The 5 Best Posts of 2019 for Jodie’s Touch of Style

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Best Posts of the Year for Jodie's Touch of Style

The 5 Best Posts of 2019 for Jodie’s Touch of Style

I thought it would be interesting to see which were the best posts of 2019 for my site. Truthfully I’m terrible at going back and analyzing these kind of statistics. But after all the fun with the bloopers post, I figured why not?

Quote of the day: “Begin with the end in mind.” Stephen R. Covey

I’ve read Stephen Covey book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, a long time ago so I appreciate his wisdom. Yet, I tend to be willy nilly about what I post. I analyze what we already have in our closets or think about our favorite pieces instead.

It would be smart of me to figure out what you really want to see and the struggles you have. It’s on my list of things to do for the new year. But also feel free to email me anytime (Jodie@Jtouchofstyle.com) with ideas that you would want showcased. Because many times it’s things I haven’t even considered.

For example, Deb once asked me for a post about joggers. And Judy and Rocky have asked about hosiery in the winter. It was Lesley’s idea (before she was a regular on the blog) about what to wear to an upcoming reunion. What I’m trying to say is I take your suggestions to heart. They may not happen a week after you ask, but I write them down and work on them when we can.

Best Blog Posts from 2019

So let me introduce the 5 most popular posts from 2019.

#1- How our Shapeez Bras Smooth out the Bumps

Shapeez bras

This was a sponsored post with Shapeez bras. I had never heard of the company before this. But now, I’m a believer. Seriously, I have only purchased these bras since this post and I have a half a dozen. Since I was writing this, I reached out to ask if I could have a discount code in case you’d like to try it. Use Jodie10 for 10% off from Dec 27-January 13th.

Why? Sure, it’s nice that I don’t see the bra lines anymore. BUT my favorite part is how they aren’t killing me by the end of the day. You know that feeling? The one where you can’t wait to pull off your bra in the evening! This does not happen with Shapeez bras. I think it’s the fact that there is a wider area of coverage as your “band” as the reason.

Do I wear these all the time?

Yes. I wear my Shapeez bras every day except two. The days I don’t wear them is when I get a massage (I don’t want the oil to get on them). And when I’m going to the gym. I know they have sports bras, but I haven’t tried those yet.

And for those of you who think they’d be too hot (Kellyann, this is directed to you), I wore my tankee short when it was 115 degrees here in Arizona. It’s NOT any different than any other kind of bra. (Sure, I didn’t wear the longer ones in the summer, but the short ones were perfect).

The only thing I wish is that they came in more fun colors. Especially because sometimes you can see the back portion on lower cut tops.

Insider tip: The hardest part is the different sizing. If it’s your first time trying them, make sure to not only follow the directions, but if you’re not sure, contact them. They can be very helpful.

#2- Workout Clothes for Women over 50 along with 8 Decades of Style

Workout wear for older women

My fitness clothes for women from 2018 and this post tend to be my highest searched on google. What does that tell me that fitness and workout posts are popular? That us older women are looking for inspiration and guidance along with staying healthy.

I’ve actually reached out to a couple of workout gear companies because I think it could be beneficial to showcase older women in their products. We can all relate better when you see the items on people who look more like you. So I will keep trying and creating posts like this because we all need to keep moving.

Insider tip: Workout gear could be something we don’t update regularly because we hate to spend money on things we are only going to sweat in. However, the better we look, the better we feel. And that applies to working out too.

#3- The Struggle with Feminine Dryness after Menopause

Feminine dryness

This is not the normal fashion post, yet it obviously hit a nerve with many women. In fact, my friend Lisa, also just blogged about this very subject. My experience was with the procedure Cliovana, whereas Lisa is talking about a natural product to use.

All in all, it’s certainly a subject that all women deal with at this stage of the game. While we’ve learned to talk about life experiences like hot flashes and struggles with memory loss, feminine dryness seems to still be kept hush hush.

Insider tip: I’m sure there are many other options to help with this issue. But we won’t know until we ask others. Friends are friends for a reason, so have a glass of wine and ask.

#4-What Exactly is Frumpy?

This is always an interesting question. You can tell because this post got over 150 shares. What I’ve hypothesized is it is not ONE DETAIL that makes a person look frumpy. It’s a combination of things along with the attitude.

In fact, the Ageless Style group will be addressing a topic similar to this in January, so keep your eye peeled.

Insider tip: Having items that fit you is key. Stop expecting to find the perfect fit right off the rack. It’s more rare than you think. Spend the money to get things altered or learn to do some of your own. I wrote a post including the 7 easy alterations anyone can do.

#5- Wearing our Compression Socks for Health with Go2 Socks

Go2 Compression socks

Here’s another sponsored post that is in the top 5 blog posts for 2019. Which goes to show that I truly like to work with companies that can be a benefit to you and me. It’s always such a joy to find products that are going to make our life better.

While I don’t expect us to wear our compression socks so everyone can see them like the above photo, at least they are cute. If you’re like me, you remember these kinds of socks as ugly and the last thing you want to wear.

But now companies are making them with fun prints. And not all of them are SUPER tight. Both my husband and I bought more of these socks, and we always try to wear them when we fly. I also will wear them around the house to help my legs and for the prevention of varicose veins.

These were great in Denver, when I was always freezing. Yet I just wore them recently in Arizona too, when we attended an outside lighting event. And they don’t cost an arm and a leg. You should still be able to use the discount code, Jodie25, for 25% off (not on sale socks) if you are interested.

Insider tip: Have you thought about wearing compression socks when you work out? They even have a no show ankle sock pair available.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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