10 Favorite Daily Outfits of 2023

I appreciate each and every share. Thank you!

I always like looking back at my outfits and seeing which ones resonate with me after the fact. And then I wanted to take into account the looks that got the most thumbs up from my readers.

So I decided to go through my Daily Outfit looks and share ones from throughout the 2023 year that tickled my fancy and were popular with you too.
Once I started looking through those looks, I decided to include a couple of outfits from the published blog posts from the year too. The last 2 surprised me because they included quite a bit of black which I rarely wear.

Quote of the day: “Being good at what you do is partially about competence, but not exclusively. Two other things that matter.
Reliability. You do what you say you’re going to do –on time and as expected.
Enthusiasm. You’re excited to be here and eager to work on this problem.
Skills matter, but in many cases,
it’s your reliability or attitude that separates you from the pack.” James Clear

Daily outfits are funny. There are so many factors that come into what goes into the look. But even if I am just hanging around for the day, I get dressed up.


The truth is, I feel MUCH better when I have taken the time to gussy up. But there are other factors too.
For instance, if I have to create some quick content for a brand, Instagram, or something of the sort.
It’s also good in case we have to run out for errands at the last minute.
Or as I like to tell my husband–I have cute clothes, so I might as well wear them. To me, that’s the best reason ever.

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So see if you agree with my 10 favorite daily outfit looks, and then my 7 favorite ones from our “real” photoshoots.

10 Favorite Daily Outfits

When I first thought to put together this post, I wondered if there would be a predominant color scheme or type of clothing. Yet, as you can see, I have a wide variety of dresses, pants, shorts, and jeans among my favorites.

As for color, there was a common theme of color but not one particular color. Don’t get me wrong, I did try my hand at some neutral outfits this year. They just didn’t make my top 10 list although there were a couple in my blog photo faves.

It’s also very interesting to note how many items are preloved or thrifted. I use the term thrifted when I buy it at a second-hand shop. When I say preloved, it has been given to me by friends or family.

Dress: eShakti ~~Sweater: Zara ~~ Shoes: Ccocci-Goodwill ~~ Glasses: Glasses Shop use code JODIE35

1-Upside Down Sweater over a Summer Dress

I wanted to wear my summer eShakti dress for the colder months, and I love how turning this sweater upside down, makes it look cropped and made the look a reader favorite.
Want to see how the sweater originally looked? I made a video.
BTW, first-time customers of eShakti can get $50 off their first order making most customizeable pieces only $25.

Dress: Banana Republic ~~Sweater: thrifted~~ Boots: Macys~~ Necklace: layered ~~ Ring: SG Sparkles ~~Glasses: Glasses Shop use code JODIE35

When I first bought this slip dress (see it worn many other ways), the weather was not conducive to wearing it as is. So I added a fuzzy sweater and tall snakeskin boots and received a ton of compliments.
Since the sweater is solid in the front, I tried my hand at layering necklaces and loved how it turned out.

Pants: from Just Be Youtiful ~~ Top: ~~ Shoes: Chinese Laundry-DSW~~ Necklace: Maison de Camille code Jodie20 ~~ Earrings: local designer~~ Glasses: Glasses Shop use code JODIE35

Our summers can be brutal, so you need pieces that aren’t tight or that make you overheat. I found these faux wrap pants at my favorite local boutique and thought they were fabulous worn with yellow. You’ll see the long cross necklace again below with the faux jumpsuit only styled shorter.

Jacket: Goodwill~~Dress: Express~~ Boots: from Just Be Youtiful online site (code Jtouch15) ~~ Glasses: Glasses Shop use code JODIE35

I’ve worn this dress loads of times, and the bright colors make it a favorite. This day, I paired it with these amazing metallic cowboy ankle boots that are a steal on JBY’s website (don’t forget to use my discount Jtouch15).
The light blue jacket gave the outfit another color to the mix.

Shorts: DIYed from pants-Ethyl c/o~~ Top: no label~~ Shoes: Jessica Simson-DSW~~ Necklace: from Just Be Youtiful ~~ Glasses: Glasses Shop use code JODIE35

I hadn’t been wearing this pair of white capris, so I decided to shorten them to shorts. I had recently snagged this hot pink eyelet top for $5 and the peplum paired well with the slim shorts. Then the sexy heels gave the outfit the punch I needed.
I accessorized with a whole different color which really stood out against the pink. If I had worn a pink necklace and earrings, it would have been too matchy matchy for my taste.

Pants: ~~ Top: ~~ Shoes: Vince Camuto-DSW~~ Necklace: Maison de Camille code Jodie20~~ Glasses: Zenni

When the boutique, Naomi & Ruth, went out of business, I snagged this faux jumpsuit. The faux wrap pants are flowy like the striped ones in #3. I feel so free to be able to wear cami’s and strapless tops now that I found an adhesive strapless bra that really stays put.
Again I used an accent color that didn’t match the clothing. Turquoise is one of those colors that just seem to pop with almost every other color (as proven when we showcased what colors turquoise jewelry goes with).
And here is that same necklace as in #3 only shortened.

Insider tip: One reason jumpsuits are so popular is that a long line of the same color looks great and it’s easy. No decisions if the top goes with the bottoms.

Jeans: Oliver Logan ~~ Top: I knit it ~~Shoes: DSW ~~ Earrings: Lil Shop of Ours ~~Glasses: Glasses Shop use code JODIE35

I was knitting this sweater for ages and concluded that I might wear it more if it was sleeveless. If you are a knitter, then you also know how sleeves end up taking a long time to knit, so by eliminating them, my project finished much sooner.
The wide-leg jeans are being seen on all the young girls, so I grabbed a pair and wore them with pink sandals.

Dress: Banana Republic- thrifted~~ Shoes: Goodwill ~~ Earrings: IslyNYC ~~Glasses: Glasses Shop use code JODIE35

Maxi dresses are just as powerful as jumpsuits for the same reason I stated. A long line of the same material grabs your attention without a lot of work putting it together.
Again, I love being able to wear spaghetti straps without worrying about my bra strap showing because of this adhesive bra (I’ve tried a lot of them, but this is the one that really stays put).
Neutral sandals and clear earrings keep the focus on the pretty dress.

Pants: ~~ Jacket: Ann Taylor-thrifted~~ Sweater: : ~~ Boots: from Amazon~~ Glasses: Vooglam

I wore this sweater backward from how it was shown and paired it with a pair of faux leather pants. The yellow leather jacket was bookended with the yellow ankle boots (which were a pleasantly comfortable surprise from Amazon and still available even in other colors).

Skirt: Ann Taylor-preloved~~ Cardigan: preloved~~ Top: DIYed from a dress-Poshmark ~~ Boots: Matisee-Goodwill~~ Glasses: Vooglam

Both the cardigan and top were “fix-it” items. I purchased the cardigan through my friend’s Poshmark and the cuffs were too long. I decided to fold them back and tack them there so they would stay put.
This top started off as a dress, but it was too short for my comfort, so I had my mom cut it off to be a top.
I love how the layers aren’t all straight across to give it dimension. The cardigan is being held together by the magnets I love and wear all the time (found on Amazon).
The cowboy boots add warmth and give it an eclectic vibe.

7 Favorite Blog Photo Outfits

There shouldn’t be a lot of difference between my daily outfits and my blog photo outfits because I like to think I wear what I want.
Yet I thought it was interesting that 4 of these were part of collaborations with either my Thrifty 6 group or my Ageless Style group which means someone else chose the prompt of what to wear.

Insider tip: We think we know best when it comes to style, but another person’s input can be invaluable. I learned that lesson when shopping at a boutique about 18 years ago. I believe we tend to wear the same things over and over, so a change of outlook is powerful.

BTW, there were many outfits that I loved worn by Lesley, Charlotte, Cathie, and Valerie among the blog photos, but I decided to keep this all about me, haha.

Original post

Polka dots with leopard print pants. When I first bought these pants I thought they were too bold even for me. But the more I wear them, the more I think they are perfect.
I especially love the faux fur cuffs that are removable (found on Amazon in many colors) and these black sneakers have been well-loved even though I don’t wear much black footwear.

Original post

I must admit that eyelet has never been big on my radar because back in the day, it felt too “girly”. Now that I embrace my feminine side, I am more willing to wear it. This top was made by my mom years ago, and I wanted to show that you can wear sequins any time of year.

Original post

The cargo trend hit big this year with the change of silhouettes in style. I twisted both my mom’s and Lesley’s arms to join me in styling it and they both came through with flying colors.
As for my outfit, I just love how the floral top (that is sexy in the back) brought a whole different vibe to the look.
And once I discovered the Love Your Melon hats and their mission, I was elated to work with them. This bucket hat was perfect with the look.

Original post

I truly believe that wearing color is very powerful to our energy and it affects how people view us. So I loved putting this colorful look together that is a mix of bright colors.
You can see I’ve been wearing my Cariuma sneakers a lot because of their comfort and I am in awe of their sustainable practices.

Original post

Whimsical was something missing from my vocabulary until I started blogging. I’ve learned how much fun it can be to incorporate something you might think of as “silly” or “juvenile” as part of your look. When my friend bought this same style of top for the group of us, I thought it would be perfect to showcase it worn in different ways.
I decided to print mix with it and include my favorite pair of booties (still available on Just Be Youtiful’s website – use code Jtouch15).

Original post

Considering I know nothing about Taylor Swift, when this prompt came up with my Thrifty group, my whole crew was at a loss. Yet it was a huge hit with my readers, and I have to admit, I adore how this outfit came together. Especially when you see it compared to what Taylor wore at one of her concerts.

Original post

Even though it’s a black-and-white outfit, I really loved how adding the lime green accents gave it personality. And that brooch. I know brooches get a bad rap for being frumpy, but I like to challenge that. It’s all about how you wear things, right?
The leather shorts and tights give an edgy vibe to the classic white button-down, and this vest is a personal favorite.

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Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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