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3 Options of How to Style a White Button-Up With Dichotomy

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Our Ageless Style group chose the theme of how to style a white button-up shirt and the 3 of us are showing how it can add dichotomy to a look while wearing it in 3 different ways.

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I’ve read many times there are specific definitions of a button-up shirt, and a button-down shirt among other names. But in all reality, does it matter what we call it? It’s a white shirt that has buttons on the front panel. Let’s not get caught up in semantics and instead showcase different ways how to style a white button-up shirt.

I consider this piece to have a masculine vibe (isn’t that what all men wore at work back in the day?) as well as being somewhat classic. Therefore, I wanted to put a couple of dichotomy spins on the shirt.
The three of us are showing a feminine option, a boho option as well as an edgy option. The funny thing is that we all layered differently, so you get that variety also.

If you are looking to add a new white button-up to your closet, Banana Republic Factory always has a wide variety to choose from that are budget oriented. Either that or here are a couple of others.

This is not the first time we have shown different ways how to style a white button-up so make sure to get even more inspiration from these older articles.

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Lesley-How to Style a White Button-Up with a Feminine Vibe

How to style a white button-up as a top layer over a dress
Dress: Apt 9-Kohls~~ Top: Chicos-no iron~~ Shoes: no label-online ~~ Purse: no label-thrifted~~Hat: Sea & Sun

Lesley opted to style her white button-up with feminine touches. She layered it over a light blue, polka-dot dress but not as a jacket. She incorporated it as part of the look by buttoning the middle button and using the self-belt from the dress over it.

What makes it feminine?
1-She’s wearing a dress (and one of the on-trend tiered dresses at that).
2-The color scheme. Light blue and pink are very girly.
3-Wearing a matching hat also gives it a feminine twist.

I’d also like to point out that Lesley’s white button-up is one of Chico’s no-iron blouses. These are especially nice if you like a crisp blouse but don’t enjoy ironing. Many brands have them and I’m showing a couple below.

I adore how Lesley styled this look. Having a purse that doesn’t match the shoes exactly, but is in the same color family is very modern.
It gives a nod to the day when the purse and shoes had to match in order to fit in with the rules, but it’s not so matchy-matchy to be frumpy.


Many dresses come with a self-belt yet you don’t have to wear it as you bought it. Using the belt over the white button-up is such a good way to tie the two pieces together-literally and figuratively!
What you may not notice (because I didn’t until she told me) is that the self-belt is layered over a white stretch belt to keep it flat so it wouldn’t roll up. It goes to show there is usually a “fix” for all clothing issues, haha.

Insider tip: Hang your self belts with your other belts because they can be worn with other outfits too. In fact, if it doesn’t have a buckle on it, consider wearing it as a skinny scarf too.

Pink shoes can be a perfect spring and summer color for shoes. It lightens up the look without being stark like white can be.

Charlotte-Creating a Boho Look with the White Button-Up

Boho way of how to style a white button-up
Skirt: Desing Today~~Top: Just Fashion Now~~ Shoes: no label-Bealls~~Scarf: thrifted~~ Belt: thrifted~~ Purse: no label

My mom doesn’t have a lot of bohemian-style pieces in her closet, but she did buy this skirt with a matching top years ago. She calls it her bag lady outfit because it’s the opposite of tailored and conservative (which is her usual approach to style).

Amazon always has a wide variety of maxi skirts if you are shopping.

I thought it was the perfect skirt to marry the masculine, classic style of the white button-up with some boho vibes.
Even the brown buttons on the shirt tie in with the browns in the skirt to make my mom feel more coordinated.

Charlotte is also wearing the white shirt solo with no layering. That’s fibbing a bit because she does have another shirt under it but it’s meant to be a hidden layer because it was chilly.

Charlotte loves to match the colors in her looks, but I do appreciate that she varied the colorful extras. While they are all in warm tones, they don’t match per se.

I’d call the earring and neck scarf a bright pink, the belt is a pure orange color and the purse is a salmon hue.


My mom had this orange straw belt in her collection and it was a nice cover over the waist of the skirt. But like with many belts, the end hung down. I have used clear elastics for this issue when the belt is skinny, but this belt is too wide. So my mom used her Glamour Magnets to keep it in place. That is the small bronze ball you see at the end of the belt.

Insider discount: Maggie’s Magnets is still offering a discount to my readers. Use code 15Jodiestyles at checkout.

I can’t recommend enough having a fun pair of sneakers that can be worn with skirts/dresses to be comfy for your feet, give off a modern vibe and go with everything. This glittering pair is that kind of sneaker for my mom.

Zappos is a wonderful place to find more options for glitter sneakers if you’re in the market.

Jodie Gives an Edgy Twist on How to Style a White Button-Up

Making a black and white outfit interesting
Shorts: Camellia- Goodwill~~ Vest: Stephanie O~~ Top: Brooks Brothers no-iron- preloved~~ Shoes: Jambu “Sandy” c/o~~ Brooch: thriftetd~~ Earrings: thrifted~~ Purse: Kate Spade-thrifted ~~Headband: Target here

I never used to have anything “edgy” in my closet because I was always a rule follower, not a rebel. But retirement has turned over a new leaf, and I’m happy to say that I embrace all of the different kinds of styles now.

So when I thought about how to make this white button-up seem grungier, I opted for my black, leather shorts and a pair of patterned tights.

Macy’s has a nice selection of leather shorts in all lengths. Remember, you can always have a pair of pants shortened into shorts of the length you prefer.

And notice that I layered my shirt under something else. Lesley layered hers over her clothing, and my mom wore her shirt solo. It’s really quite a versatile item.

I added a structural vest which I’ve had for years. In fact, you’ve seen it here when we styled black and white.

You might be surprised to see me in black and white since I rarely wear black. However, I thought the addition of the lime green was a great way to give it my Jodie’s touch of style.


I wanted to break up the large expanse of black on the vest, so I added this brooch. I found the pin at a resale shop and it’s made with jigsaw puzzle pieces as well as all kinds of beads, feathers, and sequins. It’s really the sum of my personality in one little item.

I also found this lime green headband at Target. Many headbands end up being way too tight after a couple of hours, but I wore this one around the store for a time before succumbing to buying it.
Target has an amazing selection of headbands, and they have an easy return policy if they don’t work.

Because we were on a walking tour for the day, I wore my Jambu “Sandy” sneakers that have a comfortable footbed as well as look very stylish.

Classic options of how to style a white button-up

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3 options of how to style a white button-up

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