Getting creative with ways to wear a wrap silk skirt

5+ Creative Ways to Wear a Wrap Silk Skirt

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If there’s one thing I absolutely love it’s finding clothing that can be versatile not only in color combinations but also in ways to wear it. And that’s exactly what these wrap silk skirts provide. An incredible amount of ways to wear them as we will show you.
The secret?? STOP thinking about it as a skirt. It’s basically a rectangular piece of material that can be tied, wrapped, and made into all kinds of clothing options.

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Quote of the day: “Fear of failure destroys creativity.” Robert Iger

Ways to Wear a Wrap Silk Skirt
1-More about these wrap silk skirts
2-Two ruffle skirt-Charlotte
3-Four ruffle skirt-Lesley
5-Dresses Options

I think this kind of item is wonderful not just because it makes your closet bigger, but think of how great it would be when traveling. You could wear it almost every day on your trip, and have it be different each time.

I’m not going to showcase each and every way to get creative with this kind of item, but let me give you some examples and show how it works no matter our age or size.
BTW, we are all under 5’4″ and range from size 0-14.

Let me also say, these skirts are right on trend since we know that tiered dresses and skirts are all the rage.

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Different size women on ways to wear a wrap silk skirt

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More About These Wrap Silk Skirts

The three of us purchased these wrap silk skirts from our new favorite local boutique. Even though the boutique has an online store, these silk skirts are not available on her site. (but if you do find something in her store either online or brick and mortar, make sure to save some money with the discount Jtouch15)
But don’t fret. I found a bunch of different options for you instead.

What makes these skirts incredible is the fact they are upcycled from silk saris. What that means is the silk has been repurposed from different saris and made into these 2 and 4-layer “skirts”.
And what’s even better is how they are all unique. I can’t imagine that you will find two that are the same.

What I found in my research is that most of the ones for sale are the 2-layer ones like Charlotte is wearing. I didn’t have as much luck finding the ones with 4-layers as Lesley and I have. But that can change over time, I suppose.
BTW, our skirts all have a slit in the waistband for the tie to go through. I do not know if they are all made that way.

You can always search on Etsy for a wrap silk skirt.
Or these shops were selling them
1-2-layer skirt 22″ long
2-2-layer skirt 36″ long
3-Plus size 36″ long
PSSST…they are not expensive!!

Some of the vendors also were selling them in bulk orders too, if you happened to want more than one. But the primary thing I noticed, is that you didn’t get a choice of the color/print.
While you may think this is a disadvantage, then again, you could think of it as a surprise like a gift at Christmas.

Insider tip: If you do order one and you get a color that you aren’t sure how to style, then start with neutrals. White, grey, navy, and black usually go with everything. Or experiment with wearing it as a dress so you don’t need another item from your closet.

The advantage of silk is that it’s lightweight. This makes it easier to wear when it’s hot. It also dries quickly, so when I wore mine as a dress, I just hand-washed the portion near my underarms, and it dried by the next day.

Let me give a shout-out to my friend, MK, who has also blogged about this “Magic Skirt” in the past (see her article here). Her skirt is similar to my mom’s in that it is a 2-layer sari skirt, and she is wearing it as a dress in the below photo.

Now if you are wondering about all of the ways to wear a wrap silk skirt, then I found this great pamphlet here. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like any of this site’s skirts are in stock, but check the Etsy links above. And I bet there are even more ways to wear it.

Two Ruffle Skirt: Charlotte

Reversible wrap silk skirt

Charlotte wore this as advertised, as a wrap skirt. She has worn it with both sides exposed. The lighter blue side is the longer piece so you don’t notice the other material this way (unless it blows in the wind as my mom is showing).
In her other example above, you can see the shorter piece on top of this lighter material.

For both of these outfits, my mom wore the same t-shirt as a color to contrast with the print. In one example she tucked in the top, and in the other, she knotted it with an ortho elastic (found on Amazon).

Now hopefully, she will experiment with other colors for this kind of outfit like white, yellow, navy, or grey. Heck, I think it would work with print mixing too especially since the one side IS print mixed.

Accessories Worn

My mom wore her turquoise accessories and even a multi-colored bracelet. Since the predominant color in this layer of the skirt is turquoise, the turquoise necklace is a great contrast to the peach-colored t-shirt.

The orange flat shoes aren’t an exact match to the color of the flowers in the skirt OR the t-shirt, but they blend well with the overall look.

Woman over 80 fashion and style

Four Ruffle Skirt: Lesley

4 layer wrap silk skirt
Skirt: no label-Just Be Youtiful ~~ Top: Eimin-Amazon~~ Shoes: City Classified-Bealls ~~ Scarf: ~~ Necklace: Coldwater Creek ~~ Bracelet: ~~ Purse: no label-from an estate sale

You can see how Lesley’s skirt has 4 layers of material instead of only 2 like Charlotte’s. Because the layers are silk, they are not bulky, but having the extra layers like this gives you many different options when you are figuring out ways to wear this wrap silk skirt.

Lesley also wore it as advertised as a wrap skirt. Now if Lesley would turn the skirt around to wear it the reverse way, you would only see the underneath material because all of the other layers would be against her body.

Lesley also commented that she turned the skirt to make the overlap in the front where she didn’t mind a flash of leg if it blew open.

Wrap silk skirt for women over 70

Top to Wear with a Silk Wrap Skirt

Since the skirt is a mixture of yellows and gold, Lesley wore a yellow top.
One thing I’d love to point out is how Lesley “matched” the material of her top with a silky material to go with the silk skirt.
Yet Charlotte wore a cotton top with her silk skirt.

Insider tip: You CAN mix materials when creating an outfit. In fact, it is much more interesting that way, than to always wear the same two materials together.

The other detail is that Lesley wore a pair of shorts under the skirt. She did this to prevent any wardrobe malfunction as well as guard against chub rub.
She also reinforced the skirt ties with magnets (found on Amazon) to make sure they would stay together.

Accessories for Lesley

Even though Lesley is wearing a halter-style top, she still added a blue necklace that ties in the blue from the skirt so well.
But she didn’t stop there and brought along a blue purse and blue scarf (as a topper for inside the air-conditioned places).

While I think yellow shoes are the perfect pop of color for so many summer outfits, they can also act as a great matching element if you like yellow skirts, dresses, or pants.

And notice Lesley’s fabulous gold cuff bracelet. This is the type of bracelet that can add a statement to any look.

Halter top for woman over 70

I wanted to show the comparison of the skirt with the layers of material on the outside vs the inside. My skirt is yellow based also but with different materials and blends of colors.
That’s the best part about these skirts is how they are all so unique.

Sarong Style

Wearing a skirt over a dress

This way of tying the skirt isn’t highly different than the normal way to wrap it, but I like it if you are wearing it more as a sarong or cover-up.

Normally, you have the tie from one side go through the slit in the waistband so it will lie flat when they overlap.
But you can also just bring the ties/ends together and knot them, which is faster.

Converting the Skirt to Make Different Dresses

There is more than one way to convert the skirt into a dress. Not only are there these three ways I’m showing, but you can have it be strapless or change up how it’s tied around your neck.
And remember, because the skirt is reversible, it can look different depending on which material is facing out.

The two examples above create a longer (midi) style dress because I create them with the skirt right side up. Now, this can be confusing, but what I mean is you think of a skirt with a waistband at the top and the hem at the bottom. That is what I consider right side up.

HOWEVER, for the dress detailed photos below, I grabbed the hem to place at my shoulder and then pulled up the waistband to make my dress. That’s why it’s shorter–just below knee length.

Make a dress from a wrap silk skirt
Dress: no label-Just Be Youtiful ~~ Shoes: Via Spiga -thrifted ~~ Bracelet: Seattle airport~~ Earrings: Tak Creations~~ Purse: no label –added a scarf inside
Woman over 50 style

One Shoulder Trend

Personally, I never used to love the one-shoulder or off-the-shoulder items because of the bra issue. Although I have used a traditional bra with adjustable straps in the past for one-shoulder tops because you can remove one strap and the bra still works pretty well.

For me, that has all changed since I researched over 10 different strapless bras (in this article), and found the adhesive ones. At first, I loved the individual fashion forms, but luckily I kept trying new ones and discovered my new favorite (for now) which is Gatherall.
In fact, I am working on a post for next spring about different sticky bras to compare and review more types and brands.

You just have to love technology and the inventiveness of people that make our clothing issues non-existent.


Since there is so much color with this 4-tier dress, I decided to stick with the same colors for my accessories and/or add in neutrals.

My shoes are rose gold sandals (purchased secondhand) and I added my removable sticky insoles (found on Amazon) since we would be walking for the day. Since the insoles are clear, you just don’t see them, even though they stick out in width a bit.

Insider tip: Here’s another way to wear your scarves in the summer. Use them in/on your purse. You can tie them to the strap, wrap them around your strap (as I’ve shown here) or for the clear purses, have them be the inside portion.

Yellow and green wrap silk skirt

Wear it as a Top

Ways to wear a wrap silk skirt as a top

One of the ways to wear a wrap silk skirt is as a top. In a way, it’s no different than when I wore my elastic waistband skirt as a top (among 3 other ways).

This is not my favorite look out of all of these. But that won’t stop me from trying it again. There are other ways to make this work.

Ways To Wear a Wrap Silk Skirt: As a Kimono/Jacket

Using the skirt as a topper is another great idea for ways to wear these wrap silk skirts. You could leave it open or “attach” it together with a magnet.

Insider tip: These magnets are extremely versatile for many ways to close certain clothing or even just for decoration, as I’ve showcased in this article. They aren’t something you need every day, but they are lifesavers in certain instances. I never travel without mine now!

Let me reiterate, there are many other ways to wear a wrap silk skirt like this one because it’s not sewn together, and you get to be the boss of your clothes. If you get one and wear it, I’d love to see your photos!!

Ways to wear a wrap silk skirt on 3 different models
Over 5 ways to wear a wrap silk skirt

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

My Goal

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I feel I’m here to help move beyond the fashion rules of yesterday and evolve. Style and clothes are made to give you joy. Not cause us stress because we are worried about what others think.

My hope is that you get ideas and inspiration from Charlotte, Lesley, and myself. It’s not about copying what we wear, but about using what you already have and updating items along the way.
Most of all it’s getting us to think differently and dare I say, have fun?

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