3 Ways to Wear a Square Scarf

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Women & Scarves.

A Square Scarf for All Ages: Styled 3 Different Ways

Quote of the day: “The lessons we remember are the lessons we learn the hard way.” Seth Godin

This week I’ll be showing different ways to style different shaped scarves on the 3 of us! And for once, we all get to pose in the same place!

I actually came up with this idea when I had bought some scarves for my knitting friends for our holiday gift giving. The scarves I purchased from the Loft, had a tag describing 3 different ways to style each of them. I thought this was perfect for those women who needed guidance and options on how to wear their gift! And since there are 3 of us models on the blog, I figured it was also the perfect theme for a blog series (or two).

As a continuation of this scarf series, I brought along a square scarf that my mom actually gave me years ago (And my mom wanted to mention that different styles and shapes of scarves will come and go from current fashion–yet they take up so little space. Thus she would not recommend giving any away.  This scarf is one she had purchased from Hudsons which tells her that it has to be over 23 years old.) 🙂

These photos were taken on our holiday trip to Vegas at Christmas. That’s why we are all wearing the same clothing outfit for the series! But I figured the idea was all about the scarves, and how to style them. So you’ll forgive the monotony of the outfits, yes?

Here we are outside the Venetian casino with my trusty husband taking our photos!! The first post for the scarf series, was all about the wrap scarf, here! And since a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth millions, right? My skills at written verbal descriptions are not my forte, so I’ve given you the option to read the descriptions, or watch a video!! Laugh all you want because it’s good for your heart, I hear! I probably didn’t need a video for all of these styles, but I definitely need the practice for making videos!! Even if you don’t want to watch them now, you can always see them on You tube at your convenience!!

Jodie’s (50’s) Outfit: The nice thing about this scarf is that it has this yellow flower print on one end, and there is also a leopard print portion and a zebra print portion. You can see what it looks like as a whole in the video below.

Women & Scarves.

For my variation of this scarf style, I folded the square in half first. Then I put the pointed end in front, wrapped the other ends around my neck and hid them under the point.

Women & Scarves.

And here’s the video of my scarf tying in action! Don’t you love how it freezes the video in the strangest spot?

Charlotte’s (70’s) Outfit: I placed mom’s pictures next, since her variation of this same scarf isn’t that much different than mine and it was her scarf to begin with!

Women & Scarves.

The difference for mom’s style, is we folded the scarf in half again only this time showing the leopard print portion! Then we tied the ends and tried to position it so the point was angled to the side.

Depending on the material of your scarf and the material of your clothing, the scarf may not want to stay where you position it! If that’s the case, you could try to pin it, but don’t forget there is also fashion tape (something like this!). My mom says that you do need to be careful with silk scarves. Even the fashion tape can cause issues by sticking too well! If that’s the case, then how about a trusty bobby pin?

Women & Scarves.

And here’s the video if you want to see it in action!! Remember–this is for comedy relief! Like, why am I opening my eyes so much? It’s good to laugh at yourself, right? (and it’s only 43 seconds long!)

Nancy’s (60’s) Outfit: I decided to keep it smaller for Nancy’s version of this square scarf. This way you can see her fabulous Jodie’s Touch of Style t-shirt (like the one mom just wore here only in a different color). This graphic is the same image that I’m using at the top of my blog too!! I bought each one of us a t-shirt like this in different colors! It’s almost laughable that I didn’t really wear many t-shirts before I started blogging and now I have a bunch!

Women & Scarves.

Again, I folded the scarf in half to make a triangle and then I rolled it from the long end to the pointed end. I positioned the triangle tip in the front, and wrapped the ends all the way around her neck, and then tied them in a knot under the point.

Women & Scarves.

And here’s the video, if you’d like to see it in action. Beware it’s an entire minute and a half of me talking!! Ha ha!

Thank you to each and every one of you who is reading this! I appreciate the support and love! You can see these videos on YouTube also and if you happen to click over to YouTube –make sure to subscribe to my channel and give me a thumbs up! Thanks! 

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