! I really hope they’ll reach their goal! Thank you so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

    • Thanks Su!! It’s such an interesting concept to make these shoes better!!

  • AryaChic

    Oh man I love mochiis, i think i have like 4 pairs. They’re SO comfortable

  • Sue Loncaric

    I love them all but the multi coloured ones are my favourite. 🙂

  • Wow, these are beautiful! My vote is for the red pair. 🙂

    • A pair of red shoes is never a bad thing!!
      Thanks Monica!

  • Christina Makri

    They all have very beautiful prints! If I had to choose one for sure I would choose the red one! I like to go bold on shoes 🙂

    • Thanks Christina!! Shoes are so fun to go bold with!!

  • They looks so cute! Have a great day! Gemma x

  • These are really pretty Jodie. And they look super comfortable too xx

    • I think the colors really are what made me so interested in these, Laurie!!

  • Ooh I love those beautiful unique shoes!!! How gorgeous! =)

    – Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  • These shoes are so cute on you gals, I adore the colors of them and how you styled it in your outfit. Have an amazing week!

    My Vogue Style |

  • The designs are darling. I love patterned shoes!

  • Amy K

    Very fun! What a cool project! And I love your clutch with your red Mochiis!

    • It is great they are trying to better these pretty shoes, Amy!!

  • Julie Loos

    I always enjoy coming here and seeing you beautiful gals! The shoes look great!
    Visiting from #DancewithJesus

    • Thanks so much Julie!! It’s so nice to hear you say that!

  • Anna Marcus

    I bet all three of you ladies were having a lot of fun modelling these shoes. They are definitely outside the box. It is great that you are helping them Jodie, seems like they would have no problems in selling them in tones

    • Thanks Anna!! I think these have such appeal, so hopefully…..

  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    Kickstarter is so neat… my brother has promoted his IT books with it a few times! When I saw the first photo, I was trying to decide which one of you ladies had picked which shoe. Of course, your mom is wearing the shoe I thought you’d pick for yourself! I really love how she styled bright pants with the shoes! Your blouse and that fun clutch look great with the red shoes you chose! And, I knew Nancy had picked the blue ones and she looks adorable, too!


    • I really didn’t know anything about Kickstarter, so it was truly a learning experience for me, Carrie!!
      But I have to admit, we were limited with the shoes we could pick because of the sizes for now. So I probably would have chosen an embroidery one if I had a full pick!! But I did want us to each have a different category for readers to realize the options!! But it’s all good–they really are such pretty shoes!!
      Thanks Carrie!!!

  • I like the concept and supporting budding entrepreneurs. Thank you their vision and sharing about their venture.


    • That’s exactly what I think too, Rena!!

  • Amy D. Christensen

    Those are really cute! I really like the colors and prints, but also the shape is very foot flattering…is that a thing? Ha, ha. Thanks for sharing. – Amy

  • Those are pretty shoes! I love all the variety of prints available!

    • Thanks Amy!! That’s exactly why I was so drawn to them!!

  • Jocelyn (@ReadingRes)

    I do like flat shoes, and I like those red ones especially. Nice way to add a splash of colour to an outfit x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    • I always think red shoes are a good idea, Jocelyn!

  • Usually not a fan of flats but these are very cute!


    • I do love my heels too, but there are times ….
      Thanks Khloe!!

  • Judy Gramith

    I really like the pair that Charlotte is wearing but alas the design structure just won’t work with my orthotics. These are fun, colorful and boho chique for those who don’t have foot issues.

    • You’re so right! Although the padding in them helps somewhat, but it’s the designs that are so traditional!!
      Thanks Jude!

  • Such cute shoes! The prints & colors are so much fun! They add such a nice finishing touch to a colorful outfit

    • Thanks Michelle!! They really catch your eye, right?

  • Len Dela Peña Parent

    OMG these photos are beautiful, Jodie! You ladies rock all these fab shoes! Great styling as always!!! Thank you so much for sharing! I’m always inspired every time I visit your blog.

    Keep ti coming!

    Have a fabulous
    weekend ahead!
    Much love, Len

    • Thanks Len—you are such a positive light in my days!! If only I could bottle you up…ha ha!!
      Have the best weekend and see you on IG!!

  • I don t understand anything of that kickstarter thing! Haha. But the Indian shoes are nice, great colors.

    • I know, Nancy…I had to research it before I got it!!

  • Oh wow! These are all so cute! I really hope these ladies hit their goal. I’ll have to head over and check out their kickstarter. Thank you for sharing this with us, Jodie! I hope you all have a great weekend!


    • They are just so pretty, aren’t they Lindsey!!
      Thanks for being so supportive!

  • These are so cute! They also look comfy. Thanks for sharing Jodie and enjoy your weekend!

  • I have always seen these type of shoes in Indian stores and have yet to try them on. I’ve always been drawn to the colors.

    • It’s the colors that I so love about the India’s clothing!!
      Thanks Lorena!!

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    These are cute but probably made best for younger feet. I would have to use my orthotics too!

    • You know you’re getting old when you think like this, huh, Terri!! Not a bad think, just saying!!

  • Pauline Starsmore

    The shoes look pretty but I would not wear them as much too flat and unsupportable.

    • They are so pretty! I was so excited to try them because I know many women love flats. But they are very flat—and it’s something they hope to make better!!
      Thanks and have a great weekend, Pauline!

  • What fun shoes! I love the uniqueness and print and solid options!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  • donnanance

    The shoes are most unusual and colorful. The lack of support and low cut sides would probably prevent me from wearing all day but to spiff up an outfit, they would be perfect. You find the best stuff! xoxo

    • It’s kinda like the shoes I wore on our walking day this summer—I had to add in my orthotics for the support I need!
      But like my mom always says—there are some shoes that are “sitting shoes” LOL!!
      Thanks Donna!!

  • These shoes are so fabulous and I bet the most comfortable on earth! Great colors and I love how you all styled them! Peace!

    • Thanks Cheryl!!
      I always love how there are so many colors in the Indian costumes and wardrobes!!!

  • How fun that you got to be a part of this! The shoes are really beautiful!

  • I love color so I was happy to see shoes that are bright and beautiful. Glad I stopped by. Blessings to all of you!

    • It is the colors that drew me in, Mari-Anna!!

  • Karen

    The colors are very pretty. The shoes do look uncomfortable, especially the extremely low sides and lack of support. I’m not much for blunt toe boxes even though I know they are better for our feet, so this would be a pass for me. It almost appears (just looking at the photos) that the sides of the shoes disappear under your foot. The positive is that the colors are very nice and fun to add some color to a casual wardrobe.

    • I think it was the colors that drew me to them. And you can see the padding in the photos on the soles, but it’s not super soft! Definitely something they hope to work on!!