Grown women and how to wear animal prints

4 Ways Of How To Wear Animal Prints In 2023

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There is no shortage of ways to wear animal prints in any year. Yet I’ve read some articles touting that animal prints aren’t trending.
If you’ve been around here before, then you know I believe we can make anything look stylish depending on what you pair it with and how you wear it.

Quote of the day: “One sign you haven’t done enough reading is if you find yourself agreeing with whatever book you read last. At first, it’s easy to be swayed by any reasonable argument. Once you’ve read a lot, you can see that even the best arguments have limitations.” Jame Clear

The argument that animal prints aren’t trending anymore seems silly to me. It’s a wonderful print that can be worn by women of any age in many different scenarios. The best part is you can incorporate a little of the print in an outfit or wear it head to toe and still look stylish in 2023.

It’s no different than the idea I talked about to answer the question if tunics are still in style. Knowing the trends is fun and can help us evolve in our clothing choices, but that doesn’t mean we can’t wear what we love and already have in our closets too.

This topic of conversation regarding how to wear animal prints is nothing new on my site. There are other articles where we have showcased animal print styling.

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So let’s explore 4 ways of how to wear animal prints and look stylish in 2023

1-How to Wear Animal Prints With a Neutral

Woman over 70 and how to wear animal prints
Pants: Chicos ~~ Top: Outback Red ~~ Shoes: Jambu ~~ Purse: A New Day-Target

Nancy was so excited to wear this top with these leopard capris. In fact, you saw Nancy wearing this top with an A-line skirt you might have seen reposted recently.
If you prefer neutrals with your neutral animal print item, I think it’s helpful to make sure there are modern elements interspersed in the look.

The two details that make this top stylish are
1-The shine/texture. Combining the silky blouse with the cotton capris gives off a yin/yang element.
2-Having a keyhole in the back is super sassy and unexpected.

And then I love how Nancy added orange accents with her shoes and jewelry.

2-How to Wear Animal Prints With Color

Colorful option of how to wear animal prints
Jeans: Charater Club-Macys ~~ Top: Zara ~~ Shoes: SPO-thrifted~~ Necklace: Snap-It Jewelry~~ Earrings: Charming Charlies~~ Purse: thrifted

My mom combined her neutral animal print jeans with a bright-colored top and shoes. If you aren’t embracing the cropped shirts yet, you should. This 85-year-old woman is showing how it can be done.

When your top is shorter, it automatically makes your legs seem longer, and this silhouette proportion is very contemporary right now.
And don’t be scared of wearing print jeans at any age. There’s a good reason to have print clothing in your closet.

Insider tip: Any print clothing is ideal for camouflaging lumps and bumps if you worry about that type of thing. Wearing a print can hide what’s going on underneath the clothing so that normal skin lumps and bumps are much less obvious than when wearing solid colors.

And the best part is how my mom added a bright pink/purple purse that didn’t match the rest of the outfit. That’s the way to throw frumpiness out the door.

3-Colorful Animal Prints

Casual look for how to wear animal prints
Shorts: Simply Vera-Kohls~~ Jacket: Talbots ~~ Top: August Silk-thrifted ~~ Shoes: Ros Hommerson “Orleans” use code Jodie10 ~~ Purse: MarcNY-thrifted

In Lesley’s words: “You know how hard it was for me to embrace leopard prints, but I took one for the team and picked up this top when thrifting with a friend in Seattle recently. Since the animal print is made of my favorite color, I figured I could make it work.
I would call this an outfit for a casual Friday, dinner with the girls, or movie date night with Mr. Right.”

I think the colorful animal print clothing is sometimes not even recognizable as an animal print since the color is the first detail that we notice.
And if you are worried if it’s still in style, then wearing a blazer or jacket over it makes it less noticeable.

The sneakers were perfect for our museum outing for the day because they have the Walking Cradle comfort with a new name. Make sure to check out all of the different prints for this fabulous shoe and use code Jodie10 for 10% off.

Insider tip: Another reason to love this brand is if you struggle with shoe sizes or widths. Ros Hommerson has sizes 6-13 in Narrow, Medium, Wide, and Wide-Wide widths.

Print Mixing With Animal Prints

How to wear animal prints with tube top
Skirt: Banana Republic ~~ Vest: held together with Maggie’s Magnet~~ Tube Top: Zendaya from Just Be Youtiful~~ Shoes: Italian Shoemakers~~ Scarf: Gibby’s ~~ Bracelet: from the MIM~~ Purse: thrifted from Goodwill

You may not think that a leopard tube top is something a woman over 50 should be wearing. Yet tube tops are all of the rage again, and I figured, I might as well embrace it. Besides, I know I could layer both over and under it.

For our outing, I did keep the vest fastened together (as seen in the top photo) with my Maggie’s Magnet (found on Amazon) so it wasn’t like you even knew I was wearing a tube top. But don’t you love how this print mixing came together?

Besides the tube top, everything is super old. You can see the vest worn here, and the skirt is one I struggled to wear until I started blogging and I used it for a problematic clothing item post. To make the vest stay partway open, I put a skinny scarf through the belt loops and tied it in the back. I really like how it gives the back view more sass.

Pink was my accent color of choice that I used with my shoes, purse, and bracelet.

4 ways of how to wear animal prints for older women

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How to wear animal prints

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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