How to Wear Your Capris for a Dressy Event

How to Wear Your Capris for a Dressy Event

Quote of the day: “When you find your path, you must not be afraid. You need to have sufficient courage to make mistakes.” Paulo Coelho

Getting dressed up can mean different things to different people. And I usually consider my capris as a more casual item. But if it’s one thing I’ve learned in the last couple of years, it’s that fashion should be fun and creative. So I decided to see how the three of us could dress up our capris since we already showed you our casual looks!

And my article in Sixty + Me is now published. If you like wearing capris, I came up with some styling considerations in that article!

I let both mom and Nancy come up with their own outfits for this category. And what I noticed is that we all wore some kind of topper. I’d be interested to know your thoughts below in the comments. Would you wear your capris for a dressy event in the first place? And then how would you make them feel more fancy?

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: My initial idea to dress up these capris was to add a sparkly or sequin top to them!

For some reason, I just couldn’t find anything that I loved in my closet. I think I was searching for something like this one, or this one, but to no avail. My one sequin top is long sleeve and just didn’t seem right with these capris. So I came up with the thought to wear a black & white shirt along with a jacket, heels, and pearls.

Capri Pants get dressed up

I just found these heels while I was writing our post about accessories adding fun to your t-shirt!

The fact is I had just worn my yellow heels (featured in this link) for a night out recently and realized that they were not easy to walk in like most of my other shoes! So when I saw that the floral shoes I had linked to came in yellow, and were a good price, I ordered them.

Let me tell you how impressed I was with the fast shipping from Marks & Spencer. Two days was all it took for these beauties to get to me!! Incredible timing I think, if you’re looking for something and need it fast! And they are very comfortable, but just like with any heels, I was ready to take them off after wearing them for 8 hours!

Dress up for Women over 50 with white blazer & pearl necklace

Most of us would agree that our pearl jewelry is the accessory that we reach for time and time again for the dressier events.

Although I am trying hard to wear my pearls for everyday now too! Why not wear our good items as much as our other pieces?

Of course if you had a pearl necklace like this one or this one, you might wear it all of the time.

And that includes my white jacket too! Many times I think, I shouldn’t wear this piece because it’ll get dirty! But if I don’t wear it, then what’s the use of even keeping it? If you worry about that also, then perhaps a white print jacket in spacedye could be the answer?

50+ Women with Capri Outfits

I haven’t discussed these capris much in this post since I touched on them quite a bit in our last post.

Both Nancy and I did wear the same capris in both of these posts, but my mom decided to change hers out. The material and color of your capris could be part of the equation if you would wear them to a dressy event. This pair seems more shiny which always seems less casual to me!

Blazer & Capri Pants

Pants: Fabrizio-Gianni (similar here)~~Blazer: BooHoo (similar here)~~Top: H&M-thrifted (similar here)~~Shoes: Marks & Spencer (here)~~Necklace: Kaitlyn’s Collective (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Sunglasses: (similar here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: Black capris always seem like they dress up easier!

Even though Nancy’s pants have embroidery on them, the color seems to make them less casual! Of course, if you prefer plain black for your bottoms, then those type aren’t too hard to find!

Black Capris and red

I think that the fact that Nancy matched the colors in the embroidery to her shirt and then added a black jacket, makes it very easy to recreate.

Wearing a tank top in the summer seems like the right thing to do, however, so many times we all feel the need to cover our arms! That’s why I rounded up quite a few toppers that would be perfect for the summer at the bottom of this post!

Women over 60 with Carpi Pants for a Dressy Event

The accessories can be such a fun addition to any outfit.

A floral necklace of any kind seems so perfect for the summer months. You could go all out with a large one that includes pearls if you wanted! Or if you prefer more color in your floral necklace, I found that version too!

Embellished black Capris

Like I always say, the shoes you wear can make such a difference to your outfit.

Adding in heels seem to make the capris dressier! Even if you don’t wear heels on a regular basis, having a pair with the ankle strap can make them so much easier to walk in! Like this pair is fancy, yet functional! And if you really liked that pair, then I found these that are similar but less expensive!

How to Dress up our Capri Pants for 60+ women

Pants: Simon Chang (similar here)~~Jacket: R & K (similar here)~~Top: Chicos (similar here)~~Shoes: Anne Klein(similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)

Charlotte’s (70+) Outfit: My mom used this photo from her Chico’s catalog to put together her outfit!

Chicos Inspiration

Mom went with the idea that a lace shirt will add some dressiness to her capris.

I have to agree that lace is a perfect element to give some fanciness to this look!! There are so many fun, lace tops to choose from if you are shopping for this item. If you like ruffles with your lace, or whether you prefer a floral lace, I think you can find a little of everything.

Capris Pants for Women over 70

The fact that my mom wore flats with her outfit, gives a nice variety for any women out there who doesn’t wear heels!

Even though mom bought these shoes last summer, they must have been quite popular because they are available again this summer! My mom really likes them because they aren’t quite as open as most sandals, yet are still cool for the hotter months! For those of you that like these same ideas, then you should check out this pair or this pair for possible alternatives to sandals. Or I linked to the same pair under mom’s photos!

Yellow for older women

Mom’s capris are the same ones that I’m wearing only in a different color.

She’s worn them before on the blog for one of our lilac posts last year! It looks like we both shortened the original pants to almost the same length! I’m pretty sure that my mom also took in the width of her capris to make them less wide. The idea that you can alter most of your clothing items, really can make the fit so much better!

Capri Pants get Dressy

Pants: Fabrizio-Gianni (similar here)~~Cardigan: Lauren-thrifted (similar here)~~Top: First Option (similar here)~~Shoes: Nine West (here)~~Earrings: (similar here-cutest pair ever!!)~~Bracelet: (similar here)~~Ring: (similar here)

Even though most of us think of our capris as a casual clothing item, making them work for a dressy event can be possible. I think it really comes down making the other items in our outfit be the focal point. Of course, you may not agree, and I’d love to hear your reasoning!!

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

Another reminder that if you live in Denver, the 3 of us will be at Trendz Boutique in Littleton!!

We would love to meet any of you! It’ll be a fun night with some tips and tricks! The owners of the store are generously providing everyone that shows up that evening with a $20 gift card to use!! I hope you can join us!!

Trendz Boutique

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Toppers are my must have even for the summer because of the A/C in most shops and restaurants. I thought I’d round up a bunch that would look nice with your capris.

  • arollorkins

    I just discovered your blog, and your concept is so cute! You all look full of joy in these photos, they put a smile on my face!

    Xx, Lora | Cherry Cola Style

    • I’m so glad you found us, Lora!
      Thanks for the kind words, and I hope you come back often!!

  • Love your outfit here Jodie. My colours! I also like Moms Yellow jacket xx

  • I don’t usually think of dressing up my capris, but it’s nice to think about things for more than the box we put them in. Fun heels and lace definitely work to dress things up!

    • I don’t either, Lydia! In fact, when I came up with the idea, I didn’t think it through really! I just figured it would work. For some reason though, it was much harder than I thought!! But a good exercise, I suppose!!

  • Oooh! I love all the ways you dressed up your capris! And your heels are gorgeous, Jodie! I’ve never ordered from Marks and Spencer but I’ll have to check them out!


    • Thanks Lindsey! Actually you probably shouldn’t check out Marks & Spencer, because it could be dangerous—ha ha!!!

  • you ladies are always the cutest! I want to get some capris now for summer!

    • Thanks Kelsey!!
      You probably don’t need capris, because you still look terrific in shorts!!!

  • Capri pants are definitely a staple. Love all styling ideas!

    Jessica |

  • Klaudias Corner

    I love Capris, I actually live in Capris, as it’s all year through summer. The jeans with the stars, or are that flowers?) all over are sweet. Oh, by the way I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award, and so are you 🙂 I have nominated you and your lobely blog:

    • The embellishment is a flower—isn’t it so cute!
      Thanks Klaudia!

  • I love capris! My daughter hates them – she’s short and I’m tall – she says capris make her legs look even stumpier. I think they’re more slimming than a skirt. You look lovely in yours.

    • Thanks Leanne!! Truly I think it’s all about the cut and silhouette! Of course being tall is helpful, but the three of us are all petites!!

  • Amazing post!

    Mihaailo |

  • Wish I could come to your event! And you’ve all dressed up your capris so beautifully. xox


  • I find it so hard to wear capris! The only capris I have are workout tights. I love how you styled these, you are giving me some ideas!

    • Maybe that’s why I haven’t been wearing them much, so I’m glad I posted this!! It gives me ideas too!
      Thanks Joti!!

  • Love the way you’ve all styled your capris, Jodie! I especially love your look! You look so chic and I love your sunglasses! So fun! Hope you’re having a great weekend!


  • Miriam Zakharova

    you three look amazing!

  • You all look great in caprils! I love the heels with the look as i feel it lengthens the legs more with this pant. Love your necklace and your moms yellow outfit.
    Thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    • Thanks Jess!
      I think you’re right—the heels add so much to the outfits!! I plan to be buried in my heels, if possilbe, haha!

  • Some excellent styling combinations here, I really like the black ones with the flowers on, they’re ever so gorgeous! A fan of all of these beautiful looks!

    Laura xo

    • Thanks Laura!! Nancy will love to hear that you liked her capris!!
      Have a great weekend!!

  • Thanks so much Cathy!!

  • Thanks Ronnie!!
    See—we are birds of a feather!! 🙂

  • Rosy Ferry

    I would never have expected to see capi pants styled so dressy but I love the effect, all three of you look so beautiful and classy but I have to say, I really love your floral shoes!

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

    • Thanks Rosy! I admit, that this one was the hardest for me, because it’s out of my norm!

  • Helen Greenwell

    Love these! I’d feel comfortable in all three capri looks. Your heels give your look a definite dressy look, and I love the pretty print!


    • Thanks Helen—it’s nice to know that other women don’t mind the capris too much!!

  • Barbara –

    I’m a non heels girl who wears spring colors only, so I love the yellow!! Since I see you’re going to me in my neck of the woods, I’ll try and stop by.

    • Yellow is really my favorite color, so I can totally relate!! In fact, I’m sure it stems from my mother’s love of yellow—she has a yellow kitchen!!
      We would so love to meet you in person, Barbara!! I hope you can make it!!

  • So true that capris can be dressed up or down! Love these styles!

    Chow Down USA

  • Ruth Maldonado

    First off I love your choker pearl necklace! It’s really cute. I don’t wear capris, for me I’m short and I feel like it makes me even shorter. You all look great and have styled them well!

    • I really feel the same way, Ruth, because I’m short! But I can see the functionality of them, especially as we get older!!
      Have a great weekend!!

  • Kirsten Wick

    Actually I’ve always liked capris and I think they look great with heels, reminds me of a pair of culottes that look great with a pair of pumps elongating the legs. Have a great weekend. Kirsten x

    • I do think the other items worn can make a world of difference!! The shoes, the accessories, and the fit!!
      Thanks and have a fabulous weekend, too, Kirsten!

  • After I read this post and the 60 and Me post and looked at each Capri outfit, I got right up and finished altering the white Capri pants that were by my sewing machine for weeks. Whoever made the point about skirts ending at different points on the leg is right. We’re still short but we surely are cute. Get the proportions right, look at our photos and enjoy being cool.

    Only Charlotte would look at a Chico’s ad and see only the basic elements, turning it into an age-appropriate fashion. My mother had this gift. I have to be shown.

    Nancy’s third piece perfected her outfit and yours is wonderful with the coordinating shades. Toppers give such a finished look.

    • I’m glad this got you motivated to alter those capris!! I think that can make all of the difference!
      I came up with the idea of where your skirt hem is compared to the capris, because I know everyone talks about how the capris cut off your legs? But why is that any different for skirts? It’s so interesting, how people take a detail, and make an issue out of it!!

  • Looking stylish, ladies! This is a great excuse to get out of capris and make them dressy!

  • Ha Ha! I’m back to again! I just wanted to thank you for joining the Ladies Who Link Up party today! Peace!

  • I really love your print mixing and your mom’s outfit! That yellow is so pretty!

    • Thanks Laura!! This is my kind of print mixing because it’s sorta subtle!!
      Have a great weekend!!

  • Lesley Watson

    Love the dress up ideas Jodie. As you know in Denver these looks would work at just about any dressier event except maybe a black tie/formal wedding. I’ve seen women with capris at CC Opera, restaurants all around town, plays down town in theater district, graduations & outdoor weddings. At same events I’ve seen women in cocktail dresses. Gotta love the style scene here in the Mile High city, which you and your ladies enrich so very much.

    • It’s so true, Lesley! Everyone’s definition of “dressy” is different…and that’s a good thing. I think that’s why I struggled with this outfit, because I’m used to putting on a dress or skirt at least!!
      I remember my dad talking about how casual it was here in Denver when I first would come visit him over 30 years ago. I sorta think it’s that way everywhere now. At least when we were at the Met in NYC–I saw women in jeans!! Shocking!!

      • Lesley Watson

        At the Met!? I’ve always thought of NYC as the dressy capital of the world! That really shocks me. I’ve always lived in Colorado and don’t know any better (LOL). Have a good weekend & Thanks

  • Nicole Mölders

    Congrats to the event! You shoes are awesome and a perfect fit with the outfit!

  • Kris Ronchetti

    I love this blog…and all of you dressed so well and classy. You gave me several ideas to incorporate into my style. I live in crop pants during the summer hot weather – and I do wear them casual and dress them up too. Thank you!!

    • Thanks so much for saying that Kris!!
      I do think these pants can be so functional for the hotter months!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks so!
      I appreciate your comment, and I hope you have a great weekend!!

  • I think you all dressed them up so well! So much of changing an item for me is how you accessorize it, and I love what you all did. Fun sunglasses Jodie!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • I think that’s a great point Amy!! Another example of how accessories can change the outfit!!!
      Thanks and have a great weekend!!

  • I don’t usually like capris but you’ve all styled them so well, that I might just

    give them another try. #wotw

    • I have to admit, I feel the same way. I was wearing my other pair today, and I just don’t feel quite as stylish in them. Hmmmmm….I wonder if we all start wearing them fabulously, if that would change our thinking??

  • Great blog! Love the capris- you have styled them all so well. Found you through Northwest mountain living link up. Love your site!

  • Susan

    If capris are frumpy then so am I!!!

    • Amen, Susan!! I think everyone’s definition of frumpy can be so different!
      I aim for looking nice, no matter what I’m wearing!!
      Have a great weekend!!

  • I think all three of you managed to elevate the humble, casual capri, Jodie. My fave look is yours. I would probably have used something with a collar underneath or a V-neck, and then thrown a leather or silk tie around the neck (because, you know, I’m so not a pearls kind of woman). I maintain that your new hair cut makes a world of difference to the sort of vibe emanating from your outfits these days. I really do. I also adore Nancy’s outfit and how her lariat echoes those flowers on her capris. I wonder how a textured black bolero would change the overall look.

    • I will admit that this one was extremely hard for me, Sheela! I think of dressy as skirts and dresses. And on top of that sequins & sparkle. But Denver, is also very casual, so I could say this is dressy and (at least here) no one would question it)!!

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    Yes!! If Chicos says they’re dressy, then they are! I love capris because they cover up thunder thighs and baggy knees (not that I have that problem anymore) and work (here in California) Spring thru Fall! Love the styles! Sure wish I could go to your event 🙂

    • Exactly!!! They really can be such a functional piece of clothing! I’m so glad there are other women that believe it too, because if you read Tim Gunn, he says no!!
      We will have to meet up one of these days, Terri!!

  • donnanance

    Fabulous outfits wearing the oft maligned capris! Jodie, I love those shoes! Your whole outfit looks great on you. Nancy’s outfit is well-coordinated without being stuff and too matchy-matchy. The little black jacket can be worn in lots of ways. Your mom’s redo of the Chico’s outfit is spot on. Good idea to add a little lace top to dress an outfit up a bit. Nice interpretation of dressed up capris outfits…well done! xoxo P.S. How many times has Tim Gunn worn capris…hmmmm? ha!

    • You hit the nail on the head with that comment about Tim Gunn!!
      I really think they are like any piece of clothing—the right fit and styling can make a huge difference!! Maybe they aren’t some women’s favorite, but they can certainly be functional in a stylish way!!
      Have a great weekend Donna!! (And thanks for including mom & Nancy in your positive words—I forwarded it to each of them, so they can smile too!)

  • Judy Gramith

    I think capris are a challenging garment to style in a dressy manner. If the capris are done in a dressy fabric ( silk, brocade, embellished with sequins, lush embroidery or jewels like the Chico’s pair) then I think you can treat them just like a skirt with those same attributes. Otherwise I think they’re primarily a casual go to.
    Your outfits are cute and all of you have on great shoes!!
    Jodie, I’m loving your hair more with each post!

    • That’s probably why I had the hardest time with this category, Judy! I’m so used to having “dressy” be exactly that. And my definition of “dressy” is usually a dress or skirt and fancy! But at least here in Denver, casual is most women’s choice of style!! But I still try!!
      Have a fantastic weekend, Jude!! I hope you are taking some time to enjoy the summer??

      • Judy Gramith

        I have definitely been enjoying summer activities. I joined a different friend for lunch 3 times this week. All work and no play is just WRONG don’t you think???
        Have a great weekend Jodie. I wish I could attend your upcoming boutique event! Hope it’s successful!

        • I’m so glad to hear it, Jude!! Play is so important—and I need to remember that most of all!!

  • I love the idea of dressing up the usually more casual capris. All 3 looks are so fun, and you’re right about how shoes can make such a difference. I love your mom’s yellow flats!

    • Thanks Shea!! This one was hard for me, but I’m glad I tackled it!!
      Have a great weekend!

  • Oh I love dressing up capri’s and you all did a great job with them!!! Also, I am all about those yellow sunnies!!!

    Black Coffee Beautiful

    • Thanks Laura!! These are my favorite sunglasses…now I just wish they were prescription so I could really see out of them, ha ha!!
      Have a great weekend!

  • rainbowsR2beautiful

    Flats or heels – shoes can make a big difference to dressing up or down. I put on my converse and it makes what I’m wearing and vice versa. Lovely photos #wotw

    • That’s such a great idea–the sneakers can totally change the look especially!!
      Thanks for the kind words!!

  • Jocelyn (@ReadingRes)

    They do look really dressy, the shoes definitely make the outfits, all gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  • So fashionable!! Love it!

    Daniel x

    The Daniel Originals | Instagram: danielpoonvignez

  • I don t think I have seen your mother that serious before as on the last picture! I think caprims van be worn for a dressier event. When wearing heels I think Capri s are very stylish, I am a fan of those kind of trousers!

    • Sometimes getting my mom to smile is a job unto itself—not because she isn’t happy, but she’s always concerned about how she’s standing….etc…
      Thanks for the love, Nancy and have a great weekend!!

  • One word Jodie! Shoes!!!! Your floral shoes are amazing! I love all your outfits! You ladies look so lovely and dressy! Have a great Friday! Peace!
    Cheryl Tucker

    • I do have a shoe addiction….eeekkk!!
      Thanks Cheryl, and enjoy your weekend!!

  • Rebecca Phillips

    The capris and high heels are smoking Jodie!

    • Thanks so much Rebecca!! I even had a lady in the grocery store comment on the shoes!! That always makes my day!

  • Amy D. Christensen

    Jodie, you ladies look great! I think you did a perfect job of dressing up these capris. I love your heels and Nancy’s bolero jacket is a great topper, while your Mom’s lace top adds a touch of elegance. Congrats too on the event at the boutique. Wish I was going to be there to come hang out!! Have a great weekend. – Amy

    • Thanks Amy!! This post was harder than I thought…maybe because I’m used to wearing a skirt or dress when I get dressed up!!
      I know mom and Nancy will enjoy your positive words also!!
      Have a fabulous weekend, too!!

  • Laura

    I love that you all added jackets as a way to dress up your capris! And the shoes are definitely all more dressy! You all look ready for a fancy girls’ night out!

    • Thanks Laura!!
      I think this post was hardest for me, because it’s not my norm! But give me a great pair of shoes and I’m okay!!
      Have a great weekend!

  • Lovely outfits! They all look great. Gemma x

  • Bev @ Walking Well With God

    Love those shoes, though still recovering from foot surgery, my tootsies say, “Ouch” just looking at them lol. I need to get brave and have some fun shoes instead ones that go with everything. Love your ideas here….

    • Well, you certainly do need to give your foot time to heal, Bev!!! But there are so many fun sandals that might work considering the selections out there!!
      Have a fabulous weekend, and thanks for all of the support!!

  • Cathy Lawdanski

    Love your outfit in this post, Jodie!

    • Thanks so much Cathy!!
      It took me awhile to feel it, ha ha!! I guess I’m way more used to putting on a dress for the fancy times!
      Have a great weekend!!

  • Karen Anderson

    Jodie…those shoes…I know I was swooning over them when you showed them on Instagram. I think I have to buy them. Today. I love your outfit and it is indeed perfect for something dressy. I think using neutrals the way you did really dresses this up (not to mention the shoes!) The fabrics do make a difference overall, I think. Do the shoes run true to size? Nancy’s sweater is the dressy element here, and that gorgeous necklace. That does elevate the capris from casual to dressy, and like you said, the shoes you select make a difference too. I just love her necklace. It looks like a piece of art! Your mom…what a great idea to take the catalog picture and create her look. I remember you did a post on doing this not long ago, and it worked again! I love her jacket, being a person who loves yellow, and lace to me is just perfect no matter what occasion. I love it with jeans as much as with something more dressy. Lace seems to be the ultimate in feminine apparel, and your mom styled this beautifully! I’m going right this minute to find those shoes!!

    • I do love these shoes, Karen. I usually wear a size 7 so I ordered a UK 5 and they are perfect!! And then I put my other pair of yellow heels in the giveaway pile. I really try to keep with the one in/one out thought!!
      I made sure to forward your fabulous comment to both mom & Nancy. They really appreciate the kind words!!
      Have a fabulous weekend Karen and if you do order the shoes, I’d be interested to hear if yours come as fast as mine did. 2 day!! That was so impressive to me!!