5 Colorful Ways to Wear Mustard Yellow Jeans

5 Colorful Ways to Wear Mustard Yellow Jeans

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Mustard yellow jeans

5 Colorful Ways to Wear Mustard Yellow Jeans

As someone who loves yellow, I was surprised that I didn’t have mustard yellow jeans in my closet. Granted, I didn’t have much of the color in any of my clothing for some reason. So I’m making up for that shortage and adding mustard yellow to my closet. I started with these jeans and thought I’d use my color recipe to figure out what would look great with them.

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This week on the blog has been all about color in some form or another, so it’s a perfect time to use my color recipe.
What is my color recipe? I came up with the idea when friends would ask what they could wear with a new item. So I figured it would be nice to have a formula for color combinations.

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This Pair of Mustard Yellow Jeans

I bought this pair of mustard yellow jeans from Old Navy. They are the Rockstar version, and while they aren’t available in this color anymore, they always have the “seasonal colors” for sale.
Do I love them? They are okay. I’ve heard many others tout Old Navy jeans, yet I found this pair sagged or creased quite a bit. Not that I won’t wear them, but I would try another style next time.

After my extensive research into finding jeans that don’t become saggy, I had even looked at the material before I purchased these online. It goes to show as I talked about in the blog post, that all materials aren’t created equal.

However, they are still a wonderful color in which to use my color recipe formula.
So here’s the color recipe/formula to use for any color you want to create an outfit around.
1-Light Neutral
2-Dark Neutral
3-Light Color
4-Dark Color
5-A Print with the Color in it

Neutral color with jeans

A Light Neutral with Mustard Yellow Jeans

Sure, I could have chosen white for this category, but I wanted to give off more of a fall vibe. But a light neutral could be anything from white, ivory, light grey, to a light wash of denim.
When you google neutrals you are not going to find denim, I bet. Yet, we all wear denim with anything, so I’m calling it a neutral. The best thing is that denim comes in so many different washes too, so you can have it as a light, medium, or dark shade.

Adding color to neutrals

Dark Neutral

Even thought the category is dark neutral, you can incorporate a print as part of the recipe too. It’s just the idea of what colors would go wonderfully with the items you are trying to style.
These mustard color jeans would be great with any of the dark neutrals like navy, black, charcoal or dark brown. And that’s what this top is… a dark brown print.

Of course I had to add in a bright color for the footwear and accessories!!

Warm colors with mustard yellow jeans

Onto the Light Colors

The hard part for many people of combining colors in an outfit is putting 2 different colors together and worrying if they “go”. Let me just say, that you will never know until you try. So stop always only pairing the same colors together and try some new combinations!!

For my light color pairing with the mustard color jeans, I chose a light orange almost peachy color. It’s definitely not a pair I would normally think about. Yet when I held them up together, I liked how it reminded me of orange sherbet.

Insider tip: If you’re not 100% sure if the color combination really works, add a layer in a neutral color. It takes the focus off the 2 colors. That’s what I did with the ivory moto jacket above.

Dark color with mustard yellow jeans

Dark Color

For my dark color I chose an olive green. Since this green top was a tad more revealing than I was comfortable with, I added a cami. Except I didn’t. That leopard “cami” is really a Ruby Ribbon bra. I’ve been researching comfortable bras and have SO much information for you. This one will be part of that post so keep your eyes peeled.

Insider tip: One way to get inspiration about color combinations is to look at your favorite paintings or even mother nature. For example, this yellow reminds me of leaves on a tree, so I used that inspiration for the dark color category.

Adding a print in with mustard yellow jeans

Print Piece

Now this is probably the easiest piece of the recipe for most of you. Finding a print top with the same color in it is how we learned to style pieces. But I’m going out on a limb on this one to show how the color doesn’t have to be exact!!
This color block top does not have that exact same mustard yellow in it like the jeans. The one block is somewhat yellow but in real life it’s almost a chartreuse.

It’s a good reminder that the colors don’t have to match exactly. They just have to “go”. And while that saying is confusing to some, I think it’s that subjective property about color. It’s not an exact science!
Remember Lesley’s cardigan with her lime green skort? The cardigan didn’t have lime green in it, but the green that was in it complimented it so that it looked wonderful.

So what do you think? What colors would you wear with these mustard yellow jeans?

5 ways to wear mustard yellow jeans

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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