Color combinations for what colors go with lime green

15+ of the Best Options For What Colors Go With Lime Green

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I feel like the answer to what colors go with lime green is endless. But for sanity’s sake, I narrowed it down to neutrals, warm shades on the color wheel, and then cool shades on the color wheel.
On top of that, many of our outfits have more than one option of what colors go with lime green, so you can get multiple inspirations from them.

Quote of the day: “You are unique and if that is not fulfilled, then something has been lost.” Martha Graham

I consider lime green as a versatile color as any other color in my closet. Even if you only have one piece of it in your wardrobe, you will be able to make oodles of outfits with it.
How? Start with neutrals. That’s always the easiest option to style with any color.

Then you can pull out other colors from your closet and put it to the test of which colors go with lime green. If you are having trouble, I have a load of tricks at the bottom that may help.
I’ve found just a couple of great lime green options below, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Feel free to email me if you would like links for other items-I don’t charge for this service, but if you purchase anything, I would get a small commission.

Insider tip: Remember, not all lime green is created equally. It can vary in brightness and value just like any other color. The truth is that it’s a combination of yellow and green together, so have fun with all of the possibilities.

I’m a huge believer in the power of color and that combining them isn’t rocket science. In fact, I came up with a color recipe years ago that can help you.

So here’s a ton of inspiration for what colors go with lime green. I’ve broken it down with neutrals first, then the warm colors on the color wheel, after which you’ll see the cool colors on the color wheel, and lastly some miscellaneous fun as well as my tricks at the bottom.

Neutrals Combined with Lime Green

What are the neutral colors?

  • White
  • Brown (both dark and tan)
  • Black
  • Grey (both light and charcoal)
  • Navy
  • Denim
  • And then prints made up of any/all of these neutrals. That’s why leopard print is considered neutral.

Lime Green and White

White is an easy option for what colors go with lime green. It’s a bright neutral that balances the brightness of lime green.
For my example, I wore it with neutral print shoes, while my mother accessorized it with red shoes and jewelry.

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Browns: What Colors Go With Lime Green

Here are two examples of lime green with 2 different shades of brown. My example with the lime green pants and dark brown dress shows how both colors are saturated and look great together.
Nancy’s example with the lime green sweater and tan dress shows how her pieces are muted and pair fabulously together.

Insider tip: I am a firm believer that you can mix your saturated and muted clothing pieces together to create contrast. So don’t think you couldn’t put Nancy’s sweater over my brown dress and have it look great.

Brown Print Skirt and Lime Green Shirt

Brown print and lime green
Original post

And a neutral print is just as good with lime green as Nancy is showing with this chevron stripe skirt and lime green shirt. She accessorized with orange to bring another color into the mix.

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Black and Lime Green

Black is usually saturated, so it contrasts wonderfully with lime green.

In the first photo, I also paired it with a green print skirt, and in the second photo, the lime green and black are subdued with white in the blouse.


Worn in a Daily Outfit post

Charcoal grey and lime green are combined in the top half of this look. You might think it’s too much with the pink jeans, but if so, then wearing another neutral like white jeans or blue jeans would be another option.

Denim: Lesley’s Version of What Colors Go With Lime Green

Woman over 70 in denim skirt
Skort: Lee Riders-thrifted~~Jacket: Draper & Damon-Gracie’s thrift store~~ Top: Opna-online ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Wren”~~ Purse: Target~~Hat: Sun & Sand-thriftted

Talk about being out of Lesley’s comfort zone. In fact, I’ll let her give you the scoop about it. “Lime green does not ring any bells for me, but paired with a dark wash skort and the fact that it’s almost hidden by a colorful jacket is tolerable.”

Lesley does not like the color green at all. Luckily she is willing to wear things she doesn’t like for our blog photos. In fact, she laughed that she is keeping this top at the bottom of her shirt drawer just in case, I ask for another topic that incorporates what colors go with lime green. (Although I know she is hoping it won’t ever happen again).

But she did use to have a lime green skort that she had worn with a multi-colored cardigan and with blue in the past.

The reason it’s good to have some lime green in your closet is that there are many floral prints that have a tidge of lime green color in them. It’s not always very obvious, but just like this jacket, it can be part of the leaves.
And I know that most of us like to match the colors already found in a print item.

Warm Colors on the Color Wheel With Lime Green

The warm colors on the color wheel are

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Any shade of the above colors including burgundy and pink

Yellow and Lime Green

Lime green and yellow for women
Original post

As I talked about in Lesley’s denim outfit above, lime green can be found in many prints. For example, this print camo cardigan sweater that my mother bought.
She paired it with a yellow top so you can see how yellow and lime green play well together.

Insider tip: In fact, many lime green pieces can look yellow from afar depending on the ratio of yellow to green in the dye.

Lime Green and Orange

Pastels with dark orange
Capri Pants: D. Jean-thrifted~~ Top: Jopan- handed down from me~~ Shoes: AKK c/o~~ Purse: thrifted~~Hat: thrifted

My mom styled her lime green capri jeans with an orange top and hat. Here is a fabulous example of how you can mix a saturated color with a muted color. In fact, sometimes I like this idea better than if she had chosen a shirt that was closer in color to her sneakers (a lighter or muted shade of orange). When you wear all muted or light shades, there isn’t always a focal point to the look.

Burgundy and Lime Green

Lime green and burgundy
Original post

I think burgundy gets relegated to the fall and winter months too much, yet it can ground some of the brighter spring colors. My mom made this sheer tunic and you can see how the original crew of Jodie’s Touch of Style wore them years ago.

Insider tip: As with any other color I’ve talked about, burgundy can have many different shades. Depending on the ratio of colors that combine to create burgundy, you could call it a shade of red, or even a shade of purple.

Lime Green Paired with Red

Woman over 50 with colors that go with lime green
Skirt: label removed so I could wear it inside out-Goodwill~~ Top: Apt. 9-Gracie’s Thrift store~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Natalia” ~~ Headband: Target~~ Earrings: from a local boutique~~ Purse: from Just Be Youtiful

If you struggle to pair red and green together at other times besides Christmas, then the trick is to find different shades of green instead of the usual bright green.
I love how the lime green and red can almost trick your eye into thinking it’s yellow and red or even lime green and orange.

The fact is that when my mom and I were together on this day, I didn’t notice that her orange top and my red skirt seemed that similar in color. Yet in these photos, it’s not easy to distinguish.

I did choose shoes and accessories that were neutral prints to pair with these two bright colors. Except for the headband, I decided to wear my matching lime green headband from Target (still available and available in other colors and prints).

Pink and Lime Green

Lime green and pink
Original post

In all reality, pink is a lighter shade of red, and thus could be categorized as red. Yet in the fashion world, pink is its own color so I kept it by itself.

This outfit from years ago shows how two muted solid colors work together. However, I did add a saturated color with my shoes and accessories to ground the outfit.

Cool Colors on the Color Wheel

What are the cool colors when you look at the color wheel?

  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Green

Blues In Any Shade Go With Lime Green

Blues and greens are right next to each other on the color wheel, so it only makes sense that they look fabulous together. The only reason, I’m not showing any navy or dark blue in the examples right here is because Lesley showcased that with her denim option that is in the neutral section.

These photos show a bright blue with lime green, a light blue with lime green as well as a blue print item with lime green. All great options of how blue goes with lime green.

Lime Green and Purple

Dark purple and light purple (or lilac) also pair with lime green in the most amazing way. In fact, the example of my dark purple also had bright pink in the print which as you can see by the sandals, also is a cohesive color combination to try with lime green.

Nancy is wearing her lime green top with a lilac shirt over it. She pairs it with capri pants and then a floral pair of ballet flats.

Shades of Green

Green print as option of what colors go with lime green
Original post

Every color looks great with other shades of itself. You may have been brought up hearing how redheads shouldn’t wear pink, but that whole idea is ludicrous. Pink is just a lighter shade of red, so they go together like peanut butter and jelly.
One detail that could fall into play is the tones of the colors. But as I say in the tricks section below, you won’t know until you try. So put the colors together and take a photo to see how you like them together.

Charlotte is wearing her lime green polo with her palm print skirt. As I said before, many floral prints have a lime green shade in them. But even if it doesn’t (like my option of lime green and black with the green plaid skirt), greens can be cohesive together.

Multi-Color Option

Colorful print with lime green
Original post

While I’ve shown multiple print pieces with lime green in this article, the prints were of the same color family or the same parts of the color wheel. Yet just like flower gardens that have a multitude of different colors planted together, you can answer the question of what colors go with lime green with something that has a ton of different colors in it.

Charlotte is wearing a top from eShakti (more about the company here), and even though there is very little lime green in the shirt, the pants look so good with it.

Insider tip: You do not have to match everything in your outfit. Having items that mix and match in either color or style is very modern and looks less forced.


1-Be open with color combinations. My theory is that any two colors go together. Don’t believe me? Then put those two colors together in your hot little hands and see. Don’t just imagine it in your head because remember, there are a ton of shades of any color.

The hard part about combining colors is when you add in the third color. Do you need a third color? I think most times you do because otherwise, you can look too granimally (artificially matching too much. Yes, I made up the word from when we wore “Granimals”, but it’s a good one).

So the trick with the third color is to consider your mood.
Are you feeling subdued? Then add in a neutral as your third color (or neutral print).
Just the opposite would be if you’re feeling bold. That’s when it’s incredibly fun to wear a multitude of colors at once.

Heck, artists do that in their artwork all the time. Mother Nature does it all the time. Why can’t we pull it off? (that’s a rhetorical question, don’t answer it).

2-Look at the print clothing in your closet and see which ones have lime green in them to get inspiration.

3-Then look at other kinds of inspiration for what colors go with lime green. Think about artwork, scarves, or even magazines.

4-Ask a friend. The best thing is to get a different pair of eyes and a good friend’s perspective. We tend to stick to the same color combinations because it’s a known entity. To mix it up you either have to think differently or get a different brain working on it.

This isn’t the first time we have showcased lime green with other color combinations

Best options for what colors go with lime green

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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