5 Different Outfits with a Kimono

Different outfits with a kimono

5 Different Outfits with a Kimono

I just love the idea of finding many different ways to wear the same piece of clothing and this time I experimented by styling outfits with the same kimono. If you haven’t tried a kimono yet, I hope this will give you the push.

Quote of the day: “The human mind treats a new idea the way a body treats a strange protein; it rejects it.” Peter Medawar

I guess if it’s one thing I learned as a dentist, it’s that I can’t talk you into something you don’t want or believe. That’s why I laughed at this quote. Yet this isn’t the first time we’ve discussed kimonos on the blog.

The first time I saw a kimono, it reminded me too much of a bathrobe. Yet, for someone like me who needs a topper in the summer when I go into stores, this item fits the bill perfectly. It’s coverage without being too heavy. So after seeing them more and more, I decided to try one out. Needless to say I have at least three right now.

Kimono with White Jeans

Outfits with a kimono for women over 50

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Since the warmer weather is the time most of us pull out our white jeans, any colored kimono would work well with them. For this example, I wanted to showcase a normal jeans and t-shirt look. To me, adding in the kimono gives it some pizzazz.

I tried to use the belt bag to keep the kimono in place, and it worked pretty good. There was a little bit of adjusting it occasionally. And while I don’t carry my belt bag every day, I have to admit that I’m hooked on the style. At least I didn’t have to worry about leaving my purse at the restaurant (or am I the only one that has done that?)

Kimono with a Dress

Kimono with a dress

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I feel like a kimono is the perfect piece that can be dressy or casual without a second thought. For example by pairing it with a dress. Especially a somewhat tighter dress like this one.

Even though it was a warm day outside, I knew that inside the restaurant would be somewhat chilly, which is why I added in the white booties. The last time we all wore our white boots it was winter, yet I love them all year round.

Kimono with a Column of Color

Outfits with a kimono showcasing a column of color

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Wearing any topper over a column of color seems universally flattering. Whether that column of color is white, black or anything else. I’ve done this before with another kimono and white.

And these culottes are great for the warmer weather since they aren’t so tight. This particular pair is from Peach, who I’ve started working with as an ambassador. I’ve ended up wearing them quite a bit since getting them because they are so versatile and comfy.

Layering over a Kimono

Can you layer over a kimono

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I heard one woman comment that she didn’t like kimonos because they were too hard to layer over when she got cold. Of course that made me want to experiment with that idea.

So I layered my Peach brand ruana over the kimono. While I adore my ruana because it can be worn so many ways (like I showed here), this outfit seems awkward. Maybe if I hadn’t tied it up on the side it would have been better? Yet in person, when it wasn’t tied up, it seemed overwhelming.

In saying that, I still think the idea of layering over some kimonos can be done successfully. And I’m sure I’ll be trying it again to prove that.

Kimono with Shorts

Kimono with shorts

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For this casual style of outfits with a kimono, I wanted to try some print mixing. The last time I wore this same kimono on the blog, I tried it with my pink gingham top. I also added in ankle boots to the shorts like I experimented with recently.

To me the kimono almost seemed to overpower the shorts at first, so I tied the ends into knots if you look closely. The kimono is still longer in the back slightly, but I liked the proportions better this way.

The funny thing is later that day, I changed into jeans, and I felt that the tied ends didn’t look right with the longer bottoms. So I untied them.

Ways to style a kimono

What I didn’t showcase here is the fact that your kimono can also be worn as a swim suit cover up!! That’s why I consider it perfect for taking on a beach trip!

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo


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