An Easy Way to Keep Your Scarves within Reach

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An Easy Way to Keep Your Scarves within Reach

Having your scarves easy to access and within reach can make the goal to wear them so much simplier! I always say that if you can see your clothing, you’re more likely to wear those pieces! And the same runs true with your accessories!

I’ve tried many a ways to store them, and this, by far, is my favorite. Since we do want to make it effortless to get dressed and look great, we don’t want to make things more complicated! Thus finding a straightforward way to have our scarves available is key.

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Do you have a drawer of scarves that looks like this? I’m not a huge fan of keeping these accessories in a drawer. Unless you can fold them and stand them up so they aren’t stacked on top of each other, it’s hard to get to them and keep them organized!

Hanging Scarf Storage

I found the hanger I’m using at Ikea and I use it on an empty wall in my bedroom. Since the scarves are very colorful, I also consider it wall art!

At one time I did have my scarves hanging in my wardrobe; however, the disadvantage of that is then you really only see the scarves hanging on the one end. Hanging the scarf organizer on the wall enables me to have much easier access to all the scarves at once without having to lift it or take it off a rod. I’m such a huge fan of this system that, of course I bought one for my mom (she actually needed two of them), Nancy has one and I even gave one to my great friend, Stacy!

At first I was knotting the scarves to attach them to the circles—but I have learned it is much easier to just thread them through. I definitely get more than a couple on each loop. Then I just pull on the scarf to remove it so I can wear it!


Closet organization

If you are interested in the product that I use, I found it at Ikea under $10, here. It’s considered a multi use hanger; however, they don’t sell it online (only in stores). Walmart also has a variation of the same thing, here. Bed Bath & Beyond is always a good place for organizational items, I think, here. (Of course, if you head on over there, don’t forget to use your coupon!!) And then we all know that Amazon is the place for anything and everything, here.

Of course if you don’t have that many scarves, there are some other options available, see here or here.

My warning to you though is to beware of any plastic versions of this item. I’ve used them in the past and had trouble with cracking and breaking due to the amount of weight from the scarves!

Putting your scarves in a place that you can see them will certainly remind you to wear them more! And if you’re uncertain about how to wear them, make sure to check out my You Tube channel  where I have many videos on how to tie all different varieties of scarves!

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  • I have something very similar. As I wear scarves on such a regular basis I have one on the back of our study door with my favourites hanging ready to be used so I don’t have to scramble about in drawers. It’s such a pain when they are stacked in drawers! I’ve never thought of them being art but – yes, they are! Especially such gorgeous colours!

    • Yah…I tried the drawer thing once, but it ended up being a mess no matter what I did—this solution, to me, is perfect! (And I bet most bloggers have a variation of it, since it makes so much sense)

  • dan

    I know that it can sound incredible, but … I have the same item too!!
    The world seems be very small sometimes, does it?? 🙂

    • That’s funny because that’s exactly what we say—the world is very small. But it’s a great product, so it’s not surprising that many other people have it too!!!

  • Thanks for sharing this! Yep, we all need storage for scarves (I know I do)! Thanks for sharing and linking up with us this week.

  • Brilliant idea, and I was just at Ikea today! I keep the round hangers the scarves come on and hang them on hooks–similar idea. Yours looks fab!!

    • That’s a good idea—because you could use shower hooks if you bought one that didn’t come on a round hanger!!

  • Darcy

    This is great! I bought a scarf hanger similar to this from bed, bath, and beyond. Makes a huge difference!

    • I so agree!! It’s so much easier to wear what you can see and get to easily!

  • I have that!
    I do that too!!
    This made me smile, Jodie….I should have known.
    Great minds think alike.

    • Of course we think alike…and don’t you just love it??

  • sandypatti

    I like this look, like a piece of art for your closet. I roll mine and put them in a drawer, boring. : >


    • I do think of it as art…but you do need wall space in order to do it! Your way isn’t boring—as long as you can see them and wear them, it’s all good!!!