4 different styles of what to wear hanging out with friends

4 Styles: What to Wear Hanging Out With Friends

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There’s nothing better than time with our gal group, so the question comes up about what to wear hanging out with friends.
Of course, the answer is dependent on 3 variables: where you are going, what is the weather, and the biggest variable? Your personality.

Quote of the day: “You are unique and if that is not fulfilled, then something has been lost.” Martha Graham

If you’re like me, then you enjoy people-watching. And it surprises me how when you see a flock of younger girls together, they will all be dressed alike.
In my opinion, that’s the advantage of being older and realizing that our personalities should dictate what we decide to wear for the day.

So I invited Laura, Andrea, and Gurmeet to join me in the quest to see what each of us would wear when I posed the prompt of what to wear hanging out with friends.
Each of these looks was chosen by themselves and reflects the mood and personality of each of these fabulous women.

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Jeans for What to Wear Hanging Out with Friends

Jeans are a typical item to grab in our society now, and both Laura and Andrea showed up wearing them. Yet both outfits are different and embody their inner self as well as the fact that they look fabulous.

Laura In Jeans and a Tunic

Laura is the face behind Scrubs Studio. I have become an ambassador for her company since falling in love with the products.
She’s a forensic scientist turned soap maker and has been creating all kinds of body and skin products in non-toxic formulas that not only help your skin but also the environment (did you know how much waste is generated with liquid soaps and packaging for store-bought soaps?)

Insider discount: Since I became an ambassador for her company, I can offer you a discount on anything on her site. Use Jodie10 to save 10% plus it allows her to know where her traffic comes from.

Casual look with jeans for what to wear hanging out with friends
Jeans: Tribal ~~ Tunic: Gibson Latimer Top~~ Top: ~~ Shoes: Born ~~ Necklace: MoDa Jewelry~~ Bracelet: SGSparkle~~ Earrings: SGSparkle~~Sunglasses: Vekkey

Laura’s idea of what to wear hanging out with friends was a pair of her light wash pair of cropped stretchy pants with a tunic.

I just wrote about tunics and how there are other ways to wear them if you want some variety.

The tunic top that Laura is wearing has a great hemline that is longer in the front and back vs the sides. This asymmetrical detail is nice in that it doesn’t cut off your body horizontally.

Laura also filled in the neckline with a lacy bralette. These are wonderful items to have on hand to fill in when a neckline seems too revealing.

Insider tip: You can wear a bralette OVER your normal bra if you need support. Think of it like a half camisole.

And her jewelry was purchased from Gurmeet’s site which I discuss below.

If you’re a fan of tunics, then find some inexpensive ones below.

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Andrea Wearing Jeans and a Top

Andrea is the face behind the local boutique, Naomi & Ruth, that is closing its doors. In fact, both the top and jeans are on blowout sale if you’re interested.

Distressed jeans for what to wear hanging out with friends
Jeans: Vervet “Hailey”~~ Top: Amoli ~~ Shoes: Jessica Simpson ~~ Earrings: Copper and Fire -local boutique

The halter, lime top is easy to wear since it creates such a statement with the whimsical texture. There is one of these remaining in size medium for $20.

The jeans are distressed, ankle length with an uneven hem and 2% spandex in them. There are 2 remaining in size 28 (your waist size) for only $30.

To purchase either the top or jeans, head to her FB page and either DM her, call her, or comment on one of her most recent posts.

Andrea was telling me that her style has gotten a ton more casual since she moved to Arizona from Chicago. She thinks the easiest thing is to throw on a pair of jeans with a cute top, and knows it will look good no matter where she goes.

Notice that she front tucked the top and let the back hang longer.

She wore neutral python print sandals and super large hoop earrings to add some glam.

Finding tops that have as much personality as you have, isn’t hard. If you need more examples, just reach out and I’m happy to find some for you.

Skirts and Dresses for What to Wear Hanging Out with Friends

Summer in Arizona means hot, hot temperatures, so the idea of wearing skirts and dresses can be extremely functional for comfort.
Both Gurmeet and I were the two baring our legs this day.

Gurmeet Shows Off a Skort

Gurmeet has a full-time job, but to fulfill her creative side, she has an Etsy site. Right now she sells many pieces she gets from India as well as the jewelry she is starting to make herself. In fact, she makes pet collar charms (one of them is residing on my own Piper’s collar).

Her site is called SGSparkle and everything is very budget oriented. Her inventory changes often so check back frequently.

Casual look for what to wear hanging out with friends
Skirt: from Amazon ~~ Top: from her crew team ~~ Shoes: ~~ Necklace: SGSparkle~~ Bracelet: SGSparkle ~~ Earrings: SGSparkle

For our get-together this day, Gurmeet wore this knee-length skort that she recently found on Amazon. One of the things that Gurmeet loves about it besides the shorts attached to it, is the fact that it comes with pockets both for her hands and a zipper back pocket for things.

Personally, I love the idea of skorts for modesty and I am glad they are trending again. They don’t have the easy bathroom advantage of a skirt, but the modesty angle is nice.
If you are looking for longer skirts with shorts attached, I’ll link you to Amazon’s wide selection or if you prefer shorter ones, I found a couple that would be great.

Insider tip: It’s easy to make your own skort by adding biking shorts under your skirt. You can find a wide variety of bike shorts in different lengths on Amazon.

Gurmeet is wearing a graphic t-shirt that is more than just a saying. Paddle Girl applies to Gurmeet because she’s on a crew team (shocked that there is crewing here in AZ? I know I was.) and these tees were made for her team.
What you can’t see in the photos is the sparkle on the t-shirt which makes it perfect for adding sass.

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Jodie Loves a Dress

Yellow belt with print dress
Dress: Express~~ Shoes: Unisa ~~ Necklace: Marcia Moran-won in giveaway~~ Earrings: from Naomi & Ruth ~~ Purse: Patricia Nash-thrifted~~ Glasses: Glasses Shop

I have amassed a ton of dresses in my closet because I find the convenience of one-and-done far outweighs any cons.
Sure, I still have to decide on accessories and which shoes to wear, but there are no questions about if the silhouette of the top works with the bottoms and all of that.

So I came to our fun get-together wearing a colorful dress. Finding a dress that has sleeves is like finding the treasure at the end of the rainbow, which is why I scooped up this dress when it was on clearance, and wore it 4 years ago with sneakers.

Insider tip: When I wear a skirt/dress with a short, floaty hemline, I routinely wear bike shorts under it in case the wind comes up.

Remember, a dress doesn’t have to be worn for fancy only. There are just as many casual dresses and even ways to make your dresses seem more casual (like pairing them with sneakers or throwing a denim jacket over top)

This time I wanted to add a belt to the dress. I should have tightened the belt one more hole so it would hang at the waistline, but at least it was comfortable, haha.

I wore one of my pair of ankle strap sandals that I converted from buckle into velcro. In fact, if you look closely, you can see the black velcro.
If you need a tutorial on how to do that, I have both a blog post and YouTube video available.

Insider tip: If you have lighter-colored ankle strap shoes that you want to convert, there is white velcro available.

So what’s your personality when it comes to what to wear hanging out with friends? I’d love to hear which category you fall into.

What to wear hanging out with friends

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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