Dresses and tops as part of what to wear to hide your belly

3 Amazing Options for What to Wear to Hide Your Belly

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A very popular google search is what to wear to hide your belly. Even though I believe in embracing our body as is, there are still tricks and tips we can use to make our clothing work for us.

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Quote of the day: “The only thing you should stop wearing after age 50, is the weight of other people’s opinions.”

This quote was sent to me by a reader, Kris. And this is exactly the message we need to hear daily. Because even though I love to find these ideas to style, I don’t want you to believe that you have to hide your belly.

What to wear to hide your belly
Dresses to hide the tummy
Tops to hide a tummy
How to wear a bodycon dress with a tummy
Other ideas

It’s very common that after menopause, women gain weight in their midsection. Thus the search for what to wear to hide your belly.
The three of us will explore different options, but let me suggest another idea.

Maternity wear.

Before you all gasp and throw that idea to the curb, just think about it. If your belly tends to push out a bit, why not try on a clothing item that is made for that silhouette?
I suggested this concept to one of my apple-shaped friends, and she ended up with a pair of jeans that she called “miracle jeans.”

Insider tip: Remember that NO ONE sees the label on your clothing, so no one will know if it’s maternity clothing or not. If it bothers you, then cut out the label. It’s pure silliness that you would let a label deter you from wearing something that might fit fabulously.

But if the maternity wear idea just is not something you can wrap your brain around, don’t fret. We have other ideas.
And with that, let me present you with 3 amazing options of what to wear to hide your belly.

Lesley: Dresses to Hide the Tummy

A dress is an easy option for what to wear to hide your belly. Even though society had gotten more casual, I think a dress is an easy piece of clothing to throw on and feel fabulous in.
Especially in the summer months, you put it on with some shoes and you’re good to go. No worries about if the top and bottom go together. Like all the young girls say, “One and done.”

When you worry about what to wear to hide your belly

Dress: Perfect Peach-Shers local boutique ~~ Shoes: 9 West~~ Bracelet: made by her daughter Richlyn~~ Purse: BCBGenerations

The Shift or A-Line Dress

Both the shift or a-line style dress can be a great option for what to wear to hide your belly. Since they are loose around the middle, they tend to skim over the midsection.
Lesley remembers these kinds of dresses since she was a teen, and has embraced the style for years.

As for this particular dress, she absolutely loved the polka dot print and ruffle at the hem. When she first put it on, it seemed a tad long.
As she was gathering up a section to see what length would look the best, she realized that raising one side of the hem, made it look sassy.

Lesley’s trick: She gathered the material from the inside and used an elastic hair band to hold it. Then over the puckered area, she added a flower pin.

The moral of the story is to remember we are the boss of our clothes. If something doesn’t look right when we put it on, that doesn’t mean that’s the end. There are many times we can tuck, tie, adjust or change it somehow to make it better.

Red Pops of Color

Black and white is a popular neutral color combination that can be the foundation for any other color to add in with it.
Lesley went with red for her pop of color in her shoes, bracelet, flower pin as well as her clutch purse.

Even if you don’t have red accessories, finding a great pair of red shoes can create a stylish look. Our shoes only take up a small part of our outfit, yet they can add a big punch.
I can’t tell you how many times I will get compliments on my shoes.

Lesley wore heels for this look, but it would be just as chic with a pair of flats too.

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Polka Dot Print

Let’s talk about prints in general and then polka dots.
One of the secrets about what to wear to hide your belly is to choose a print piece. When you wear a print, it distracts the eye from focusing on your body.

Don’t believe me?? Then go into a store and find a shirt that is offered in the same style as a print and a solid color. My suggestion is to choose one size smaller than you normally wear. Then try both on and take a selfie.
Even though they are both a tad tight, the print one will camouflage the fact.

Now how do you feel about polka dots?? Truthfully, I never had this print when I was working. Why? Because I considered it too girly and unprofessional. That kind of thinking makes me laugh now, but it’s how I felt at the time.
Hopefully, we have all evolved and learned to love a huge variety of prints now that we are older and wiser.

While a certain print may give off a vibe, we are smart enough to realize that it’s our insides that are the most important element of our style.
And variety is the spice of life.

Charlotte: Tops to Hide a Tummy

For the women who love separates vs a dress, there are many options of what to wear to hide your belly.
And don’t always think the belly area has to be entirely covered.

Front tie top as what to wear to hide your belly

Skirt: NY Collection-Macys~~ Top: Rails-thrifted~~ Shoes: Nine West ~~ Purse: Steve Madden-thrifted

Charlotte is showing off a front tie, orange and lemon print blouse with a navy skirt. Having a top that ties at the belly area may be the last type you would think to wear as a top to hide a tummy. But think about it.
The knot is there and creates a detail that your brain recognizes. Therefore, you don’t concentrate on the tummy per se.

Basically, this is the same concept as I discussed with wearing a print item instead of a solid-colored item above in Lesley’s outfit discussion.

There are many options of tops to hide a tummy with this idea in mind. Just think about ruching, knots, peplum, or just something that disguises a horizontal hemline.

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Yellow Extras

You can see how Charlotte added a pop of color with her yellow extras. The jewelry, shoes, and purse are all different shades of yellow and tie together fabulously with the outfit.

We have talked many times about having yellow shoes for the summer because they can add brightness to almost any other color.

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It’s funny because I know this blouse well. I picked it out for myself while thrifting last year, but it ended up looking better on my mom. Even so, I almost couldn’t tell that there are lemons on the shirt in these photos. The yellow certainly blends into the white background and is almost invisible.

Insider tip: If you pick a color from your top that isn’t as obvious and accessorize with that color, it will definitely look great, but not as matchy matchy.

Navy skirt and white print top

Navy Skirt

When we were figuring out this outfit, we started with this top and my mom immediately started looking for an orange pair of pants.
Matching is something we learned as kids, but it’s not the only way to put together an outfit.

Contemporary styling also incorporates pairing a totally different color with the item. In fact, you could pair any neutral pants or skirt with this top.
If it feels wrong, the secret is to repeat those colors with your extras.

Insider tip: Remember, your sense of style is governed by your brain which has been doing the same thing over and over for years. When you try something different, it can feel hard and sometimes even scary.
But trust me, they are just clothes, and if you’re closed-minded about trying new styles, then you will tend to always look the same.

Funny quip: Clothes aren’t scary. They are just pieces of material sewn into a garment. Now spiders? Those are scary!!

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Jodie: How to Wear a Bodycon Dress with a Tummy

Wearing a bodycon dress may be the last thing on your style list, haha. I know I never thought I would wear one. But I’ve had this dress for over 5 years now (you can see how I styled it when I first got it) and wear it more than I thought I would.

And before any of you admonish me that I shouldn’t be posting this since I don’t have much of a tummy, there was a time, I added 6-7 inches to my midriff to show you about styling something.

Keep your kimono together with Maggies magnets

Dress: Baoyan c/o ~~~ Kimono: from Fashom ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o ~~ Purse: Impo

Bodycon Dresses

Just because we are a certain age or size doesn’t mean we can’t wear a tighter dress. There are many tricks to make it work for you.
1-Try on a size or two bigger than your normal. Maybe then it’s not quite as tight, but still, form-fitting.
2-Look for details that help camouflage like prints or ruching.
3-Or do what I did and add a flowy kimono over the bodycon dress.

For this example, I added a kimono in basically the same color to wear over my bodycon dress. And yes, I included examples below of wearing it open vs closed.

Gold Accessories

Since my dress and kimono are lighter in colors, I decided to accessorize with gold and rose gold.
The large gold earrings are leather and thus extremely lightweight.

These sandals are the new construction from Walking Cradles that we reviewed here. Metallic sandals are a fabulous option for the summer because they really go with absolutely everything.
If you tend to wear lighter outfits in the summer, then the shiny gold and silver feel more cohesive. Think about bronze or the matte metallics if you wear darker outfits.
Or if you’re like me and wear variety, then get both!

Kimono Magic

I didn’t understand how magical kimonos were until we moved here to Arizona where it is really hot in the summer, but sometimes you still want a layer.
This kimono is from one of my Fashom online clothing boxes, and I have worn it to death.

These online clothing boxes have become very popular, but they aren’t just for women who don’t like to shop. In fact, they can be even more beneficial for shoppers alike because they give you more unique items that you can’t find at the mass retail stores.

Insider tip: I suggest trying out Fashom with my link so that you get $20 off.

Many kimonos don’t come with a closure, but that’s easily fixed with Maggie’s Snaps (found on Amazon) which is a magnet.

Insider tip: These magnets can be used on anything from scarves to jackets to anything you would use a safety pin for.
Shout out goes to MK for introducing them to me.

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Then again leaving the kimono open can be just as fabulous. Since you are creating a column with the opened topper, you may like this option better.
Remember there isn’t JUST ONE right way to dress. Try new ways and have fun with your style.

Other Ideas

Your tummy may not be the only thing you would love to hide. We have discussed many of these ideas in the past.

BUT the most important thing to remember is that our bodies are not meant to be shameful. The changes that happen with it including sagging skin, scars, or lumps and bumps are us and we are incredible!! How’s that for your pep talk?
Coincidently, I was just reading a post that was talking about normalizing the tummy. So what if it sticks out? You sure don’t see men obsessing over this trait.

Even so, let me guide you to other ideas we have explored:
1-Minimizing the boobs
2-Weight gain in the midsection
3-Staying covered in the summer

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What to wear to hide your belly

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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