1 Pant- 5 Looks. How to Wear White Wide Leg Pants

1 Pant- 5 Looks. How to Wear White Wide Leg Pants

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White wide leg pants

1 Pant- 5 Looks. How to Wear White Wide Leg Pants

White wide leg pants can be styled with 5 different kinds of tops along with 5 different kinds of footwear. I think by experimenting this way, we learn how versatile an item can be.

Quote of the day: “We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face…we must do that which we think we cannot.” Eleanor Roosevelt

While I’m sure that Eleanor Roosevelt did not think her message pointed to style and fashion, I just want to point out that SO many times we think we can’t wear a new style. Yet how do you know if you don’t try??
PLUS, I would suggest to make sure to try a couple of versions of a style too. Just because one brand or item doesn’t make the cut, doesn’t mean it’s a fail. Many times the material or how it’s made makes a huge difference in how it looks on you.
Remember, it takes seeing a style many times before you get used to it.

As for worrying about the fact that this pair of pants is white, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear white any time of year. If this bothers you, then try this with a different colored wide leg pant.

Styling the same pants with many different tops is one of my superpowers. If you don’t believe me, check out some of my other examples:
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White wide leg pants with a blouse

Tuck in A Blouse With Ankle Booties

Since the white wide leg pants have a wider silhouette, it makes sense to tuck in your blouse. I worked with an all neutral outfit (and then added in some color with my purse).
These cropped pants are the perfect way to show off your fabulous ankle boots.


Earrings are from Frannie and Elinor
Silk Blouse is Da Nang. I’ve had it for over 10 years. It’s starting to tear at the seams, so I’m trying to figure out how I can reuse the sleeves.
Boots are Walking Cradles. These are the same style as the newer version of snakeskin ones, that you can see me style with 10 different dresses, here, and they are called the Shine.
Purse is from Charming Charlies. Did you know they are selling online now?

Blouse untucked with cropped pants

White Wide Leg Pants with Untucked Top & Pumps

For those of you who do not like tucking in your tops, I wanted to showcase this option. When you are leaving your tops untucked, I always think it looks more intentional to either tie them up somehow (like I’ve showcased in this video) or find ones that are made to be untucked.
Wearing pumps or ballet flats would both work since both types of shoes give the illusion of more skin.

Insider tip: If you are leaving the top untucked, make sure to think about proportion in relation to the pants. Try a couple of options and take selfies in the mirror to see which looks the best.


Blouse was a steal at the going out of business sales at Steinmart.
Heels are from Marks and Spencer.
Purse is from DSW. I use my rewards from donating shoes to save money on shoes AND purses.
Bracelets Both of these fabulous bracelets were made for me by Judy. Thank you Judy!

White wide leg pants with a sweater


Since the weather is starting to cool down, then you might want to wear your white wide leg pants with a sweater. My sweater is very lightweight so I tucked it in, but just like in the example above, you could leave it untucked.
Then I paired the pants with colorful sneakers. I think this is flattering because you still see some bare leg.

Insider tip: Worried that your ankles are not slender? They are going to be more slender than the wide leg pants, so show them off!


Sweater was a great deal from Last Chance. Have you ever been to Last Chance? It’s where Nordstrom and the Rack sell their returns and end of season sales. They aren’t everywhere, but if your city has one, check it out.
Sneakers are from Yes We Vibe. They have the most interesting prints for their shoes. Rob has a couple and Lesley has 5 pairs. That’s how much we love them. (See the post here for more info and discount codes)
Purse is not really a purse. It’s a wine carrier that I found thrifting! However, I use it only as a purse, LOL!

White wide leg pants with a vest

Style Them with a Vest

While vests may not be everywhere, I just love them especially for the fall season. To me, it adds the third piece to an outfit.
The shoes for this outfit are more of a brogue or oxford. These happen to be a platform version and I like how the gold isn’t too heavy with the white wide leg pants.


Top is a sheer Cabi blouse thrifted from Goodwill. I am wearing a Halftee under it, in case I need to remove the vest. (See more about Halftees in the jacket example.)
Vest was an impulse buy at Target a couple of years ago. I had been jonesing for one and ended up buying a cheap olive jacket from H&M and then removing the sleeves. However, it just seemed too long for me, so when I ran across this one, I snagged it and purged the other one.
Shoes are from Gordmans. Even though I LOVE them , they aren’t very comfy. So I have them in a pile to donate to DSW, so I’ll get rewards to find better fitting ones.
Purse was another fabulous steal from Steinmart’s closing sale. I bought a smaller matching one for my mom which you may see sometime too!

Another post for styling ideas with the above vest
5 Different Green Vest Outfit Ideas

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White wide leg pants with a jacket

Pair with a Jacket

Last but not least is showing how these white wide leg pants pair great with a jacket. I’m showing it with a shorter jacket, but just like the vest above, it could work with a longer one too.
The mules are a great option for the transitioning weather since you have some foot exposure.


Sweater is actually a tank top that I hand knitted. You can see the details here.
Halftee are such a great invention to stay modest. I wrote an entire blog post about how to wear them. They come in ALL sizes and tons of styles.
Jacket was a gift from my stepmom Nancy for my birthday last year. Snakeskin is the print of the season if you’re interested.
Mules are another Walking Cradles shoe. I find myself wearing mules more in this warmer environment, although these have a furry lining which is nice. These are the Walker and the bronze pair is on sale.

These White Wide Leg Pants

I purchased these pants when Ann Taylor had a flash sale a couple of months ago. They were $18 and I had just purged another pair like them because of CoVid weight.
You can see the other pair here, and I loved them especially in the winter to show off my boots!

1 pant-5 ways How to wear white wide leg pants

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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