Faux leather leggings for women over 50

5 Faux Leather Leggings Outfits: Simplified and Practical Methods for Styling

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Faux leather leggings outfits may be something you think is too bold or young. But I’m here to say that there is no reason you can’t rock the looks no matter what age group you fall into.
I’ve come up with easy and modest ways to style these looks that are really no different than your usual leggings outfits.

5 Different Faux Leather Leggings Outfits & Footwear
1-Long cardigan & lug booties
2-Pretend leggings are tights & ankle boots
3-Tunic sweater & hi-top sneakers
4-Long vest & tall boots
5-Shacket & loafers

Quote of the day: “It is sometimes expedient to forget what you know.” Publilius Syrus

The quote reminds me that it can be better if you throw out the fashion rules and stop thinking there are “things” that older women shouldn’t wear. Our age is just a number that shouldn’t have a bearing on our personal style.
BTW, this idea for a post was because of a request from a much younger friend.

Even if you aren’t interested in faux leather leggings outfits, these ideas will work with any tight pants or leggings. My goal is to teach you to style what you have in your closet as opposed to having you purchase new products all of the time.

As part of this subject, I’m also providing 5 different options of footwear choices to wear with the faux leather leggings outfits. I’ll include that information with each choice.

Leggings: Peach ~~ Cardigan: BelleLily c/o ~~ Top: Kaktus c/o~~ Boots: Jambu c/o~~Necklace: Handmade by a friend~~ Glasses: Zenni~~Socks: Sheec socks

1-Long Cardigan

Since most women like the idea of having their bum covered when wearing leggings, a longer cardigan is the perfect third piece. While the one I am showcasing here is duster length, the mid-thigh length ones like we showed earlier this fall would be just as good.

The question of what to wear under the cardigan is dependent on how comfortable you are with the front of your body. You could always fasten your cardigan if you want coverage in the front.
Here’s another long duster example with these same leggings.

Insider tip: If your cardigan doesn’t have closures, you can use a magnet designed for such a purpose (found on Amazon here).

Lug Booties with the Faux Leather Leggings Outfit

For this faux leather leggings outfit, I put on a pair of lug booties. This chunkier sole is trendy right now and can be beneficial if you are tromping through the snow.
This exact pair of boots is from Jambu called the “Eagle”.

You could easily wear this with combat or snow boots too which also tend to be chunkier.

Wear leggings as tights

Skirt: I knit it~~ Leggings: Peach~~ Top: Nordstrom ~~ Boots: given to me by my cousin~~ Necklace: Pam Neri Necklaces ~~ Socks: Sheec socks

2-Pretend Leggings are Tights

Many leggings are really no different than footless tights. I always figure that you can wear them under your skirts and dresses in the winter for a tad more coverage.

Remember if it’s really cold there are even fleece-lined tights or leggings to keep you warmer.

Insider tip: If you do have a short skirt and want to be more modest, I have written about 5 ways to make this happen.

Wedge Ankle Boots

This pair of ankle boots have a higher shaft which can make you feel more covered. It’s nice to have a variety of different heights of ankle boots if they are something you wear a lot. Especially in the colors that go with everything in your wardrobe.

You can see how all three of us styled black booties in different outfits.

Leggings: Peach~~ Sweater: Cabi-thrifted ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o~~ Necklace: given to me by mom~~ Hat: Given to me by a friend~~ Purse: Tommy Hilfiger-thrifted~~Glasses: VoogueMe~~ Socks: Sheec socks

3-Tunic Sweater

Tunics are the obvious answer to what to wear with any leggings. So when it gets chilly, it’s nice to have tunic-length sweaters just for this combination.

I found this asymmetrical sweater while thrifting and the textures and buckles give it interest from both the front and the back. This brand is called Cabi, and I adore many of its items. Needless to say, it’s easier on my wallet when I get them secondhand.

Insider tip: Just as many people see your back view so make sure it’s just as interesting as the front view.

This outfit is very neutral so I added pops of color with my purse, earrings, and glasses.

Hi-Top Sneakers

Any sneaker would work with faux leather leggings, but I love the extra coverage for the winter with hi-top ones. These sneakers are the “Osmond” from Walking Cradles and they come in 6 other prints/colors.
I consider these to have the comfort of a sneaker while looking like an ankle boot.

Add a long vest with faux leather leggings outfits

Leggings: Peach~~ Vest: Belong Lifestyle USA~~ Sweater: Cabi-thrifted~~ Boots: ~~ Earrings: Francescas~~ Socks: Go2 compression socks ~~ Glasses: GlassesShop (use code GSHOT35 for 35% off)

4-Long Vest

Now it’s just as easy to throw on a long vest instead of a cardigan. I wore this green, fuzzy vest over the Cabi sweater and added a cluster of brooches to it.

The brighter color in my outfit comes from the earrings and my brooches. If I felt that I needed a third bright piece to make it look more intentional, I could easily grab my yellow purse.

Over the Knee Boots with Faux Leather Leggings

Whether you prefer knee-high boots or over-the-knee boots, these taller boots are going to give you extra warmth for the colder months. On top of that, it adds another layer of modesty, and if you aren’t yet comfortable with the idea of leggings, you’re really not showing them as much this way.

Leggings: Peach ~~ Shacket: Jach’s Girlfriend-thrifted ~~ Top: Banana Republic Factory~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o ~~ Earrings: Theresa Rose Designs~~ Purse: Tommy Hilfiger-thrifted~~ Socks: Sheec socks


The shacket idea as one of the faux leather leggings outfits was discussed in detail here. Shackets have made the rounds again as a cross between a jacket and shirt. Many of them are oversized and thus work wonderfully with any faux leather leggings outfits.

I even showed how you can take the shacket off and still remain modest. I wrapped the shacket around my waist.
Did I worry that wrapping the shirt around my waist made my butt look bigger? Of course not because a big butt is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, if that were the case, J. Lo and Kim Kardashian wouldn’t be so popular.

Loafers or Flats with Leggings

If you don’t mind some bare ankle and foot showing, then your faux leather leggings outfits can work with loafers or any type of flat shoe.

Why Faux Leather Leggings Outfits?

The leather or faux leather leggings are a modern version of the black leggings that we have become accustomed to wearing.

It only makes sense that retailers would find another option since black leggings have been super popular for every age group. And don’t feel like you have to get them only in black. There are a lot of interesting and other colors available.

Does the shiny aspect of the faux leather (or real leather) intimidate you?? I felt that way at first, so I understand. Yet not all faux leather is super shiny. For example, my pair has a matte finish instead.
Many of my friends felt the same way thinking faux leather leggings were out of their comfort zone. Until they tried them and now they love them.

I think finding pieces that make us feel a bit bold and special are good. Whether or not that’s the faux leather trend or something else, I can help you find ways to style it.

Are Leggings Still In Style?

Since we are seeing the jean silhouette changing from skinny jeans to incorporate wider leg styles, I had a question about why would these faux leather leggings outfits be showcased in the first place? Maybe it’s because the skinny jeans are taking a back seat to some of the other styles of jeans, that we are seeing these more. We have gotten used to seeing a “skinny leg” and it’s not a bad thing.

And since the leggings trend has been going strong for years now, I think this is the way it is evolving. All styles evolve over time, and we all realize that we should evolve also. That doesn’t mean we have to buy all of the new styles, but if you love your leggings, then you might want to dip your toe into wearing the leather leggings.

If you wear leggings on repeat, you probably already know these practical tips to wear them. And because of this your closet already has these items that would work wonderfully with the faux leather leggings versions.

Faux leather leggings outfits

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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