5 Amazing midlife bloggers

5 Amazing Midlife Bloggers That I Follow

I appreciate each and every share. Thank you!

I had a reader request to know other crafty and inspirational midlife bloggers. There are too many to count, but I thought it would be appropriate to share the ones I, follow (which means I sign up for their emails and you should too).
A couple of these women I have met in person, while the others I follow along to get a wide variety of knowledge.

Quote of the day: “The more you engage, the more you learn about different ways that people believe and worship, the more you can sit next to anyone and be a neighbor.” Jennifer Garner

These are not the only midlife bloggers I follow, but I wanted to give you a wide variety of women that I have been following for years.

When I first started on this blogging journey, there were many more that I kept in touch with regularly, but many have quit blogging for one reason or another.

It’s quite an endeavor to blog regularly. What may look like an easy thing is time-consuming and not free to run. That’s why I always appreciate your support whether it’s shopping through my links or sharing my articles with others.

You might notice that I love sharing what other inspiring women say, do, and think. In fact, if you get my emails regularly, you might recognize some of these women.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve talked about inspiring women. Make sure to check out my other articles.

It’s just one reason you should sign up for the emails below. Besides the free eBook, my email family gets personal tidbits of what’s going on in my life along with other happenings, sales, information, giveaways, extra photos, and interesting articles.

Catherine OGraceo as midlife blogger
Catherine of CatherineGraceO.com


I met Catherine when she started the Facebook group, Forever Fierce-Midlife Matters years ago. As one of the administrators of the group, I love to boast that it’s all about love and kindness. Or as we always say, “No mean girls allowed.”

Catherine herself is an amazing midlife blogger at Catherine GraceO. She believes that midlife is NOT a crisis but a time to be healthy, and a time to heal ourselves from the inside out.

I’ve met Catherine in person many times. She has bold and incredible ideas of how to bring like-minded women together, and I’m always volunteering to help bring those ideas to light.

We have bonded over ways to stay healthy as well as fashion. Recently she was promoting those cold plunges in Puget Sound right outside her door, and I was glad I was living in Arizona. That doesn’t sound like fun to me although I have read the research of how it can be so good for you.

One of my favorite blog posts by Catherine is when she would share Moxie on Monday. This one about “Why Letting Go” is very powerful.

Lesley with healthy food
Lesley of Fabulesley.com


I met Lesley during one of our Forever Fierce midlife women get-togethers. She has a heart of gold and a voice to match it. If you don’t believe me, then listen to her CDs.

Her site is called Fabulesley where as a midlife blogger she shares about food and fashion. At this stage of the game, I love her site for the healthy food recipes which range from everything from salads to soups and even desserts.
Her emails always share insights into her life which is also very inspirational.

One of my favorite recipes of Lesley’s is the 2 Ingredient Healthy Fudge Cake that I’ve shared with you in my emails. We have made it so much that I know it by heart.
Full confession-we add cinnamon and coconut to ours so it’s now a 4 ingredient cake.

KariAnne of Thistlewood Farms
KariAnne of ThistlewoodFarms.com


I met KariAnne when I started taking a couple of webinars sponsored by Upstyle Daily. She is one of those incredible upbeat women with a site called Thistlewood Farms where she shares incredible home decor, organization, and upcycling ideas.

Her articles are super easy to read and it’s more like talking with her. She is always happy to share her knowledge and expertise and has become my favorite home-decorating midlife blogger.

KariAnne always has an eBook or two available for purchase that puts her ideas all in one place but I think my recent favorite blog post is about Decorating a Blank Wall (very appropos since our recent move, eh?)

Lindsey of Have-Clothes-Will-Travel.com


I met Lindsey when she was conducting interviews on her blog and interviewed me over 6-7 years ago. Her site is a mixture of clothes and travel, thus the name Have-Clothes-Will-Travel.

She has not only traveled to faraway places but has lived in many of these places for a year or so at a time. Thus she has insider information about what to do, and where to go and even helps others figure out a great itinerary for their trips to those places.

I think one of my absolute favorite articles from Lindsey is How to Dress Comfortably Yet Stylish for the Heat. It was before my time living in Arizona, but I remembered it well because it was the opposite of what I had imagined. And she is spot on in her information.

Liz With Wonder and Whimsey as midlife blogger
Liz of WithWonderandWhimsey.com


I’ve been following Liz for ages. I know one of my reader friends, Donna is a big supporter of With Wonder and Whimsy also. Even though she is not my size, she has amazing style ideas as well as an occasional home decor post and travel ideas.

In fact, when Lesley from my blog crew was going to visit Savannah, I sent her Liz’s Savannah Travel Guide because I had just skimmed it and was impressed.

Midlife Bloggers

It’s my hope that you enjoy my list of 5 amazing midlife bloggers who I personally follow.

I am a firm believer that we should follow many types of women to give us inspiration. Even though this is my list of favorite midlife bloggers at this present time, I also take advice from younger and older women, women of all different sizes, as well as reading things that at first don’t seem to apply to my situation.

My motto is the more we read and open our minds to different perspectives, the more we grow as a person.
Many of you aren’t as bold in your style as I am, yet I feel blessed that you follow me on my site and I think it can behoove us all in so many ways.

Midlife bloggers who I follow

I hope I thank you enough because your support allows me to continue this journey which I LOVE!!!
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