4 Latest Options for Disappearing Eyebrows over 50

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Lesley and I were having a conversation about disappearing eyebrows for women over 50 years old. I sent her ideas for how to overcome the lack of focus for this area on our face, and then decided I might as well share the options here.

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Maybe you don’t think eyebrows matter much in the scheme of our beauty routine. However, I just had a discussion with a friend on Instagram on how eyebrows play such a huge role even though we don’t focus on them.
I would analyze it like the proportions in our outfit. Eyebrows are not as noticeable as a bright colored lipstick, but if they are thin, invisible or just wonky, you realize something is off about the whole picture.

4 options for Eyebrows over 50
1-Grow back the hair
2-You have eyebrow hair but it’s grey
3-Fill in sparse eyebrows
5-Sensitive skin? I’m also addressing that per a friend’s input.

For most of us women, there are two reasons we have disappearing eyebrows over the age of 50. Either your eyebrows are thinning and falling out, or the hairs are grey and you just can’t see them.

Either way, you might notice that beauty trends are showing more pronounced eyebrows and they can make us look younger. When I say look younger, I don’t mean it’s bad to be older, I just want to look the best that I can at ANY age.
I’m including photos comparing the different options on myself too.

Insider tip: Wearing glasses can camoflauge eyebrows, so I would suggest making them stand out even more.

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Grow the Disappearing Eyebrows over 50

If you want to grow back the hairs. Then you want brow serum. Companies have figured out how to grow hair, which applies to hair serums, eyelash serums as well as eyebrow serums.
These are great options to have your eyebrows back on your face as long as you realize that it’s a daily usage that you need to add into your beauty routine.

Insider tip: It can take up to 2-3 months to notice growth of hair including eyelashes and eyebrows.

Personally, I just use a swipe of my eyelash serum after putting it on my eyelids, but you can always get eyebrow serum specifially made for eyebrows.
A. This is the eyelash serum I have been using since last fall. It’s a non-toxic option that works great for me.

BGrandeBrow eyebrow Serum comes in a mini version so you can see if you like it.

CEyebrow and tinted brow gel all in one
This applicator tip is ideal for brows because it covers more surface area and gives you color plus the growth factor. It can be found at Sephora, Grande Cosmetic’s site, or even Amazon if you need options for finding your shade of brow.

Grey Eyebrows

Having grey eyebrows isn’t bad, but when they end up blending into your face, then they aren’t creating a focal point to frame your eyes.
So using an eyebrow mascara to bring out your eyebrows is a smart choice. It’s no different than how eyelash mascara lengthens and shows off our eyelashes.

Fun with eyebrows over 50
My eyebrows over 50 with brow mascara

I use brow mascara that sticks to the eyebrow hairs. I use this many days when I don’t want an exaggerated eyebrow, but a more natural look.

Insider tip: I swipe the mascara backwards (from outer edge to inner edge) to get the hairs to stand up and collect the mascara first. Then I take the wand and swipe it the normal way to have them lay down. Sometimes the mascara does get on my skin, but I don’t mind as it fills in the thinner areas.

A. The Elf, Wow tinted brow gel is the one that is in my makeup drawer right now. It’s only $5 and you can also find it at Target. I get the Taupe color and it’s perfect for my light complexion.

B- If you focus on non-toxic makeup, then Physician’s Formula is highly recommended.

C- There is always the GrandeBrow tinted brow gel option which will also be a serum to grow your eyebrows that I mentioned in the growing eyebrows section. It can be found at Sephora, Grande Cosmetic’s site, or even Amazon if you need options for finding your shade of brow.

Fill in Eyebrows over 50

Ways to help eyebrows over 50
My eyebrows using eyebrow pencil

A. Eyebrow pencils are easy and common. I consider these an easy option if you have a good outline of where your eyebrows should be. I use it for days I’m not wearing much makeup.
I’m using Winky Lux’s Uni-Brow pencil right now. You can find it at Target, Ulta, or Amazon.

B. Eyebrow stencils are a cool option for disappearing eyebrows over 50. Trio Beauty is the one that I have been using. The kit comes with 12 different shapes of stencils, a pomade plus the sponge applicator.
Even though my eyebrows fit into the small size, I will use larger stencils some days. (Although in the photos above, I don’t think you can tell a difference)
In your “size,” you have an option of the low, medium, or high arch as one way to change up your look.

Insider tip: My sponge applicator broke, and while you can order another one, I end up using my makeup sponge instead.


I haven’t tried microblading myself but I might one of these days. It’s one of those newer options for treating disappearing eyebrows over 50.

My friend, Jess, just recently posted an entire article about her experience with microblading and what was involved. If you’re thinking about it, you’ll want to see her thoughts.

Spoiler alert: She loves it and would recommend it…with the right provider.

Sensitive Skin Options

My friend, Angie, over at Your True Self Blog, has sensitive skin and gave me her personal favorites that I wanted to share.

The Physician’s Formula Brow Last is one of her favorites because it contains a serum and stays on for up to two days. It can be found at Walmart or on Amazon.

Angie said this Maybelline 36 hour Tattoo Pencil is not specifically formulated for sensitive skin, but it hasn’t caused her any issues.

And lastly, Angie says she also likes Thrive Causemetics Infinity Eyebrow Liner because it’s waterproof and stays all day.

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Eyebrows over 50

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