Women over 50 in yellow and orange outfit ideas

3 Attractive Yellow And Orange Outfit Ideas

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Bo, from our Ageless style group, thought we should style the colors from Pantone’s top color trends for Spring of 2024.
The idea is for bold transformation so I had the three of us style yellow and orange outfit ideas.

Quote of the day: “Genius is nothing more nor less than childhood recovered at will.” Charles Baudelaire

Remember the days when you were young and carefree (I’m talking young kidhood) and you would mix colors with no cares in the world.

Then we grew up and heard “too much color”, “people should see you, not the outfit” or my all-time favorite, “I can’t pull that off.”

All of those thoughts are hogwash. I like to think that life is short so wear what you want.

Or as I tell my mom, you’ve had your entire life to be appropriate, now is the time to be bold.

Anyways, so here is what Pantone showcased as top color trends for Spring 2024. And my brain got excited about styling yellow and orange outfit ideas.

Insider tip: Even if you don’t like bold colors as promoted for the season by “them” (Pantone) remember there are always different shades of every color.

Color is one of my favorite subjects because it can be so powerful in an outfit. Check out my other articles about the same topic.

Stylish yellow and orange outfit ideas

Charlotte-White with Yellow and Orange Outfit Ideas

One easy way to put together yellow and orange outfit ideas is to combine the colors with a neutral. Even I did that trick with my outfit below. Charlotte used white with her yellow and orange outfit while I went with tan.

My mom wore a light orange pair of jeans with a bright yellow sweater. The fact is she covered the sweater with a white jacket so the color combination isn’t as in your face.

When you have two or three solid colors, an easy way to tie them all together to make the look intentional is to wear a scarf with those colors in it. The colors in the scarf don’t have to be a perfect match, nor do you need to worry if there are even other colors in the scarf. It will look fabulous.

Scarf tying tip: Draping your scarf under a jacket’s lapels is an easy way to incorporate the scarf, yet you don’t have to “tie” it.

Woman over 70 with yellow and orange outfit ideas

Lesley: Styling Additional Colors with Accessories

For our yellow and orange outfit ideas, Lesley went head-on with the theme by donning a yellow dress and adding an orange cardigan over it.

The cardigan and dress are basically the same lengths which looks fabulous.

Insider tip: Scarves can be worn around your waist as a belt. Compared to a leather belt, they are more comfortable and not as hot.

What Lesley did for her outfit was add in other colors with her accessories instead of using neutrals.

She started with these colorful sneakers and used the colors in the sneakers for her necklace, bracelet, and purse. It’s such a lovely way to embrace these spring colors.

Creating a look with yellow and orange outfit ideas

Jodie-Yellow and Orange Outfit Ideas with a Print

I figured it would be easy to put together yellow and orange outfit ideas if you start with a print that already has those colors in it.

I realize that not everyone has such bright and colorful prints in their closet. This is one excellent reason for trying a clothing rental service. Then you can experiment with the idea of bright colors while not committing to it.

Insider discount: For the rest of the 2024 year, you can get a 30-day free trial to Your Revolving Closet. It’s risk-free, easy to cancel, and gives you options to wear things you wouldn’t buy.

I find that wearing short skirts is much easier when you combine them with tall boots that give you coverage. Then I don’t feel like I’m exposing as much skin.

The skirt not only has orange and yellow in it but also white, hot pink, and light pink.

I wore a mustard yellow cardigan and accessorized with an orange necklace.

Everything else is a tan neutral.

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Styling yellow and orange outfit ideas

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