Using Accessories with Solid Colors to Add Interest to an Outfit

Accessories with Solid Colors

Using Accessories with Solid Colors to Add Interest to an Outfit

Quote of the day: “I can’t give you a surefire formula for success, but I can give you a formula for failure: Try to please everybody all the time.” Herbert Bayard Swope

The icing on the cake, the cherry on the top. These are just some of the expressions I’ve heard to describe adding in accessories when you are getting dressed. And whether or not you subscribe to the theory that these details can change the look of an outfit, I thought I’d show a side by side comparison.

The idea of a post series on accessories was suggested by Clare, one of our readers, quite awhile ago. I hadn’t forgotten about the idea, but I wanted to figure out how to showcase it for the blog! And I was lucky enough to have a blogette join us for this series. See Clara’s outfits at the bottom of the post!!

So this is what I came up with for you. I had the three of us style an outfit that was only made up of solid colors. We all accessorized a little differently, and then I showed the outfits with and without the extras!! Tell me what you think??

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: Adding accessories to solid colors is my favorite way to incorporate a totally different color to my outfit.

For my example, I wanted to add in an entirely new color with my accessories. I tried to keep it relatively simple and see if you’d even notice them?

Accessories with solid colors on Woman 50+

The photo below shows the outfit without any extras!! It’s a nice enough look, I think, but it could be better!!

Women over 50 wearing accessories with solids

To add in a third color for this outfit, I chose turquoise earrings, bracelet & sunglasses.

Red and turquoise are often grouped together in southwestern jewelry, so that was my inspiration for the color combination! If you already have some turquoise jewelry in your possession you may have noticed that color combination. If not you can see this pairing in necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings!

Woman over 50 comparing accessories with solid colors

I purposely left off a necklace because the earrings are so long. Considering that the with and without photos would be side by side, I was interested to see if there would be much difference not including a necklace.

Hopefully, when you are talking to people, they will focus on your face, so large earrings can be just as effective in introducing a new color as a large necklace. Just because earrings are big and long, doesn’t mean they have to be very heavy. The earrings we were given by Coruu, were as light as air. I would also imagine that these earrings and these would be light also!

Accessories with solids for added flair

Jeans: LOFT (here)~~Jacket: Joseph Ribkoff (similar here)~~Top: Stephanie O (similar here)~~Shoes: Louise et Cie (similar here)~~Earrings: Stella & Dot (similar here)~~Bracelet: Boho Betty (similar here)~~Sunglasses: (similar here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: For Nancy’s comparison, we added in a large colorful necklace.

Woman 60+ comparing Accessories with solid colors

The outfit without the accessories is below. This dress is one of my favorites of Nancy’s because of the color and fit. However, it looks so plain without any extras!

I do love one color dresses though because you can pair almost anything else with them. Just because the dress is one color doesn’t make it uninteresting.  For instance, Nancy’s dress has a small peplum at the waist. This dress has fun sleeves!! Or this one has crochet detailing at the top portion! However, even with these details, I still love to mix in accessories with solid colors.

Women over 60 comparing accessories with solids

The necklace we added has many colors in it almost like her shoes!!

If you do tend to wear more solid colored pieces, then print shoes could be a fun way to add in a variety of colors. With the colors being on your shoes, it’s only a small amount of print. If you are still not sure about print shoes, then this pair (it’s the mint pair) could be great. There’s only a little bit of print, and it’s pretty subtle! But if you’re willing to be somewhat adventurous, then stripes (or there are a couple of others in this link) are the way to go!!

Blue Dress with accessories with solid colors

We couldn’t forget the earrings too! I think having earrings with multiple colors already in them, makes it easy to match for most of us!! I found quite a few pairs of earrings like that when shopping for you. They are even under $25, so feel free to check them out here, here & here!!

Accessories with solids for dress up

Dress: Evan Picone (similar here)~~Shoes: Impo (here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)

Charlotte’s (70+) Outfit: And in the last example of adding accessories to solid colors, my mom chose a scarf for her decoration!

Accessories with solid colors for 70+ women

Here’s a funny story which is how I felt too!! When I had my mom take off her accessories for the “without” photos, she commented that she felt naked! It really made me think about how we get into certain habits. Not that the habits are bad, but it’s amazing how they become second nature. Like for my mom, adding in any kind of accessories is just part of getting dressed!!

Woman 70+ wearing accessories with solids

Scarves are one of those accessories that can be worn so many ways! Sometimes, I know we won’t wear them because the thought of how to tie them is off putting!

Therefore, mom just threaded her scarf through a clip to hold it in place, and let it hang! If you are ever looking for other ways to tie your scarves, I made a couple of videos on my You-Tube channel that you could reference!!

Comparing accessories with solid colors

My mom’s scarf does a nice job of pulling in the two colors of her outfit! That’s definitely an advantage of a print scarf when you are wearing solid colored separates! And there are lightweight ones like this one and this one!

You may not think about scarves much in the summer, but it could be smart to have an extra one in your car. For me it seems like the restaurants and stores are always so cold!

How creative, my mom made her earrings and bracelet! My mom bought plain tassels at JoAnn Fabrics and then threaded through an earring post! The bracelet is a great way to use up a ton of old buttons by sewing elastic thread through the backs!!

Accessories with solids add flair

Pants: Old Navy (similar here)~~Top: Romwe (similar here)~~Shoes: SO (similar here)~~Scarf: (similar here)~~Earrings: Mom made them (similar here)~~Bracelet: Mom made it (similar here this is gorgeous, but after you see the price, you’ll realize why you should make your own!)

Clara’s (Blogette at 80+) Outfit: And Clara joined us again for our styling fun!

Even though Clara chose the same color necklace as her shirt, it still shows up nicely. And it’s such a beautiful color for her, don’t you think??

Accessories for Women 80+

Pants: Jones NY (2 years)~~Blouse: Chicos (1 year)~~Shoes: Hush Puppies (2 years)~~Watch: Invicta (3+ years)~~Earrings: Singapore markets (1+ years) ~~Bracelets, Necklace: TJ Maxx (10 years old)

A side by side comparison is the easiest way for me, personally, to always evaluate things!! Of course, I’m partial to wearing accessories with solid colors as they can add so much interest to the look! The accessories can pull together the colors in the outfit or add in another color!

But how about you? Do you always wear accessories?

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

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You can add fun accessories with solid colors without spending an arm and a leg! Each of these accessories are under $50!!

  • Amy D. Christensen

    Perfect choices. I love how the turquoise really pops against your red and white outfit. Love the beads with Nancy’s dress and that scarf is the perfect addition to your Mom’s outfit. Great looks. – Amy

  • Yes! This is one of my favorite strategies for a simple outfit pairing that still pops. I love a solid dress paired with colorful or contrasting statement jewelry. Nancy’s eclectic necklace is such a great find. And like you, I am loving fringed and tassel statement earrings for a bold burst of color and texture!


    • I think I’m such a sucker for all of the statement necklaces I see nowadays!! It’s such a fun and easy way to make your outfit sing!!

  • Nicole Mölders

    Thanks for linking up to Top of the the World Style. I love the looks with the necklaces.

  • Anna Marcus

    i am an accessory girl, Jodie, if I don’t have then on, I feel like my outfit is not complete. I do however, try not to wear everything together 🙂

    • I feel the same way, Anna!! There are times I wonder if I’m overdoing it, but then I think about Iris Apfel, and figure I’m good!!

  • I definately need more accessories in my wardrobe. I love Nancy’s shoes!

    • Well, I may have the answer for you next month Barbie. I’m going to try out Rockbox where you basically can try before you buy and send back what you don’t want. It’s an interesting concept that one of my friends really likes.

  • Interesting information!

  • Versatilestylebytracey

    Solids are a blank canvas begging for accessories in my world, lol Love your jacket and Nancys dress is an example of the perfect blank canvas. Love the addition of the scarf for Mom. With our humidity scarves have to wait for Fall, looking forward to it!

    • Thanks Tracey!!
      We are very lucky here with our weather….very little humidity, and the mornings and evenings cool down nicely!! That’s why I have a hard time separating my wardrobe. I still need the jackets in the summer, and vice versa!!

  • Your Mom is such a creative force!

    I love that you chose turquoise with your red.

    You’ve done a really brilliant job of showing just how the right accessories can make a huge difference and create such a polished look.

    I think that accessories show that you’ve taken some extra time and thought about what you are wearing.


    • That’s an interesting way to look at it Suzanne—taking extra time and thought in your look!!
      Either that or it’s an addiction….LOL!!!

  • Accessories are everything for me. And look at you all, how charming you look with those added accessories.

  • I am SO bad these days about remembering my accessories but they make such a huge difference!

    • Well, you do have your hands full Laura!! But I think for me, it’s such a habit!!

  • Great post on accessorizing our wardrobe! I’m actually attending a workshop next week on the same topic. I love the comparison photos!

    • How neat, Robin!! I’d be interested to know what you learn at the workshop!!!

      • I’ll keep you posted!

  • The accessories made such a difference! I loved seeing the with/without pictures side by side so I could discover this plainly. I wear so many solid colors that I really need to invest more in accessories. I’ve gathered a few the past few years, but could use an upgrade. 🙂

    • I do love the side by side shots, Lisa!! For some reason, it makes me understand the difference better!!
      Have you heard of Rocksbox? I just signed up with them and I’m going to write a post about it next month!! That might be an easy way to get some new pieces??

      • No, I’ve never heard of Rocksbox, Jodie! Thanks for the tip.

  • Excellent idea to show with and without accessories. It’s easy for us to look at your basic outfits and think, “What would I add from my collection of accessories?” as well as seeing what you used.

    The same premise would work with showing a skirt or pants with two or three different tops. I think you’ve done that; can you do it again?

    I’m still thinking about Charlotte’s and my ‘rules’ — I always think about Nurse Dianne’s Mama’s rule: If you wear a yellow dress, you must have yellow shoes. (1959). I don’t think I ever went that far but one of my favorites was a beige dress with big green dots and shoes with two colors of muted green leather.

    • I love hearing from you Jean!! You always come up with a thought provoking idea or thought!!
      I’ll definitely have to work on a blog series with changing out the tops with the same pants & skirts…I’ll put it in the queue right now for sometime in fall!! Would you want to be part of it??
      And I love hearing about those “rules”. I have that folder in my queue too, but I haven’t considered what I’m going to do for it yet. For some reason this summer has gotten quite busy—which is a good thing!!

  • Debbie Stinedurf

    Accessories absolutely make a difference…and your comparisons prove it. While you are all beauties without the additional bling, the accessories kick it up a notch.

    • That’s exactly how I feel too!! It always surprises me when women don’t wear any kind of extras!! Of course, I know I’m biased since I grew up with a mom who is a maximalist!! LOL

  • Carol Cameleon

    I LOVE your earrings but then turquoise is one of my favourite colours anyway. I’m not big on accessories (being allergic to metals doesn’t help!) but these accessories look fab. Thanks for linking up to #HighlightsofHappy Jodie.

    • That’s such a bummer about the allergy Carol!! I can see how you’d stay away from them then!!
      Although, I did wear my silicone necklace yesterday because it was so hot outside, and I bet that would work for you!!

      • Carol Cameleon

        I have to be careful with the clasps but if it’s a ‘up and over’ necklace I’d give it a go!

  • Liz

    So fun! I love accessorizing… But I’ve realized I certainly have a few pieces that I wear most of the time. Hoping that since we’ve moved and I’ve reorganized my jewelry I’ll get more forgotten favorites back in the rotation! Blessings!

    • Thanks Liz!!
      We do get into habits with everything, right? I have to be able to see my jewelry well, in order to remember it and wear it!! I’m so glad I finally organized my necklaces all in one place because many have gotten worn again!!

  • WOW, Jodie, I love this idea of showing the difference with and without accessories. And I love the looks with accessories more. Today, I like your look the most. I guess because of your earrings and the colors.


    P.S. I am organizing a link up. Feel free to join and share your post.


  • Can you believe I have to get used to solid colors!!!! What is that! I was the Queen of solid colors! 😂😂😂😂😂 But these are very bold colors and after starting for five minutes I am now used to it again! Thank God!

    • Maybe you’ll like tomorrow’s post better, Nancy??!! Because we’ll be pairing our accessories with prints!!

  • Rosy Ferry

    I’m a huge fan of adding accessories, I always like to have one or two added to an outfit, I just think they always add some extra interest to an outfit 🙂

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

    • I really believe that too, Rosy!! I know sometimes more isn’t better…but I still love my accessories!!

  • Ladies, I love the solid colors on you! Great accessories too! =)

    – Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  • rakhshanda

    Accessories add a beautiful touch to every outfit! I love how you wore those tassel earrings with that outfit. Also, Charlotte’s scarf is so pretty <3

  • Kris Ronchetti

    I agree accessories are what pulls our outfits together! I love how you worked your “”magic””on all these beautiful ladies. Especially, with your Mom the scarf was perfect for her and it soften her face so much. So enjoying your blog….thank you..

    • Thanks for such a lovely comment, Kris!!
      I do love styling clothes and finding different combinations!! It’s like cooking only with clothing!!

  • Judy Gramith

    I think accessories are crucial. They show that you enjoy what you’re wearing and that you think of dressing as more than just putting on some clothes. You three are spectacular in your accessorized outfits!

    • I have to agree with you whole heartedly, Jude!! I can’t imagine not using them almost every day!! Even when I’m sitting around blogging, I at least put on a necklace & earrings!!

  • Nancy’s dress has a great color for her.

  • That’s an interesting way to look at it Jacqueline—depending on your mood!! I love that. So maybe even the accessories I choose depend on my mood!!

  • Jacqueline Rendine

    I love adding accessories to my outfit! Depending on my mood, I will add them!

    Stylin In St. Louis

    • That’s an interesting way to look at it Jacqueline—depending on your mood!! I love that. So maybe even the accessories I choose depend on my mood!!

  • Laura

    This is the perfect case for accessorizing! I love how they complete an outfit and make everything look more put together!

    • I think the same thing Laura!! Sometimes though I wonder if I’m so conditioned to add in accessories. Does it really make a difference?? That’s why I’m glad I did the side by side. I definitely love the outfits with accessories!!

  • ElenaY

    You all look beautiful! But I have to admit, without the accessories, the outfits don’t POP! I’ve been an accessories “collector” for years. Periodically I weed out the ones that have become ratty, but it’s amazing how necklaces, scarves, hats, jewelry elevate an outfit and how vintage stuff often looks really stunning.

    • I feel the same way Elena!! To me the outfits just don’t look finished without some accessories. Kinda like lipstick!! But I know we can’t all dress alike, so I try to remember that when I’m telling women what is “right” and “wrong”!!!
      I also think that accessories don’t go in and out of style quite the same way that clothing items do! Sure, the tassels are big now, but so many other accessories would work!!
      Thanks for all of the love!! You could join us one of these days on the blog, too??

      • ElenaY

        Thanks Jodie! I’d love to. Your replys and all your readers comments are what make your blog a delight to read.

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    Yes, the side by side comparisons are helpful in showing the difference the accessories make! I’m not much into jewelry except for rings, but I am known to wear scarves in the cold months. Your accessories all look wonderful!

    • But I don’t think that’s necessarily bad Terri!! We get into habits, and some of us like all the embellishments, and some women do not!! Wouldn’t we be so boring if we all looked the same!!
      That being said…I do feel naked without them…LOL!!

  • Eileen Flanigan Sinda

    Jodie, you outfit looked great both ways. Nancy’s dress really need the accessories. Loved the shoes, but they are sold out in my size. What a shame. I am not as much for the necklace, but that I said because I often feel uncomfortable with such a heavy piece. Esp in summer when it is really hot here. Loved Charlotte’s scarf. Clara’s accessories were perfect. Nice to find accessories that last that long and still remain stylis. Turquoise is my favorite color!

    • Thanks so much Eileen!!
      I think that is one of the advantages of accessories—they don’t go in and out of style quite as obviously!!
      I know what you mean about the heaviness of the accessories. In fact I was wearing my Coruu, silicone necklace today because it was going to reach 90 degree!!

  • I love that you did side by side comparisons! That was a really great idea and really shows how much of a difference accessories can make. Each outfit looked great on its own, but looked amazing with accessories!

    • Thanks LIndsey!! I am such a fan of accessories…in fact, you might mix me up with Iris Apfel one of these days…ha ha!!!

  • CelebratingthisLife

    I am of the school of thought that more is better when it comes to dressing up! Each of your outfits is elevated when you add an accessory, I especially love the blue dress! xx Rox-Anne Celebrating This Life

    • I am so glad to hear you say that Rox-Anne! I think we are showing respect to ourselves and others when we dress up more than dress down!!

  • It’s amazing how much one or two accessories can change an outfit. I think everything is better with a few 🙂

    • I think you’re so right Michelle!! They just add more fun to an outfit!!

  • Rebecca Phillips

    I think all of the outfits work with or without accessories Jodie. I am a minimalist when I t comes to accessories, but I do like to wear one that really pops!!! Pinned

    • I do think part of wearing accessories is your habit, don’t you think, Rebecca!!
      It’s hard for me to leave the house without some kind of jewelry on because it’s been ingrained in me!! LOL

      • Rebecca Phillips

        I know. For some reason, I love putting on one big bam accessory and some minimalistic ones and I am good. I do love all of the looks here. And particularly the ones without accessories as they are put together with such great colors…..

  • Accessories can really elevate any outfit so easily. They’re such a great detail to add to make the whole look complete and come together nicely.


    Tamara –

  • Your guest bloggette’s accessories are my favorite! Even though they’re the same color the length where it ends is perfect. I love how you have invited guests to show their style. Your shoes are also totally cute. Julia

    • Isn’t Clara just fabulous Julia? This is how I want to be when “I grow up”….still looking stylish & fantastic!!

  • Accessories make all the different! Every accessory you ladies added made these look so much more polished. I love all the color you ladies wore in these looks too.

    • Thanks Kathrine!!
      I really can’t imagine getting dressed everyday without some kind of extras!! Of course, that must mean I’m very blessed….

  • linda

    Girls, You all look amazing and I do like all the accessories. Keep up the good work. I look forward to your blog every day!

    • Ah, Linda!!! Thank you so much for that inspiring comment!!
      It really warms my heart to know that!!!
      Thanks and have a fabulous Monday!!

  • Great examples, you all look so good in those outfits. What a difference adding like accents to an outfit does, sometimes we forget the power they have. Please tell Nancy she looks glorious in that blue.

    • It’s true Lorena!! I think that I always wear accessories so I forget what an outfit looks like without them! Great point!!
      And I’ll forward this to Nancy…it’ll make her day, so thanks!!

  • YAY for accessories! And what a difference they make to really pulling an outfit together! I feel like an outfit always needs at least 3 pieces, and you nailed that with the styling here!


    • I’ve never thought about how many pieces….I’ll have to keep track now, Roxanne!!

  • donnaduck

    You know, I never really thought about the accessories with a “plain” outfit. I just always added them! Like you couldn’t be without them! But in looking at your outfits post, I actually would have left your mom’s alone, did a thinner necklace on Nancy, and kept yours exactly as you added the turquoise accents! When you see them with and also without, you can get a better feel for what could enhance (or detract) from the style/cut of the outfit. I think your mom’s, with the cold shoulder and neckline, draws your eye to that difference and you kind of cover it up or detract from the look with a scarf. Nancy’s bigger necklace definitely takes your eye away from the cut of the outfit and it becomes all about the necklace. A thinner, maybe longer necklace might not detract as much. Just my opinion!! I adore red with turquoise, and I think your accessories look great with your outfit! XOXO

    • Wow…Donna!! Those are some great thoughts. Because even though we took the photos without the accessories—we did it after we took the photos with them. So we didn’t analyze the look beforehand. But you are so, so right. Being able to look at the whole outfit before adding in the extras, can make you realize what the focus should be and how to keep it that way!!
      Now we just need to come up with a full length mirror, that automatically takes your photo, so you can do the same thing!!!!

  • What a great idea to show the look with and without accessories! Really shows the difference. I love solids, but you’re right about them needing that extra something.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • Your comment made me wonder if I have more solids in my closet or prints–I think I tend to gravitate towards prints, or shirts that have some kind of fun or embellishment. Yet I love wearing accessories of all kinds, so you would think that I’d have more solids??
      Thanks, Amy

  • I’m drooling over that outfit of yours…cuteness from head to toe! Isn’t it funny how accessories can make or break an outfit?!

  • Tina von tinaspinkfriday

    Accessoires are for my heart ♥️. It makes an outfit, without they are only clothes 😉
    In Germany we say: the salt in the soup. Jodie these pictures are stunning! Wonderful post for the need of accessoires.
    XO Tina

    • I love how you describe it Tina!! Because they are the best part about an outfit!!

      • Tina von tinaspinkfriday


  • I think accessories or details make an outfit! You can over do it but the right amount makes an outfit! You ladies have accessorized beautifully! Peace!

    • I’m such a fan of accessories, that I think outfits without them seem so plain!!
      Thanks, Cheryl!!

  • Karen

    So nice to see Clara back! These are all great examples of how accessories really change a look. While each of you looked great without the accessories, when you added them in, it just added so much more interest. Your jacket is so cool!! I love the tucks and the gorgeous color!! And those earrings Jodie…oh my! I LOVE those!!!! The turquoise-colored accessories really work well with the color of your jacket! Nancy’s dress is beautiful just by itself, but it looks even better with that amazing necklace! (And her super cute sandals!!) The dress is a beautiful color on Nancy and very slimming with the peplum waist! I love how your mom followed the V-neck on her top with the scarf. The way she tied it changes the look, but leaves the flattering neckline as it is, and that’s a great idea! I have not personally purchased anything with the cut out shoulders, but I really like this on your mom, and the hemline also adds some extra interest. Clara looks beautiful in that shade of blue. It looks like her handbag also worked with the color, as well as her fun watch and that great necklace. She is such an inspiration and a great addition to your “fashion for all ages”! I don’t ever want to just pack it in as I pass through all the stages of life. I think it’s important for us to continue to care about how we look no matter what our “numbers” indicate, and we can always have fun with fashion!

    • I’m hoping that Clara can join us maybe once a month!! It’s nice to see women of all ages still caring about their looks. I’m around so many women that say it doesn’t matter past a certain age. And I get it….but I’m like you! I don’t want to give in!!
      You haven’t joined the blog in awhile Karen!!! I know August is going to be busy with other bloggers, but maybe in September??
      Thanks for all of your lovely thoughts and words, Karen. I can’t tell you how I look forward to your comment every post!!

  • My mom, like yours, is all about accessories! She always knows the right things that elevate and complete an outfit. I tend to toss on the basics and forget those details when it comes to my own clothing choices.
    BUT…your post illustrates the “something is missing” aspect of choosing an outfit without accessories! You can have the perfect dress…and that dress on Nancy is PERFECT…but without the details…it falls short.
    You have tainted me forever, Jodie! The details make the outfit!!!!
    One follow up post suggestion: With all your brooches, necklaces, bracelets, scarves, belts hats, etc….how do YOU organize all your accessories for easy access?

    • Well, that made me laugh, Em!! Because I’m probably tainted too—since birth since I grew up under my mom’s wing—ha ha!!
      I have done a couple of organizing posts (scarves: and jewelry: but I do need to go back and update them!! I think it’s partly an evolution depending on what you have. I used to have very few purses, so organizing them was easy. However, with this blogging thing, they seemed to have reproduced, so I need to come up with a different system (it’s on my fall bucket list)!!
      I find that having all of the like items together makes it much better for me. And being able to see them easily…..

  • Mireille

    I love your jacket! Accessories do make such a difference! I will have to remember the red and turquoise combo!

    • Thanks Mireille!!
      The red & turquoise is definitely a newer combo for me—but I love it!!