4 Different Long Skirt Outfit Ideas

Different long skirt outfit ideas

4 Different Long Skirt Outfit Ideas

No matter what you call it, there are many long skirt outfit ideas that could be great for your life. I love how these skirts are now called maxis, but the trend has been going strong for many years now.

Quote of the day: “People seldom improve when they have no model but themselves to copy after.” Oliver Goldsmith

Maybe this quote is exactly why I love reading blogs and blogging myself. The inspiration I get from other women is so amazing.

I wasn’t a huge fan of these long skirts at first. I figured I was way too short (I’m 5/2″) to carry it off. But I’ve learned that my height shouldn’t prevent me from wearing anything. Just make sure it fits.

By the way, when I bought this maxi, I did have to shorten it about 4 inches. And it’s a good thing, because when I thrifted it, I didn’t see a bunch of dirt and stains on the bottom area. Which is one of the tips I talked about in a thrifting blog post.

Wearing it with a Bright Top

My first thought for these long skirt outfit ideas is to add a dressy top to the long skirt. I’ve had this top since I was working and used to wear it under blazers all the time. I tried wearing one of my bralettes under it to hide the bra straps. However, I think this is a fail on that detail. The seams of the bralette really stand out against the fabric of the top. Luckily the fashion police didn’t pull me over, LOL!

I decided to keep my shoes and purse neutral to put the focus on the top. These shoes are from Walking Cradles, and are a great option if you like to bare your toes but don’t want to show your entire foot. I wore them with a denim dress a couple of months ago.

Long skirt outfit ideas with green

Skirt: Bordeaux-thrifted~~ Top: Gap~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o~~Earrings: Charming Charlies~~ Purse: Tignanello

Make it Look like a Dress & Tie it Up

My next thought was to make my skirt look like a dress and match a top to it. The funny thing about this top is I had to buy it on a vacation because one of the tops I packed was too low. So I needed this as a cami under it. Which is why I always suggest to try everything on when you’re getting ready for travel. It’s one of my 5 tips about packing for a trip.

I love the idea of tying up your maxi to give it a different look. Even my mom and Nancy have used this trick in the past. This time I used a small elastic to keep it tied up instead of tying the material. This skirt is lined so there’s two layers of materials.

These earrings and the ones above are ones I just purchased when we visited Charming Charlie’s going out of business sale.

Changing up your maxi skirt by tying it

Skirt: Bordeaux- thrifted~~ Top: Walmart ~~Shoes: ~~Earrings: Charming Charlies~~ Purse: Aldo

With a Graphic Tee

I have become quite the lover of graphic tees. Granted, I never wore them while I was working, and when they started becoming popular recently, I balked. Really? A grown woman wearing a graphic tee?

But life’s too short not to have fun. And many of the graphic tees have such great meaning or funniness to them. For example when my mom and I blogged about it. Her shirt is nothing but the truth.

The message on this one is Rewire & Inspire, and it’s the theme of our FierceCon gathering this October in LA. The weekend is not just for bloggers, but women who recognize that kindness and inspiration can make anyone feel better.

Even though I basically matched my shoes and purse to the color of my tee, I did want to add in some turquoise accents with my accessories. My friend, Laurel, always says that a punch of turquoise makes everything better.

Long skirt outfit ideas with a tee

Skirt: Bordeaux – thrifted~~ Top: ~~Shoes: A New Day~~Necklace: Charming Charlies~~Earrings: Stella & Dot ~~ Watch: Nordgreen c/o~~Purse:

As a Swim Suit Cover Up

While this may not be the most flattering way to wear your maxi skirt, it certainly ticks the functional button. I mean, if you’re on vacation, you are limited with the pieces you can pack. So I love making some items do double duty.

I’ve actually tried wearing a maxi belted this way on the blog before. It wasn’t quite my favorite look, but no harm trying.

As for the swim suit, I figured now is the time to add to my collection with our move to AZ. This one is from Modcloth, and it’s the first time I tried buying a swim suit online. I read the reviews and waited until it went on sale and TA DA!! I LOVE it!! In fact, I bought another one from their site when they had their end of summer sale and that one was only $12. I’m sure you’ll see it next summer on the blog.

Swim suit coverup as a long skirt outfit ideas

Skirt: Bordeaux – thrifted~~ Swim Suit: Modcloth~~Shoes: Target~~Hat: Chico’s c/o~~Tote: Chicos c/o

Why you NEED Long Skirt Outfit Ideas & Tips

Even my mom has been wearing more maxi skirts lately. Seriously it’s a nice option for staying cooler in the summer yet also stay covered. I’m talking to you out there who don’t love to show off your legs. Skirts are SO much cooler than pants in the summer…even capris. So you really ought to try one.

1– Even if you find one that is “long enough”, you might want to shorten it a tad. It’s much safer when they aren’t so long that you are tripping on them.

2– Another safety tip is to lift up one end when you go up and down the stairs. The last thing you want to do is go tumbling.

3– I remember reading that you should only wear open sandals with maxi skirts many years ago. Well that rule has gone out the window. Wear them with sneakers, sandals, flats and even ankle booties (along with tall boots).

4– Speaking of tall boots, don’t save your long skirts for the summer only. You can easily wear these pieces for winter too as we’ve shown before.

4 Ways to style a maxi skirt

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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