How to Wear a Blanket Scarf as a Shawl

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The idea of how to wear a blanket scarf as a shawl tends to be asked because these bigger scarves can be overwhelming.
If you have one and just can’t figure it out, not only do I have 3 options of how to style it, I also included some DIY ideas at the bottom of this article.

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So if you’re one of those women that have no trouble throwing on any type of scarf and feeling comfortable in them, I hope you will still read along. I’ll show you where we went on our vacation and you can laugh along with us!

This large scarf is an asymmetrical rectangle so I’m calling it a blanket scarf. If you want to see what it looks like by itself, check out the video below! But any larger scarf will work for this idea of how to wear a blanket scarf as a shawl.

If you want to go straight to the styling, then feel free to skip to that below.
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The Background of Photoshoot

When we traveled to Las Vegas for our family Christmas together, I figured scarves would be a perfect item to bring along and photograph. Thanks to my husband, Rob, for carrying all of the scarves and being our photographer!!

I’m also going to be trying something different in this series. I know a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes it’s hard to describe how to tie a scarf with only a photo or two. So for some of our outfits, I’ll be showing a video also! Then it’s your choice whether you want the written description or the video. And please realize, this is my first attempt at videoing—or maybe think of it as some comic relief–ha ha!!

Here we are outside the Wynn casino! Once we walked outside and saw this waterfall, I was hoping it’d be a nice backdrop for some photos! For those of you who are thinking of spring and not of a heavy scarf, these styles could work for a lightweight wrap too. And for those of you with 12 inches of snowfall from last week—this could be exactly what you need right now!  I even heard from one woman on Facebook (thanks Caroline) that she uses her scarf like this as a prayer shawl!

Charlotte: How to Wear a Blanket Scarf as an Open Shawl

How to wear a blanket scarf as a shawl and not be overwhelmed

I’m going to start with my mom’s rendition of the wrap because I’d consider this way the easiest way to wear it.

I had mom drape it around her shoulders and voila!! The scarf was wide, so we folded it at the neck to create a collar!

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Nancy’s Outfit

Ageless Style for Women.

Now for Nancy’s variety, we started the same way as Mom’s version above, but then took one end and threw it over her shoulder.

I would suspect that this version can be annoying to some women if the end that is thrown over doesn’t stay in place. My solution for this problem would be to add a pin or brooch somewhere on the end to keep it in place!
Or use a magnet like the ones I love here called Maggie’s Snaps.

From the back view, this way of styling the wrap doesn’t look much different than Charotte’s version above!

How to wear a blanket scarf as a shawl for older women

Jodie: How to Wear a Blanket Scarf as a Shawl for Warmth

Ageless Style for Women.

I decided to go with the idea of how to wear a blanket scarf as a shawl to cover me as much as possible for warmth.

 I started with the middle of the scarf in the front of my body. Then I wrapped the ends around and placed one end in front under the material. The other end I left on top as it hung on the side of the middle portion.

How to wear a blanket scarf as a shawl for winter

This could certainly be overwhelming since it’s just a big scarf. But the other way to look at it is it should definitely keep you warm!

Again, you could easily keep the ends in place with a pin, brooch, or magnet.

Even though I’m showing you these variations with a heavy scarf, this could work perfectly for a lighter-weight wrap too! I’d think most of us would wear this wrap when we’re all dressed up for a gala or event but need to be prepared for the air conditioning!! Heck…I took this same scarf to Phoenix and wore it on the plane as my blanket!!

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DIY Options

Now let’s talk a little about some DIY creative ideas.

First off, if you don’t have a blanket scarf, think about a couple of other items around your home that can do double duty.
1-Table runner
2-Beach towel
3-Lap blanket

And then if you have a blanket scarf but just consider it too unruly to make any of these ideas work, don’t just throw it away.
You can easily cut it in half either length-wise or width-wise to make a smaller scarf. Or use it in any of the ways listed above.

Insider tip: If you don’t sew, you can still cut the scarf and use either “Sew No More” or “Fusible Tape” to create a seam. These are the two that I have used for my projects.

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Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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