5 Different Ways of How to Wear a Pearl Necklace

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Having fun wearing a pearl necklace

5 Different Ways of How to Wear a Pearl Necklace

We all know the traditional way of how to wear a pearl necklace. However, I always think our pearl necklaces are one of those pieces we “save.” And the older I get, the more I realize that life is too short, and we need to treat everyday as a gift.

Quote of the day: “People say that you’re going the wrong way, when it’s simply a way of your own.” Angelina Jolie

Granted, many of these ways of how to wear a pearl necklace may seem “wrong” by the standards we learned as young girls. Pearls were passed down from generation to generation and worn to those dressy events only.
Then again, as we’ve gotten older, our dressy events don’t seem to happen as often. Yet it’s a shame to leave these sentimental pieces in a drawer.

So here I am to push you out of your comfort zone and see if you’ll wear these items that have been collecting dust. FYI, the long pearl necklace I’m wearing in many of these photos is one I bought secondhand this winter. I’m also wearing my “real” pearl necklace that was made from the pearls from my mother’s wedding in one photo, and then a clustered pearl necklace in another.

Let me list the 5 ways of how to wear a pearl necklace, and then you can explore them in more detail below.
2-With a Graphic Tee
3-Over a Blouse
4-Adding a Pin to the Necklace
5-With a Scarf

Wear Your Pearls Layered

Layering your pearl necklace

First let’s start by layering your pearl necklace. In this outfit, I have on my “real” pearl necklace along with the faux long one. Then I included both a plain gold necklace and a gold and clear bauble one to pull them all together. This example of layering is the kind I’m used to where each necklace is a different length.

Insider tip: Knotting a long necklace can make it less overwhelming.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may also have seen an example of another way to layer necklaces. You should definitely check it out because I included my real pearl necklace in that post too. This idea was inspired by Lesley’s necklace that she wore recently. Even if you don’t include your pearl necklace, I bet you too could create something like this.

Other info about my outfit

This dress was worn on the blog last summer with a scarf at the waist.
These shoes are a favorite because of the print and the smaller heel. In fact, when I first started blogging, I didn’t have any other floral pieces in my closet. While these aren’t your traditional floral print, I used them in our floral theme as an abstract floral pattern.
And the colorful earrings are from Alison + Aubrey. It looks like they aren’t in stock anymore, but they still have the rainbow stone ones that I also have.

How to Wear a Pearl Necklace with a Graphic Tee

How to wear a pearl necklace with a tee

I always love the idea of showcasing a statement necklace with a graphic tee. In fact, I twisted my mother’s arm to wear the combination both here and here on the blog.
If you’re not sure about this idea, then do what I did here. Wear your pearl necklace with a white t-shirt so it blends in. Then it’s more like a fun surprise when you are up close to people (when we don’t have to be 6 feet apart).

Other info about my outfit

The message on this tee is: “It’s Fierce to be Kind” and is the motto of our Forever Fierce Facebook group. You too can have a t-shirt with this message and others.
Pink and green is one of my favorite color combinations. The three of us have styled this color combination on the blog in the past.

Pearls and a Blouse

How to wear a pearl necklace casually

This is one of my favorite ways to add sass to a blouse. In fact, you can see that I styled this same necklace with my denim shirt. You’ll notice in that post that I also wore a sparkly, statement necklace with it too.

Insider tip: If you don’t have a necklace that is clustered or thick like this to stand out when worn with a blouse, this would be the perfect time to layer the ones you have.

Other info about my outfit

I have become a hat hoarder. It makes a bad hair day not as stressful. While the summer months are perfect for my straw hats, I have purchased a couple of berets too. The advantage of a beret is they also pack easier in a suitcase when traveling.
This leather jacket is one I’ve styled 5 different ways before. It’s custom made to the measurements you provide and a very reasonable price for such a service through a company called The Jacket Maker.

Can You Decorate your Pearl Necklace?

Adding a pin to a pearl necklace

This idea was inspired by Charlotte. She has an enhancer that she’s worn on her pearl necklace in a previous post. If you’re interested to see what an enhancer looks like up close, here is one I found at Nordstrom.
Since I didn’t have one of these in my collection (shocking, I know), I decided to make my own with one of my many brooches.

Insider tip: Another item that could work to hang on your necklace would be a scarf clip. If you notice in our previous post about scarf charms, there are many that would slide over the pearls if there is a clasp on the necklace. Another idea could be one of your rings.

Other info about my outfit

I did not knit the poncho, but I should make myself one like this. The last one I knit turned out wonky. Which is one of the disadvantages of knitting your own pieces…they don’t always turn out perfect.
I’ve had these cargo pants for over 10 years. I keep them because I like how the pockets are very flat.

A Different Kind of Layering

How to wear a pearl necklace knotted

While we already discussed layering necklaces together, another idea is to layer a scarf and a necklace. Lesley always does this easily by having her scarf hang down lower than the necklace. Therefore, I thought I’d try it with my scarf near my face, and the necklace hanging below it.
Then again I also think you could co mingle them together. If you try that, make sure to share with me.

Other info about my outfit

This sheer top is one Charlotte made for me as a copy of the tunics we modeled for Brooks Luby, a designer we knew in Denver.
It’s a perfect top for my Go2 Compression leggings. These are still available for a steal, plus my discount of 25% off with the code JODIE25. If you want to read our reviews of these leggings, feel free to visit the blog posts (and click to the other two from this one also).
I have been wanting a pair of gingham shoes for years. My mom bought these at Goodwill last summer, but then found they didn’t stay on. So she gave them to me. As much as I love them, they just don’t fit well. I blame Walking Cradles for spoiling me with such comfortable shoes. Needless to say I donated these shoes to DSW right after these photos. Did you know every time you donate a pair at DSW, you get points to use? Plus the shoes go to Soles4Souls.

5 ways on how to wear a pearl necklace

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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