Women over 50 and how to wear bright colors

4 Options of How To Wear Bright Colors

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I don’t believe that we can only wear color in the summer, but I will admit that it’s easy. That’s why I thought the 4 of us could give some basics about how to wear bright colors.

Quote of the day: “There is a deep human need for beauty, and if you ignore that need in architecture, your buildings will not last, since people will never feel at home in them.” Sir Roger Scruton

There isn’t a right and wrong way how to wear bright colors. So much of our outfit details depend on our mood for the day.

I’m a firm believer that happy colors create a better mood. Both for the people that see us, and for ourselves.

This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about color. It’s a basic theme for many of our outfits so feel free to read more on my site.

So let’s explore 4 different options of how to wear bright colors and we all even wore different hues.
As an added bonus, Rob was even wearing a bright color so I added his photos too.
I broke it down as I do for my color recipe by talking about neutrals first, then colors.

Woman over 80 wearing bright color

How to Wear Bright Colors with a Light Neutral-Charlotte

My mom chose to wear a mustard-colored top as her bright color and paired it with a lighter neutral. Any light neutral would work including white, ivory, tan, or light grey.

Her pair of pants are a silky, taupe metallic and puts the focus on the top half.

My mom wanted to add this scarf to the look, but instead of wearing it around her neck, I had her use it as a belt with a scarf clip.

Insider tip: The advantage of a scarf clip instead of just tying the ends is that it creates a flatter knot.

Wearing a solid tee can be a large expanse of material with no distraction for the eyes, so I let her borrow my “girl” necklace.

Insider tip: Just Be Youtiful has a plethora of these necklaces and they are all different colors and combinations. Just reach out to her on FB and she will ship it to you in the US. They are under $25 and use my code Jtouch15.

Bright turquoise with black

Wearing a Bright Color with a Dark Neutral-Valerie

Valerie told me she’s had this bright turquoise jacket for a while now but hasn’t worn it much. It’s such a gorgeous color and I’m glad she is giving it some love now.

For this outfit, she paired it with a dark neutral. This would work with a dark brown, navy, or charcoal grey also.

I love that Valerie is embracing the tiered dress trend and then wearing the dress with white sneakers. It’s such a contemporary look.

On top of that I appreciate that even with a pixie haircut, she wears hair accessories. The hair scarf hangs down the back. AND she added pink to the look with the head scarf and earrings.

Insider tip: Just as many people see you from the back, so give them something fun to look at.

Styling bright orange and pink together

Can You Wear 2 Brights Together?-Cathie

Absolutely yes as Cathie proves with this amazing look. Who else gets the impression of sorbet ice cream with the pink and orange together?

Combining two different bright color clothing pieces shows confidence and is a wonderful departure from the dark outfits that I see around town.

Insider tip: One trick to work your way into how to wear 2 bright colors together would be to add in a neutral item. Like layering a denim jacket over this.

Cathie did use neutrals with her shoes and purse and included some metallic with her necklace and other colors with her earrings and bracelets.

Yellow blouse and sequin skirt

Example of How to Wear Bright Colors and Shine-Jodie

My yellow shirt is a bright color yet it’s not as saturated as the other examples from my crew.

I paired it with another bright color-turquoise. But above and beyond that, I wore it with sequins.
Sequins are not only for the holidays. They create shine and that fact alone makes them fun and sassy.

My yellow top is sheer so I wore a yellow cami under it. Sheer tops are the way to go to stay cool yet covered. Plus you can vary the look by using a different color cami or shirt under it.

If you are wondering about the gold chain in front of my neck, it’s from this hat which I wore earlier this year on my head. The chain can be detached, but it’s nice to have the option to use it. But it choked me so I used a small magnet on each side of my top and they acted to hold the chain in place.

Insider tip: One way to change up your purse is to use interchangeable straps if it comes with lobster clasps. These can be found on Amazon or I found mine on Just Be Youtiful’s website (use code Jtouch15).

Bright green pants on male

Even Men Can Wear Bright Colors-Rob

It warms my heart that Rob not only wears bright colors but takes pride in his appearance. His openness to mixing prints and wearing modern styles is a testament to the fact that anyone can change.

If you’ve been around my site for years, you might remember stories I shared when I first met Rob. His Style? He only wore khaki pants and dull, plaid shirts.
Yet I would push him to wear other styles, and even though he wasn’t sure about it at first, he would get compliments from strangers which cemented the fact that fashion is a tool used to build your self-confidence.

Rob’s outfit worked into our prompt of how to wear bright colors without any planning. It goes to show that it’s something he wears on a regular basis.

He is wearing his bright-colored jeans with a dark print shirt and a muted t-shirt under it.
As well as the fact that he is print mixing with his plaid sneakers.

Insider tip: Both men and women can cuff their jeans as a modern detail.

4 options of how to wear bright colors

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How to wear bright colors

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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