Thrifting Online with thredUP

thredUP for online thrifting

Thrifting Online with thredUP

Quote of the day: “Positive anything is better than negative thinking.” Anonymous

Getting a great deal is an idea that was drilled into me at a young age. In fact, my mother was just saying that most of her items are either thrifted, bought on sale, gifted or hand made by herself. And if you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll have noticed that I’ve been co-hosting with the #thriftedchicstylechallenge for the last couple of months.

In fact the jumpsuit that I wore recently was purchased off of thredUP about a year ago. After posting that outfit, I received a comment from the company asking if they could share the look. That made me think that I should reach out to them. And thus here we are with some great items from the company and a fantastic deal for the first 50 readers to use it. Use the code TOUCHOFSTYLE. It gives 50% off entire orders to the first 50 users, and is valid till the end of this November. Talk about a great black Friday deal!

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: So what items did I chose from thredUP? I found a fun white, fur vest and bright pink purse.

Of course since thredUp only sells items that are preloved, you can’t find the exact item I’m wearing. But really, that’s usually the case with my blog. Many of the clothes I showcase are from our closets and not in the stores at the moment. But there are usually similar items somewhere, somehow. And that’s true with online thrifting also.

So, if you happen to be looking for other vests, then here’s your chance to check out thredUP’s selection. I have to admit, that I vacillated between this one that I purchased and a puffer style one. But the faux fur won out.

Women 50+ and thredUP

The pink purse was chosen because the last couple of times that I’ve switched out my purse, I thought to myself I need a pink purse. Now we all know that the word “need” is not true. But I thought many of my outfits could have used a pink purse. And since I’ve finally organized my purses (which you’ll see next month), there’s enough room for a couple more.

Shockingly enough (or not), thredUP has quite a selection of purses. Here are the clutches, but the whole handbag selection is amazing! I ended up choosing this one because it had a strap and yet I could still carry it as a clutch. I love that kind of versatility.

How to make fun outfits with thredUP

There are definitely standards when thredUP accepts items. They only accept just like new and are inspected very well.

In addition, not every piece is already worn. There are many items that still have their tags on them. Like my white vest. That’s not why I picked it, but it did make me think that at least the white wouldn’t have stains on it. And then when I end up getting it all dirty,  I know that I can dye it like I have other items in the past.

Fur vest from thredUP

I don’t know how much you know about thredUP and their policies. I’ve used them a couple of times in the past to send clothes to them for “consignment.” They also have a return policy if your items don’t fit or you don’t like them. I’ve never personally sent anything back, but it’s nice to know you could.

thredUP and older women

Jeans: Cabi-thrifted (similar here)~~Vest: Papaya c/o thredUP (similar here)~~Top: Gap (similar here)~~Shoes: Made for me by Jude-Merona (similar here)~~Necklace: Tamera Beardsley-I won it (here)~~Scarf: I knitted it (similar here)~~Purse: (similar here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: Nancy chose this jacket she’s wearing along with the scarf too from thredUP.

If you’ve never looked at the thredUP site before, it can be quite time consuming. There are many items and many sizes to choose from.

So if you have a specific item in mind,  then the best thing is to search for it, and you can narrow your search by size. Nancy had told me she wanted more casual jackets in her wardrobe. You can easily ask for certain styles, brands, colors or even a price range when you’re looking. This tan print jacket is one of the items she received.

thredUP for women over 60

Nancy actually just lost her animal print scarf when we were in Seattle. Therefore, what a perfect opportunity to replace it. Scarves are such a fabulous accessory for these colder months, and Nancy’s looked great with her new jacket. It really wasn’t planned that we would wear our new items from thredUP all in one outfit, but it just happened that we could.

Wearing pieces from thredUP

If you are looking for more blogs to read about clothing items, then thredUP has you covered in that department also.

Here’s my little secret of how to search the site. As you are looking at items, make sure you click the heart in the lower right hand corner of any item that catches your attention. That way it’ll be saved in your favorites, so you can then look at them all at once to compare and decide what you want.

You have to realize that since these are unique items, so if you like it, you should buy it right away.

Great deals with thredUP

This J. Jill jacket was new, with the tags attached. It has many wonderful details including the ties in the back, and the pockets on the front. This brand is one of the favorites on thredUP, so you’d be able to find quite a few items if you’re a fan.

Or if you are searching for coats, you’ll find some wonderful selections on the thredUP site.

thredUP to save money

Jeans: Chaps (similar here)~~Jacket: J.Jill c/o thredUP (similar here)~~Top: (similar here)~~Boots: Jambu (here)~~Scarf: (similar here)

Charlotte’s (70+) Outfit: For my mom’s two pieces from thredUP, she chose an orange top, and a sheepskin vest.

Actually, I have to tell on her, and say her first choice was a black & white plaid skirt. But you have to understand. I’ve seen her closet, and she has at least 2 other plaid skirts that weren’t very different from the one she picked. So I asked her to look for something else. And she chose this vest whcih is fabulous!!

thredUP for Women over 70

I feel like tops are probably the most common item you can find while searching thredUP’s site. And for those of us who love to layer, they really work with everything. Now I should tell you that my mom ended up shortening the sleeves on this top. If you can do your own alterations, then ordering from online sites is not quite as scary.

Women 70+ using thredUP

Fall fashion changes from year to year, but there are some staples that come back all of the time.

And especially if you feel like you want to try out some of the trends that you don’t already have in your closet, it’s a great way to save some money in the meantime.

One of the trendier stores that you may consider for the younger women only, is Forever 21. And that’s the brand of my mom’s top that she chose. They seem to have some items for women of any age if you look close enough. And if you’ve ever been in the Forever 21 store, then you know it can be overwhelming. So why not check thredUP for some of their items?

thredUP for thrifting online

Another couple of fun facts about my mom’s outfit is that we safety pinned the front sides together. You can see in the photo above how well the vest fits, but the front layers almost seemed overpowering when flapping around. This could easily be remedied with velcro, or a snap too. I know for one of my friends, I also knitted a frog closure and attached a button on the other side.

So if you do get a clothing item that doesn’t seem to be working, there could be fixes for it!!

Great pieces with thredUP

Pants: Fabrizio Gianni c/o (similar here)~~Vest: c/o thredUP (similar here)~~Top: Forever 21 c/o thredUP (similar here)~~Shoes: (similar here)~~Pin: thrifted (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)

The three of us each received 2 items from thredUP complimentary, but I was not paid to write this post. However, you can benefit with an incredible deal! Use the code TOUCHOFSTYLE. It gives 50% off entire orders to the first 50 users, and is valid till the end of this November.

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

The Facts

Even if you wouldn’t consider purchasing your clothing online, it can be helpful to look through my links to see what is available! It certainly doesn’t hurt my feelings, if you click on them but don’t like them. Just so you know, one of the ways I make money from this blog is through these linked items.

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  • You chose some great pieces! I love thrifting, the searching is all part of the fun! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

    • Thanks Emma!!
      It was so fun to find these goodies!!

  • I love the pink purse, sooo cute!

    Jessica |

    • It’s nice and bright, right, Jessica??

  • I am obsessed with ThredUp! In fact I featured a cape today on the blog that I scored for under $20! And I have a camel coat headed my way as I type! I love to shop their designer category and you are right great for tops and I find for dresses! I also have scored some amazing shoe finds at ThredUp! Great post and you have some fabulous pieces here!

    • It’s probably good that I don’t look for more, because they do have such great stuff!!
      Thanks Suzanne!!

  • I had forgotten all about ThredUp! Will follow your link to take a look. While I like all of the pieces you gals scored, your faux fur vest is my fav. I am just a sucker for camo and pink, too. Something about that crazy contrast between a typically male print and a typically female color. Love it!

    • It’s one of my fave combinations too, Leslie!! In fact, I once heard camo described as male floral—isn’t that funny??

  • ADA

    I love the uniqueness of those fun camo pants and how well they go with cream and light pink. I have only gotten one thing from ThredUp. I heard they charge you to ship your clothes there for free now which sucks. Nice tips though. =)) But yeah that reminds me – my one item from ThredUp is perfect for the Holidays so I must wear it soon.

    • I know what you are talking about, Ada. The first time I sent them a clean out bag, it was free. But last year they charged $10 (which I understand, but I didn’t like it). When I check now, it’s free again, but they aren’t taking any until after the new year!!!

  • Love these tips! I think I will need to check all these out!

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

  • Bernadette Laganella

    Thanks for a tip on this great site.

  • Brigid Gallagher

    These are all fabulous looks. You ladies rock!

  • Julie

    Jodie, all of your looks are so nice! I love anything pink, so that pink clutch is great! I looked through their clutches, and they have so many nice ones at great prices!

    • It’s so fabulous when you get a great deal, don’t you think, Julie?? Of course I love sales too, but thrifting is another great option!!

  • OK, I know I commented on Instagram, but now I need to expound… You know me, I’m always expounding! Haha! I just love your looks here! Your mom’s vest is just wonderful… Such a modern look for her! Nancy – fabulous! The color combination is just lovely and so flattering!
    And, you my friend – WOW! This is such a cool look! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Kudos!

  • I always go for sale and preloved items which cost less.
    Great share on this.

    Much Love,
    Zarrah | The Bandwagon Chic

    • It always seem so much smarter that way, right Zarrah?

  • I’ve not tried thredUP, only Poshmark and TheRealReal. . But I get emails from them so I must have made an account sometime. Love the FF Vest and your Mom’s pin.

    • It’s amazing the options we have nowadays, Terri!!!
      You’ll have to try them sometime, as they have some great deals!!

  • I have only sold items on ThredUp, never bought anything. I should try it!!

    • They really have some fabulous items—but of course, since you’ve sold your stuff there! Wouldn’t it be funny to see something you sold on someone you know…ha ha!!

  • Chloe

    I’m loving the pink themed outfit and would love that purse #fabfridaylinky

  • I had a purse just like the pink one in black for years! Love the design. And I think pink and cameo work so well together. Nancy s jacket is fabulous, of course I love the back! I have a skirt with a front like that! And your mothers pin and bracelet are amazing! Really love that pin!

    • Thanks so much Nancy
      I have to replace some of my dressier purses because my phone won’t fit in them…ha ha!!!

  • What a fabulous and timely post this is Jodie! I really love your outfit, the furry vest and camo pants are amazing. I also love Nancy in red, and the vest your mom is wearing is really fantastic.
    I have not tried this site before, I do use eBay, and poshmark. I am glad to know more about it and appreciate the tip to save what you like to favorites.
    Happy holiday week .

    • It’s funny how we get used to one site, because I’ve never tried eBay for clothing. I used to buy a ton of yarn off eBay, but that was it!
      Thanks Elle!!

  • Laura

    I’ve had so many great experiences buying and collaborating with thredUP. It makes thrifting so much easier! Love the items you found from there!

    • They do have some fabulous finds, Laura!!!
      I forgot that you are a thrift shopper at times. If you are interested, we are hosting a #thriftedchicstylechallenge the middle of December!! All you have to do it post photos of thrifted items for the week, and there’s always a prize!!

  • Judy Gramith

    Vests have always been an item of clothing that I’ve been drawn to so I love that you and Charlotte chose versions of furry vests. Your white one is so pretty and unique Jodie. May i suggest that you look for some white furry boot toppers to make all your boots “vest compliment optional” ? You could probably even knit some with that fun furry yarn!
    I have a faux sheepskin vest that is very much like the one Charlotte chose. I also snapped up the real thing from my local Goodwill several years ago. I paid only $10 for real sheepskin. I embellished it with turquoise nugget beads at the yoke and I love it!!
    Nancy’s jacket is really cute and although I’d encourage her to “pattern mix” with it I think the leopard might be a bit too much with that sweet print (?) A neutral floral print would be really replicate the teeny flowers in the striped floral print of the jacket. ( That print reminds me of old mattress ticking. I had Roman shades in my Minnesota home made from a similar print!)
    Your thredUP adventure looks like a big success to me!

    • I love the idea of those furry boot toppers, Jude!! I wouldn’t be surprised if I have some yarn that would fit the bill for those. It’s almost embarrassing how much yarn I have in my mom’s basement. But it’s good reason to keep knitting, I guess!!
      Nancy’s print does kinda look like mattress ticking…I never even thought of that. We’ll have to see what other print mixing we can do with it—-it’s such a subtle print, that it ought to be fun!!
      Thanks so much Jude!!!

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    This sounds like a good alternative to Thrift Store shopping (where I have trouble finding my size). I’ll have to do some looking when I can get a good internet connection!

  • Melissa

    We are so twining right now! I am loving the way you styled those camo pants 🙂 All you ladies look fabulous and it feels even better when your rocking a look on a budget. I personally love thredup, I have yet to received something I didn’t love.


    • That’s what I thought when I saw your photo, Mel!!! Funny, huh??

  • Kali

    Your pink purse is so pretty! What a fun accessory! Great find at ThredUp!

    • Thanks Kali!!! It was brighter than I thought it was going to be, but then that’s a good thing, I guess!!!

  • Rebecca Saffer

    You ladies look wonderful – great finds! I am not a thrift shopper but do think these are lovely examples. How does your mom keep tabs on her extensive wardrobe? (Maybe this would be a good blog!) By the way, if anyone is in the NYC area this holiday season, I recommend a great exhibition on Louis Vuitton at the old American Stock Exchange (86 Trinity Place). Even if you aren’t into the bags, there was so much to see. There were trunks for the extensive wardrobes men and women wore while cruising as well as when airplanes became the new way of transportation.

    • That exhibit sounds fabulous Rebecca. That’s too bad we won’t be out there this Christmas. We used to visit Rob’s family every year during the holidays while his mom was still living. And we always went into the city one day to do something fun!
      And how does my mom keep tabs on her wardrobe?? It’s funny because we were just talking about how she remembers events by what she was wearing. It must be because clothes are so fun and important to her, so that’s what sticks in her brain. Because the amazing thing, is she’ll also remember how much everything was, and where she bought them.
      Thanks Rebecca!!!

  • Missy May

    Heard great things about thredup but, haven’t used it before. Then again I don’t think its available here in the UK. I adore the ensemble on you Jodie. Very nice!! All the ladies looking wonderful!

    • Thanks so much Missy. It may not be available in the UK, but are there other online thrifting sites that are there??

  • Tina von tinaspinkfriday

    Dear Jodie, I never heard about thredup. For thrifted clothes I have a look at ebay germany.
    Thanks for introducing this possibility, you all look amazing.
    XO Tina

    • I never even think about eBay anymore, but I should!! It’s always so nice to find interesting items for a great deal!!
      Thanks Tina!

  • Imastounded

    I don’t thrift shop, but I do shop at one consignment store. They curate their stock. There are no returns, so it’s important to examine each item carefully before making a purchase.

    It can be very difficult finding clothing at any consignment or thrift store for those of us who are “too” anything: too tall, too long in the arms, too big. Shortening hems and sleeves is one thing, but you can’t add fabric that isn’t there. The process of this kind of shopping isn’t one I enjoy. Accessories are easier, so that’s what I look for. Shoes in my narrow width often show up here brand new. I think they’re online purchases that didn’t work for someone else. It’s the uniqueness I like. What I find won’t be everywhere.

    • I think that’s exactly part of the draw!! These items aren’t exactly what everyone else has—at least any more!!
      It is hard with the fit issues….I think that’s where I’m like my mother. I try to figure out a fix for everything that isn’t perfect. In fact, one time I did have a pair of jeans that was too short (shocking, I know), and my mom added a Burberry print material at the hem. It was actually brilliant!!

  • Hi JOdie! I heard of ThredUP, just never really looked around their site. Great items and I would have picked the faux fur vest too 🙂
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    jess xx

    • I’m so surprised you’ve never bought from them, Jess! I know you’ve talked about Poshmark a lot, so I just figured you’d have tried thredUP too!!!

  • Franci Hoffman

    Wow! Great looks for the season, Jodie!

  • Ha! This is too funny! I was literally just on thredUP explaining it to my mom before I came to your website! She is going to be sending some clothes in for the first time to them and is doing some shopping this afternoon for their Black Friday sale.! Will show her this post too, so she knows it’s not just me who loves their site, haha.


    • And a perfect time to use the code for even a better deal!! Talk about great minds thinking alike!!!!
      Thanks Lindsey!!

  • You know, I’ve been selling to thred-up for years but have yet to make a purchase there. I’m really tempted to use that code of yours. That’s a great deal!!

    • It’s a totally great deal!!! And then you’ll have a couple of new things for our December #thriftedchicstylechallenge, Darlene!!

  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    I’ve been wanting a sheepskin vest, I never thought of looking at ThredUp, I have only used them once and its been over a year ago. I also love your neutral vest (and the pants your wearing are so fun and work great with this outfit too!). Happy Belated Thanksgiving!


    • Thanks and happy holiday time now, Carrie!!!
      I do think they do a great job with their selections!! And it’s relatively easy to search for what you want!!!

  • You all made great choices. I haven’t yet bought anything from ThredUp so I may need to remedy that now that I have some incentive. I didn’t know about their return policy which is nice considering that sizing can differ and pictures can’t always show everything. Thanks for sharing your experience and for the discount offer. I hope that you and the family all have a wonderful weekend.


    • I think it’s helpful to be able to return things. I don’t think that was always available, but it’s super smart!!
      Thanks Rena!!

  • Nicole Mölders


  • donnanance

    Thred Up sounds like an afternoon excursion on the computer…my daughter was showing me some things yesterday that she likes on their web site. You ladies look fab in your outfits! xoxo

    • It certainly is a great way to shop with a budget in mind!! Even with all of the great sales out there—the discount thredUP gave us, makes a huge difference!!
      Thanks Donna!!

  • I love Thred Up! These looks are so chic and all these pieces that you found there are lovely.

    • They do have some fabulous selections, don’t they Kathrine??

  • Courtney Hardy

    All these picks are so cute!

    • Thanks Courtney!
      They do have a fabulous selection of items!!

  • Like the ring Mama has on today!

    • Isn’t that a great one Laurel? She has a ton of interesting baubles!!!

  • I’ve heard so many great things about ThredUp! I love all of the pieces that you all picked, that Sheepskin vest is so pretty!

    • This site really is fabulous, Laura!!
      I’ve not only ordered clothes from them in the past, but I’ve sent in clothes to sell….

  • you all look lovely
    The Glossychic

  • You chose some wonderful pieces. Have a lovely weekend.

    Gemma x

  • Bev @ Walking Well With God

    I have to hand it to you…you even make camo look cute!! I haven’t ventured there yet, but never say never, right?? Adorable outlets. Love thrift shops 🙂
    Bev xo

    • Thanks Bev!! I have to admit that I never thought I’d wear camo either, but it’s funny how our perspective changes.
      It’s always amazing what kind of great deals you can find at the thrift stores!! That’s probably why I love them so much!