3 ways for how to wear a whimsical top

3 Ways For How to Wear a Whimsical Top

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As older women, we tend to focus on being more serious yet I have learned that having fun with our wardrobe is the secret to feeling younger.
That’s why when Laura purchased these shirts for us in Jordan, I thought it would be helpful to share how to wear a whimsical top in 3 different ways.

Quote of the day: “Don’t look for big things, just do small things with great love.” Mother Teresa

I would call this top a cropped top, which is not what most women over 40 are vying to wear. However, since the silhouette in fashion is changing to a fuller bottom half, having a shorter top can be proportionally better.

Another great detail about these whimsical tops is that they are button-downs and thus can be worn as a lightweight jacket or cardigan.
If you like the idea of this kind of shorter button-up top, I found a couple that aren’t too expensive.

Even though the three of us decided to showcase how to wear a whimsical top with skirts and dresses, there is no reason you couldn’t wear the same kind of top with pants or jeans.
If it seems too short, just add a longer layer under it and no one will be the wiser.

What is Whimsical Style Clothing

As I said at the beginning, many older women don’t even consider whimsical style clothing and my guess is that they feel like they should be more serious. I know personally, that’s how I felt when I was working. I wanted to be taken seriously, and my outward appearance was part of that.

However, our experiences with life give us the realization that life is short and we should enjoy it. That means that clothing we would consider whimsical may be just what we need to add a smile to our day.

I included a couple of ideas of what I consider whimsical-style clothing in the widget above.
1-A tulle skirt-which I have talked about why it’s ageless in the past.
2-Polka dots-Even my mother and Lesley wore them here.
3-Clothing with an animal on it-I wore one when trying to minimize my bust.
4-Almost anything from Anthropologie– in fact, I never shopped at this store when I was working because nothing seemed appropriate.
5-Scenic prints.

I have explored other ways to wear different silhouettes of tops if you are looking for more idea

Laura: How to Wear a Whimsical Top with a Maxi Skirt

How to wear a whimsical top with a maxi skirt

I’d like to welcome back Laura who has been an occasional model on my site. She is a trained forensic scientist who during the pandemic started making non-toxic soaps and has now expanded to a wide range of clean and natural products. Her company is called Scrub Studios, and she offers my readers a discount if you use the code Jodie10 at checkout.

She was visiting her husband’s family in Jordan this summer and picked up these whimsical tops for us. It was the perfect reason to explore ideas of how to wear a whimsical top.

Laura’s top has the “Evil Eye” decorating it which is meant to ward off evil intentions.

Since the top is shorter when tied, she paired it with a chevron maxi skirt with a large waistband making it a higher rise.
On top of that, she tucked in a white sleeveless top under the blouse to make sure no bare midriff showed.

Maxi skirts are one of those clothing items that come and go as part of fashion trends often. I am seeing them more and more lately, and even if they aren’t on the “it” list, they can be worn anyway.

Insider tip: As I’ve discussed recently with tunics and skinny jeans, you can make anything stylish with how you wear it and what you pair it with. Remember, you are the boss of your clothes.

Gurmeet: Layer a Crop Top over a Dress

Knee length dress with sneakers

Welcome back to my friend, Gurmeet who not only has a full-time job but also sells Indian jewelry on Etsy. On top of that, she has recently been making her own jewelry as seen with the flower pendant and earrings that she is wearing with this outfit.
Make sure to head over to SGSparkle on Etsy to see what tickles your fancy because it is all very reasonably priced.

For our idea of how to style a whimsical top, Gurmeet is wearing the exact same top as Laura and I, but hers is decorated with elephants.
For those of you who love elephants, I found quite a selection of items for you.

Gurmeet wore her whimsical top buttoned up over a grey t-shirt dress. I love the idea that she kept the look casual with sneakers and her phone on a strap.

Insider tip: If you don’t love carrying a purse, these crossbody straps for phone cases can be found on Amazon.

Up close you can see her flower pendant and earrings (and even a couple of rings) that she created herself. They come in copper, silver, and gold so there is something for everyone on her Etsy site.

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Jodie: Whimsical Times Two

How to wear a whimsical top over a dress
Dress: eShakti~~Blouse: -gift from Laura~~Boots: –Just Be Youtiful~~Purse: thrifted-it’s a wine carrier

My whimsical top has patchwork kitties on it, and I wore it over a different print dress as soon as I received it (seen on Monday in this Daily Outfit post). Both dresses I’ve worn it over have the colors of the kitties in them, but I think I love this polka dot version the best.

This polka dot dress is from eShakti (more about the customizable yet budget-oriented brand here) and I’ve worn it many times. They don’t have this exact same dress on their site this season, but they have a ton of other polka dot dresses, tops, skirts, and even pants.

Insider deal: First-time buyers of eShakti, get $50 credit to use on anything with my link. What that means is most items will end up being about $25 with shipping because that’s the minimum charge. It’s seriously a deal that can’t be beat, and make sure to take advantage of the customization so it fits perfectly. It’s one of my favorite websites, and I’m always shocked that more people don’t use it, since it means you don’t need alterations.
BTW, I get a gift card for anyone who uses my link. Thank you.


I recently splurged and bought these silver cowboy ankle boots from Just Be Youtiful online. By splurged, I don’t mean they were expensive, I mean that I have a ton of boots. But in my defense, I had to throw out my other pair of silver boots when we moved to Arizona because they were cracking.

Insider deal: With my code, JTOUCH15, you can get these boots for under $50. I would suggest sizing up a half size, and up a whole size if you want to wear thick socks. These are a tad narrow in the toe box. But the quality is great and they also come in gold or ivory.

What Do You Think?

That’s how the three of us experimented with how to style a whimsical top. If you’re ready to try it out yourself, here are a couple of great options that won’t break the bank.

How to wear a whimsical top for women

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How to wear a whimsical top for women of all sizes

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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