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shirt organizataion

Organizing the Clothes in your Closet: Shirts & Sweaters

This is a continuation of the post Organizing your Pants & Skirts. One of the benefits of getting your closet straightened out is that it makes the process of picking out your threads for the day much less complicated!

Remember the key points:

1-You wear what you see

2-Group like items together

3-Maximize the space

4-Only “real” clothes belong in the closet


tank top organization   tank top organization

The above storage works well especially if you have more than 6 or so sleeveless underpinnings that you only wear under other shirts (so you’re not concerned about them getting wrinkled).

I saw this idea on pinterest and used it for both Nancy’s & mom’s closets.  The idea is to use plastic shower curtain hooks along the rung of a hanger.  You can buy these types of hooks (like these) very inexpensively at the local dollar store. There are usually 2 types…the ones that have an open side and the ones that clip shut.  I found that the open side ones tend to fall off the hangers too easily, so opt for the full circle ones.  Once you open them, put them on the hanger, and slide your tank top in it, you don’t need to clip it shut.

Hanging Shirts/Blouses/Cardigans

shirt organization  shirt organization

Depending on the amount of different kinds of shirts you own, here are two examples of grouping together certain items.  The above left example (my mom’s) has sleeveless shirts/vests on on the right side, then the short sleeve shirts and lastly the long sleeve shirts…each loosely categorized by color.  The above right example (my closet) has cardigans on the left half of the rod and shirts on the right half.  I, personally, do not separate my short sleeves from long sleeves because I tend to wear by color.  What I mean by this is, if I need a blue shirt to wear under my cardigan, I look in the blue section not worrying about the length of sleeves.  If it happens to be short sleeved, then I can easily wear a long sleeve t-shirt under it to keep warm.

If you are short on space in your closet, you might think about folding certain items (like t-shirts, cotton turtlenecks, polo shirts) and storing them in a drawer.


sweater organization   sweater organization

Most of your sweaters keep their shape better when folded instead of hanging on a hanger.  In the example on the above left, I’ve used stackable wire shelves to make it easier to use the vertical space above the rods.  In the example on the above right, I actually rolled the sweaters instead of folding them.  I did this because the depth of the shelving in the armoire was long and yet it’s important to be able to see all of the sweaters at a glance.  If you stack them in front of each other, you tend to forget about the ones in the back!

If your closet doesn’t have shelving already constructed in it, then the removable shelving below is helpful: (don’t forget to measure the space available).

container store_ sweater organization Container Store $6-11 depending on the size

 target sweater organization Target $11

Now your closet should be a beautiful sight!!  Did I miss anything?

Thanks for organizing with me!

  • Wow, Jodi, I see what you mean now! Well, I think it’s because you have 4 different seasons and in between weather while over here it is hot all the time (or a few degrees cooler during the rainy season). My wardrobe is quite small though 🙂

  • I simply love closet organization posts! I am super anal about keeping my clothes organized because I cannot get dressed otherwise.

    • Jodie Filogomo

      I so agree! My theory is you can’t dress fabulously if you don’t know what you have or where it is! (Besides being Type A doesn’t hurt either) How do you organize your bracelets? I still struggle with this one.

  • Great organizing tips. Keeping my closet tidy is a struggle.

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks Aracely. I think that’s true for all of us at certain times. Sometimes I just have to spend an hour and retidy up! But it makes the mornings easier in the long run!

  • Great idea for the tanks and camis, I need to try this!

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Did you see Nancy’s comment below yours? If you have a ton of tank tops, then it’s not a problem, but with only some of the hanger full, her clothespin idea works great!

  • Nancy Nagy

    I had trouble with the shower hooks sliding from one side or the other. I put a clip clothespin in the middle of the row of hooks and now they don’t slide to the end. You could put more than one clothespins if you like.

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Great point!!!

  • Darlene Fadem

    I used the shower curtain hooks for my scarves. Great idea to use them for tanks and camisoles!

    • Jodie Filogomo

      I’ll have to remember that!! I bought the whole family the multi use hanger from Ikea for our scarves (mom needed two)…