The Month of June Day by Day

June journaling

The Month of June Day by Day

Every month goes by whether you keep track of it or not, right? So the thought of journaling the days with a sentence has been surprisingly fun!!

There are quite a few of us bloggers that are joining in on this, so feel free to check them by clicking on the blue frog at the bottom of the post. And why don’t you join in for next month?

June 1: The beginning of the month started with my mom and I making Coconut Covered Bananas for a snack!

June 2: You know I have a shopping problem when I even look forward to grocery shopping!! And we even bought the grilled chicken that smells so good when you drive up to the store!!

June Events in Denver

June 3: It was our first time to visit the Larimer Street Sidewalk Chalk Festival. I even posted a bunch of these amazing creations in my Instagram stories!! If you’re on Instagram, I’d love it if you follow me because I try to post different things on each of my different social media!

June 4: And since it was the weekend, we finally took the time to hang up our new “nightstands” that will enable us to use the drawers under the bed!!

June 5: I made chicken soup from the carcass from our dinner from Friday night!!

June 6: The new mattress seems to be working well, but the pillows they sent ended up being king sized for our queen mattress. Rob & I share just one of the pillows so that it doesn’t hang over the edge!!

June 7: A trip to the airport to bring Nancy (the 60+ model on the blog) home safely from her Baltic Sea & Iceland trip!

Month of june Eating

June 8: Easy dinners for the summer months are key—FYI, that’s plain Greek yogurt, not sour cream on our nachos!!

June by a sentence

June 9: I’ve been trying hard to put on a cute dress, even when I’m just staying home and blogging all day! Credit for making the dress goes to my mom (the 70+ model)!!

Remodeling by taking down walls

June 10: You may have seen the start of our remodeling job on Instagram! Down comes this wall….

June 11: I am definitely not a neat freak, but living in dust does take some getting used to with this remodeling, LOL!

Events in June

June 12: My favorite dentist, Claire, who bought my practice, needed a couple of alterations on this fun, 1940’s style dress that she’ll be wearing to a party!!

June 13: Every home remodeling project comes with unexpected surprises, right? Today I needed to order some more flooring….

June Fun Happenings

June 14: Knit day is never complete without lots of fun projects in progress!!

June fun every day

June 15: The remodeling continues and Monkey loves to sit on drywall dusted paper—why???

June 16: It was the Follow Friday for our Fierce 50 group where we get to showcase other women! I have met the most amazing women this way, and I hope you check them out too!

June 17: Home Depot is our store of choice right now as we pick out tile for the fireplace, return items and figure out what else we need!!! How many times can we go in one day?

June 18: Happy Father’s Day to all as we celebrated with the moms!!

My month of June a sentence a day

June 19: Have you gotten the 13 bagels for only $7 at Einstein’s on a Monday?? This is how I make my husband happy!!

Events in June

June 20: This is what it looks like at the start of having your driveway repaved!!

June Purchase

June 21: Through my blogging, I’ve been so blessed to have met different women, and this skirt I just recently bought from a Denver designer, Brooks!! It’ll be perfect for our upcoming trip to LA!

June 22: The remodeling of the now extinct entry way wall is pretty much done, besides all of the changing of the decorations! You’ll see it soon in an update in July!!

Organizing in June

June 23: One of my blogger friends, Lorena, had an idea for my question of how you organize your sunglasses? She uses a shower caddy. I love the idea and now I can see them all much better!!

June Day by Day

June 24: We were dog sitting Jacquie & JazzyMan for the weekend, and I only was able to get butt shots, ha ha!

June 25: Most Sundays we will cook our meals for the entire week so I don’t have to worry about it every night!! This week we are having an egg & veggie dish for lunches and an eggplant casserole for dinners!

Events in June

June 26: Book Club night!!!!

June events

June 27: The fireplace remodeling job got started today. This was one of the items on my summer bucket list to remodel in our place!!

June 28: Today was the day we were able to pick out our new clothes for the event below!!

Trendz Boutique

June 29: It was the Trendz meet and greet evening!! If you missed that post, you can read more about it!!

June 30: Leaving on a jet plane….LA, here we come!!

Keeping in Touch

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  • Love the pretty floral dress!

  • Amber Temerity

    I’m currently doing a low-carb diet so your bagel day about made me sob…luckily the rest of the post was entertaining and kept my spirits up. Hehe 😉 Seriously, though, I’m in love with that floral dress of yours!!

    • Well, luckily I only showed the bagel box, right, Amber?? LOL!!!

  • Hey Jodie,
    These posts are becoming a favorite of mine and I’m always jotting down a few notes every single day just so I can participate. I like the snapshot of the month it gives me, to be honest with you. Makes me feel good looking back on what I’ve done/accomplished/seen/done, etc.
    Your floating bedside tables are adorable. I quite like that they’re useful but you can put things underneath, if needed. It’s versatile. 🙂
    Your dress your mom made and that you wore on June 9th is so pretty and I just love the colours on you. Your mom is a talented lady. 🙂 That’s so awesome you were dogsitting for Bichons, the breed that I have as well. I always love seeing others with Bichons. 🙂
    I’m a fairly new reader so forgive my question if you’ve posted about it somewhere on the blog. Were you a dentist and then retired/sold your practice? Is that what I gather?
    Well, Jodie, I hope you have a wonderful week and I will for sure see you around next month, same time, same place. 😉
    xo Lindsay

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, Lindsay, that these posts are so wonderful. There are times in the middle of the month that I’m struggling to remember to write & take some photos. But at the end, I love looking back at what transpired!!
      I am a retired dentist. I sold my practice about 4 years ago when the perfect candidate showed up unexpectedly!! I’d practiced for over 20 years, and I am so glad I’m reinventing myself!! Thanks so much for asking!!

  • Loved that cute little flower dress and that adorable kitty curled up in the dusty papers.

    • Isn’t our kitty a doll?? Except when she’s dusty—-ugh!!

  • Christine Besen

    Love your summer flower dress! Thanks for sharing at the Fab Fabulous linkup!

  • Jacqueline Rendine

    Sounds like a busy month! Can’t wait to see the fireplace!
    Stylin In St. Louis

    • Thanks Jacqueline!! The fireplace turned out great, but now I have to redecorate above it. What I had there doesn’t look right with the new tile! Isn’t that how it always happens? LOL!

  • Sharon Duerst

    Fun month! Love the remodeling updates! What glimpses into your busy life!

    • Thanks Sharon—-it has been a crazy summer…..

  • Linda Hobden

    You got me hooked on the post on day 1 – coconut covered bananas – yum! 😊

    • Right?? They were not only good, but good for you!!

  • Haha! Love the butt shots! 🙂 This is a really good idea for a post! It’s great to see what you’re up to and your life…it gives a different perspective. And kudos to you for wearing cute dresses on blogging days.! I’m guilty of sweats on those days I’m in front of a computer at home.


    • Now let me clear up what I wear on my blogging days, Lindsey!! I may put on a dress (or even a skirt), but it’s probably not until about 9 am!! Before that I’m still in my pjs!! LOL!!!

  • Love this post, Jodie! I have been swamped with projects and finally have some downtime to enjoy catching up on some of my favorite blogs, yours being one of them. Such a great idea to recap the month! So much to comment on but suffice it to say the standout for me is that gorgeous dress your mom made for you! It’s a dream!!! Loved the shoes you paired with it, too!


    • Thanks Mary!!
      I have to admit that journaling is not my strong suit! But I think it’s been funner than I thought it would be!!

  • Fun to take a walk through your month. What a great idea!

    • It is fun to look back at the month this way!! So when we said where did the month go? Then I have the answers..ha ha!

  • Laura

    I love the way you organized your sunglasses and keys! I should try that in our garage!

    • OMG—this has been the best thing ever, Laura!! You’ll have to try it!!

  • I am so IN LOVE with that dress with the blue flowers on it. So flowy & beautiful & feminine.
    That nightstand is adorable! I’d weight the crud out of that… I’d probably pull it off the wall 😉
    I want a book club!!!

    • I had to laugh about the nightstand, Rebecca!! It’s true I had to decide what I could & couldn’t put on it. But it’s been very good, and the hanging mechanism was pretty darn sturdy. Heck—even the cats will use it to cross onto the dresser!! And they are about 10 pounds!!

  • Deb’s World

    Love it Jodie! Your month sounds great and I’m super impressed that you could your week’s meals on Sunday night! I’ve enjoyed being involved in a book club for ages and looks like you all have fun too. It’s been great to do this challenge this month, and I plan to continue next month 🙂

    • Isn’t this fun Deb?? I do get a little tired of it half way through the month, but it’s totally worth it!!

  • Anna Marcus

    As great as it sounds, I would be struggling to keep the day-to-day activity log. I do, however, enjoyed reading your Jodi and the dress that you wore on the 9 of June is simply adorable. Keep it going

    • Thanks Anna!!
      Heck–since I’m on the computer everyday, it’s not too hard—usually!! But there are days….

  • Sue Loncaric

    I love book clubs although I’m not in one at the moment. What are you reading? I know what you mean about dust and remodelling. We have lived downstairs from my in-laws for 10 years and it still isn’t finished. Now my MIL is in a retirement home and we will be selling so it is a mad rush to finish everything. I love knitting too, Jodie and am currently making a jumper for ME! Enjoyed your month and look forward to next month.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 Beyond

    • We were given the book, Drinking the Knock Water!! I haven’t started it yet…so I’ll let you know if I like it!!
      I didn’t realize that you knitted,Sue?? How fabulous! I have 3 projects going right now, but summer tends to be too busy to get much done…ugh!!

  • What book are you and the gals reading? And how do your book club get-togethers go? Hope there’s food and wine!! Just judging from the backdrop in your picture, you could be meeting in Italy! What a view.

    I am beginning to dust my way out of the dirt that has settled around our house after the pool construction. Doing my spring cleaning now that it’s July. Can’t wait to see all of your renovation pics.

    Looking forward to photos of you in that skirt. I bet it has such movement and lightness. Very pretty.

    Your Monkey reminds me of my ‘girls’ over here. I have been very hesitant to run the AC after we got our May-June bill. Purrsimmony and Purrsnickitty were so hot today the one hid in the dark of the closet and the other hid behind a pool towel on the edge of the tub. I toughed it out ironing!!

    • Girl!! There should be no ironing when it’s hot outside!! Besides, haven’t you heard that wrinkles are in?? On the face too–ha ha!!
      We have the book, Drinking the Knock Water for our next read. It’s the best bookclub because it’s more about the women, food & wine—then we discuss the book!!
      I need to learn to embrace the dust, like I’m embracing the wrinkles!! Ugh!!

  • Nicole Mölders

    Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. I love the skirt and the cat is awesome. Is it your cat? I love cats. Before I for get, that white floral dress looks great on you!

    • Thanks Nicole!!
      That is our kitty!! We have two that we rescued and they are our “kids”!! I only wished they loved each other as much as we love both of them!! LOL

  • Love that floral dress your mom made you! It looks so easy-breezy and chic, and the fun sandals are such a whimsical styling choice!

    Savannah has an annual sidewalk chalk art festival, and it runs the length of Forsyth Park on the way to the Saturday farmer’s market. When we lived there, we had no idea about the festival and were simply walking to market, but we ended up making a day of it, admiring and photographing the art. Such a fun way to spend a summer day!


    • Ditto what Liz said about your flirty dress and sandals!

    • How neat that you’ve been to a sidewalk chalk art festival too, Liz!! It’s amazing to me the talent those people have!!!

  • This was my 1st month sentence a day-ing & it was fun – & surprisingly easy. I loved reading about your June & look forward to the unveiling of the home improvements in July.

    • It is easier than you think—especially if you are on the computer every day, right?

  • Juhli Newkirk

    What a great month and progress on your remodeling.

    • Thanks Juhli!! The fireplace just got finished today—now I have to work on the photos!!

  • Love the photos! The snack in the beginning looks amazing!

    Have an awesome day!

    xx, Kris

    • Thanks Kris!! They were fabulous (and healthy) snacks!!

  • Judy Gramith

    Another busy month for you Jodie. Life is full!
    I enjoy reading these monthly diaries.

    • I’m glad you like it—in a way, it’s interesting to think others would want to know my boring life!! Although some days are funner than others!!
      And it helps me to remember how blessed we are–how could I even complain about things??

  • Hi Jodie, thank you for sharing your June diary. I like the idea that you cook on Sunday for the whole week ahead. I will have to try it out. It is very practical especially when you work.
    And next time I have nachos, I will try them with sour cream!

    • I love having my meals already planned and made ahead of time. I know some of my friends hate leftovers, and so would never do this!! But to me, it’s heaven!!

  • Yay for visiting LA, did you have fun? Or are you still here? Those night stands, holy cow that is so cool! And that floral dress that your mom made, so dang cute! I love reading all of these sentences!

    • The LA trip was all about The Fierce 50 women, and hopefully you’ll come back tomorrow to read about it!! We had such a great time!!
      I need to catch up on everyone else’s sentences—it’s so fun to peek into everyone’s lives this way!!

  • Sounds like a busy month! I absolutely love that floral dress on you. Such a flattering shape!


    • Thanks Liz!! My mom was just reminding me that it used to be her dress…then I had her redesign it!!

  • I had never seen bananas and coconut together, it sounds and looks so yummy.
    I like how you look in that floral dress, its such a nice garment and I am SO glad that the shower caddy worked 😉 thanks for the shout out.

    • I love my shower caddy—it’s so much better than the box I was using, so thank you, thank you, thank you Lorena!! And look at how much room I have for a couple more pairs?? Teehee!!

  • Oh what a fabulous month Jodie. I just love the black and red dress 1940’s style dress! Your night stands are such a gorgeous colour too! Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

    • Thanks Catie!! Sometimes I think I didn’t do anything all month, yet when I look back, I realize that we were productive!!

  • Lesley Watson

    All this and she blogs too! What a wonder woman you are Jodie! BTY I love the blue & white dress. That would be a ‘Go To’ summer dress for me. What is book club reading?

    • Some days are busy—but there are others that aren’t as crazy!! I love the non busy days to tell you the truth!!
      Our newest book is Drinking the Knock Water!! I’d never heard of it—the nice rule about our book club is the hostess chooses the book–and she’s not to have read it before!! It definitely gets me out of my normal book reading rut!!

  • Amy D. Christensen

    I always love to read these, Jodie. Makes me feel like I know you even better! Love all the pics. You guys seem to have a lot of fun doing things and keeping busy! Enjoy your trip. – Amy

    • Thanks Amy!! Want to hear a funny story?? One of my friends laughed that I would do this. She kept asking why anyone would want to read it?? I see her point—but it’s funny to me when others like it!! XOXO
      You can read all about the LA trip tomorrow!!! 🙂

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    You have had a busy June! All that remodeling and dust? AAAccchoooo! Been there, done that! I’m glad I saw your post last month and am participating for June and July!

    • I do love remodeling—when it’s done! Ha ha!! Kinda like technology–I love it when it works!!
      But it’s always good, and the best part is Jean really does it all—in fact, right now he’s grouting the fireplace while I’m blogging!! I’m so glad I’m not having to do it!!

  • donnaduck

    I love the hanging nightstands! And repurposing that shower caddy is right up my alley- I’ve done that with so many organizer-type items. You just have to try to think outside the box (which I find harder to do as I get older, but I like to think that a creative mind is a young mind!!). Have a good time in LA!!

    • I used to be so good at figuring out different uses for different items!! Sometimes the brain gets a little clogged up, I think…LOL!!
      Aren’t the nightstands so fun?? Of course it meant changing the colors in the room too–but luckily we just switched the comforter from the guest room to our room!! Whew–saved a little money!!
      And you’ll get to read about LA tomorrow!! No wonder I’m so tired….

  • donnanance

    You are one busy lady! The hanging nightstands are a clever idea. Cute dress…you look very cool and summery. xoxo

    • Aren’t those nightstands smart?? Gotta admit that IKEA has some great ideas & products!! And these were actually easy to put together!
      My mom will love the fact that the dress is getting some exposure!!
      Thanks Donna!!

  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    Your book club night looks fun! Hanging nightstands? That sounds like a great idea, especially with storage under the bed. And, I also love the idea of using a shower caddy to store sunglasses!


    • Our book club evenings are a blast, Carrie!! The women are so fabulous and it’s good since it gets me out of a rut since I usually read the same stuff over and over!!
      I love my shower caddy for my sunglasses—it’s been perfect!!

  • Thanks for sharing your June! I love that floral dress on you. You are one busy woman!

    • Thanks Kathrine….my mom will be tickled to see that I actually wear that dress!! 🙂

  • This was a fun read Jodie….having a nosey into your life… and (of course) admiring your mum’s handy-work! XXX

    • It is fun to see what other people are up to in their everyday life, Samantha!!!
      Thanks for sticking your nose in…:)

  • Karen Anderson

    I always enjoy these posts!! I think I’ll try to do this (finally) for the month of July. I can easily sum up the first 5 days since I was enjoying a long weekend off from work (and another technology break!) I did check out the Trendz post yesterday evening and really enjoyed that video! It’s so nice to see the three of you “in action!” Looking forward to seeing your “after” pictures of your home. And Monkey…what a little sweetheart! My kitties always would do things like that, lay down in rubble when there were projects going on around the house. They always had to be in the middle of it! So cute!!!

    • I’m a little jealous that you took a technology break, Karen! I really need to work that into my life somehow!! It’s amazing how it’s taken over my daily activities, LOL!!
      I’m glad my kitties aren’t the only crazy ones!!
      I actually kept a box from one of my online purchases with the paper in it, and she’s been sitting in that recently!! What a goof!!

      • Karen Anderson

        I just have to add, if I was in that Book Club and that was the view, I’d say just stick a glass of wine in my hand and let me sit there and just stare at the scenery! What a view!!

        • Isn’t it fabulous?? There are red rocks all around her place and we even saw deer on the way up there!!

  • A fun and busy month!

    I am excited, of course, about all your home improvement projects! Can’t wait to see all the “after” shots!

    • It was a busy month, Em!! I think the home remodeling always is more than you realize (well…you should realize…ha ha)! I always think it’ll be a piece of cake—and then there’s issues!!
      But it’s always worth it in the end!!

  • Marci Vaughn

    What a fun post! Enjoy LA! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures