5 Different Brown Ankle Boots Outfit Ideas

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5 Different Brown Ankle Boots Outfit Ideas

Finding 5 different brown ankle boots outfit ideas wasn’t hard. Because we all know that brown is a great neutral. Yet I know that some women struggle with changing it up especially with booties.

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I bought these booties last year at Target. Granted, I may not have called them booties per se. To me they are more of a flat. But for Target they must have been quite popular because they are back for another season. Heck, they come in 5 other colors too, including grey and black, so check them out. And yes, they are comfortable. Sure, not as comfortable as Walking Cradles shoes with the pillow in the insoles, but they don’t rub on my ankles like a similar pair I tried did.

Even if they weren’t being sold again, I wanted to show you how versatile they could be. From a very casual outfit, to dress up and everything in between.


Booties and shorts

While you may not be thinking shorts at this time of the year (or any time), this would be just as easy with navy pants. However, if you do wear shorts, I do think these shoes are open enough on the sides to work for the warmer seasons too.

What I wanted to showcase was there doesn’t need to be brown in your outfit for the footwear to look good with it. I did keep my jacket more muted (this is a Peach jacket from last year) but the top underneath is brighter.

Sure, I threw in some brown with my purse, but you wouldn’t have to. The print of the purse isn’t the same cognac brown anyways.


Brown ankle boots outfit ideas with jeans

Of course we all know that jeans go with everything. I cuffed this pair of Mott & Bow jeans to show off the shoes more.

For this outfit I tried to create a column of color under the mustard cardigan. Mustard yellow is a trending color right now, and it works nicely with cognac brown.

Work Outfit

Brown ankle boots outfit ideas

These are shoes that could be easily paired with many office appropriate outfits.

Again, I kept the outfit in a totally different color scheme yet added in brown accessories. My Peach necklace is tortoise shell colored and I wore a wood cuff bracelet.

Now when I was working I couldn’t have worn either of these accessories. Long necklaces were a no-no as a dentist. They would swing into patient’s faces when I was working on their teeth, and for some reason patients hated that, LOL!

Disco Outfit

Wide legged pants

I call this my disco outfit only because that’s what it reminds me of. But you could call it your going out on the town outfit.

These pieces are both new to me. It was on our first blog outing here in Arizona, when we went into Scottsdale. It’s where my mom found a belt that she bought too. And even though it was Scottsdale, these were on huge sale. I think I paid $15 for both of them. Now they are REALLY out of my usual style, but I figured it’s only fair to push myself, since I try to push you.

This pair of booties seems to work great even with the wider legged pants. It could be helpful that they are cut out on the sides. Then again the pointed toe could be another reason.

Dress Up

A skirt and brown ankle boots outfit ideas

I’ve heard women complain that they can’t wear skirts or dresses now that they don’t wear heels. And I think that’s hogwash. That whole idea that you NEED to make your legs look longer is ridiculous. If you are still thinking that way, please review my Perfectly Imperfect post.

BUT, I will say that the way this bootie angles in the front could alleviate some of your hesitation in wearing a flat with a skirt.

I will rationalize that even though the outfit is light in color (with my Peach moto jacket), that the darker shoe grounds it. Especially with the fall season upon us. And then I threw in some unrelated colors with my purse and these fabulous bracelets from National. You can still use the code Natl20jodie for 20% off at National’s site until November 10, 2019.

5 Different Brown Ankle Boots Outfit Ideas

So tell me what you like or don’t like about these booties. It’s funny because if you read the reviews you will see one person said to size up and another said to size down. I went with my normal size and they are great. But the nice thing is that returns to Target are a breeze.

You should also check out how my friend Kathrine wore her tan booties. It goes to show what a great basic item they really are.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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