10+ ways to wear brown in summer with different colors

10+ Ideas Of How To Wear Brown In Summer

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I hate to think that any color should be relegated to the back of the closet no matter what season. So when Mireille reached out to style black and brown summer looks, I was happy to play along.

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Combining different colors is one of those easy tricks that I talked about in my article about style hacks to save you money. I consider it the best way to use what you have as well it’s a good brain exercise.

Mireille is focusing on black and brown outfits so make sure to pop over and see her options. For my part of the bargain, I’m showcasing more than 10 ideas of how to wear brown in summer.

I’m starting with 2 neutrals and then showcasing all of the examples from the warm side of the color wheel, and then the cool side.

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How to wear brown in summer with black


Black and brown are both neutrals and are the colors you see in a lot of leopard prints. For my example of wearing black and brown together, I grabbed my fringe skirt (that I created myself from this DIY) and a brown and white zebra print t-shirt.

I kept the shoes neutral as well as the accessories.

Insider tip: Wearing a brooch at your waistline is a great way to add bling without overheating. Sometimes necklaces can be too heavy in the summer.


The other popular neutral that is perfect for how to wear brown in summer is white or any shade of ivory. Even if the brown you choose is light or rust-colored, white will lighten it up and look fabulous.

How to Wear Brown in Summer with Warm Colors

When you look at the color wheel, it can be divided into warm and cool colors. The warm colors are yellow, orange, and red with all kinds of different shades as part of it. Since brown is considered a neutral, there is no reason that all of these warm colors can’t be combined with it.

How to wear brown in summer with red
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Red is one of those colors that give a powerful vibe. It’s a great option to pair with anything that is animal print as it creates a bold look.

I’ve had this zebra striped skirt for 20 years and I used to struggle with what colors to wear with it. Once I figured out that it was a combination of neutrals, then I realized that it goes with everything. In fact, it’s one example I’ve used with my color recipe in the past.

Salmon peach color with brown


Orange is a great option of how to wear brown in summer. It lightens up these brown cargo shorts to keep the look summery.

Hot pink print with brown for summer months
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5-Bright Pink

Since pink is now considered a color of its own accord instead of just a shade of red, I included it as two options with different shades. This brighter pink print contrasts wonderfully against the brown cargo shorts.

6-Light Pink

Even a light pink can create a wonderful outfit as how to wear brown in summer. Many light pinks can almost look white or ivory from far away, so this makes an easy transition if you aren’t sure about adding a ton of color to your outfit.

Brown and mustard in summer
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Any shade of yellow would look terrific with brown, and for this example, I’m showing a mustard yellow pair of jeans with a leopard print top.
Notice how I snuck in another color with my sandals, earrings, and purse. It’s a great way to give the outfit more zing.

How to Wear Brown in Summer with Cool Colors

On the other side of the color wheel are the cool colors that include green, blue, and violet. Because I tend to like some contrast with my color combinations, I tend to pair a lighter brown with these cool colors. That’s not to say you couldn’t combine a dark brown with them, especially since you could choose a lighter shade of a cool color.

Lime green with brown in summer
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I chose a lime green to go with this light brown kimono. Lime green has become a favorite color of mine and I recently showcased over 15 color combinations with it. Yet I believe that any shade of green would work with how to wear brown in summer.

Blue and brown
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Blue is one of those colors that everyone seems to love. And for our prompt on how to wear brown in summer, you can find all kinds of shades of blue that fit the bill.
Heck, ages ago the original crew of models showcased both navy and light blue with brown in the winter. The same color combinations can be easily translated into summer looks.

How to wear brown in summer with purple
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The idea of wearing purple with brown seems very similar to pink. Since purple is a combination of red and blue, there can be a wide range of purples for clothing items. And they can all look great with brown.

I wore this purple cami with my tan kimono and loved how it brightened up the look.

So there you go. It was easy to give you examples of how to wear brown in summer and make sure to pop over to Mireille’s post to get more ideas of brown and black together.

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How to wear brown in summer

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