5 Ideas of What to Wear Under a Long Kimono

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Green and tan

5 Ideas of What to Wear Under a Long Kimono

I wasn’t sure about what to wear under a long kimono at first, so I thought I would try out 5 different options for this post. You know me, I like to showcase variety with my pieces.

Quote of the day: “Most big transformations come about from the hundreds of tiny, almost imperceptible, steps we take along the way.” Lori Gottlieb

As some background about this long kimono, I had one in the past, but gave it away. I tend to like the shorter kimonos better as you’ve seen on the blog. Yet, I know from other examples from the past that we shouldn’t give up on an entire style because of one piece. Many times it is the material, how it’s put together or a load of other details that makes it work or not work.

For my examples of what to wear under a long kimono, I varied them from long to short. Not only did I change up the length of the pieces under this kimono, I also wanted to showcase various color combinations. Make sure to tell me your favorites.
2-Midi Dress

More details about this particular kimono below along with lots of options for you too.

What to Wear Under a Long Kimono-Pants

What to wear under a long kimono with pants

First I wanted to start with something that is longer than this kimono. Since I had just styled a column of white under a jacket (when I styled my belt bag 5 ways), I decided to add some green to this look.
I kept the shoes the same color as the kimono and pulled in the green with my purse.

Details about the Outfit

This top is a recent purchase from Poshmark. If you haven’t heard about Poshmark it’s basically an online thrift store. How it works is there are individuals selling goods through this site. I’ve been using the site more and more, and may write a blog post about the tricks if anyone is interested.
This top is a J.Crew top with gorgeous bright embroidery. It didn’t show up as well in these photos, but even my neighbor complimented it.

The sandals are a new style from Walking Cradles with extra arch support (search “metro +” or “arch support” on the Walking Cradles site to see all the varieties with this support). The company is constantly looking to give the customer what they want, and this is one of those details that had been requested. You can see these sandals in more detail when I wore them to the drive in movie.
BTW, they also come in a solid light grey and black.

Midi Length Dress with a Long Kimono

What to wear under a long kimono with a longer dress

I always think of a kimono as the perfect topper for a dress. Since the kimono has volume (especially when it’s windy), I opted for a straight dress.
For the shoes I chose to match the dress, and the purse to match the kimono. With that in mind, I added in other colors with my hat and necklaces.

Details about the Outfit

This dress is from Banana Republic. I tend to get many of their items (or Old Navy and Gap) for a wonderful deal because I have their credit card and get reward points.

The sandals aren’t as comfortable as my Walking Cradles shoes, so I’ve been adding my Sheec cushion to them anytime I wear them. You can see what that looks like from this Instagram post (swipe to the second photo).

Insider tip: Sheec not only has these cushions, but also no show socks that really stay up. This week ONLY (until June 11) you can get 25% off your purchase with the code JTouchofSummer.

In the close up photo, I wanted to show how I’m layering two different necklaces. The long heart one is from Birdsong Design who I’ve worked with in the past. In fact, you can still get 30% off any of their products with the code, JTOS30And individualization can be requested for my readers at no extra charge.

Capris Can be Fashionable

What to wear under a long kimono with capris

Time and time again, I read an article that women shouldn’t wear capris. Once again, I will point out that the capris pants are not the issue. It’s more about how the entire outfit comes together like I talked about in my Frumpy post.
The rules of thirds plays heavily with capris. While this top may actually be a tad long for that rule, I think the “wild” shoes and long kimono add in the required sass.

Details about the Outfit

These capris were lovingly made by my mother. In fact, she has a pair that she then made for herself.
I wanted to try more matching with this outfit since many of you prefer that. That’s why I chose a white top. This peplum top came in my Trunk Club box. If you missed that post, I compared 3 different online style boxes.

Insider tip: The online style boxes are NOT a subscription. You request them if and when you want one, so they are as needed.

Adding in the leopard print with my shoes (although they aren’t just leopard as you can see from the rear view), and my purse, was my way to give this outfit some personality. If I was showcasing these shoes in my Shoe Personality post, I would label them as modern.
Truthfully I almost didn’t purchase them because I thought they might be too crazy. Yet you wouldn’t believe all of the compliments I get from random strangers when I’m wearing them.

Insider tip: These sandals are one example I used to change out the buckle on the ankle strap to velcro after I wore them this day. You can see that in more detail here or on my video here.

Skirting the Issue

What to wear under a long kimono with a skirt

Since skirts come in all different lengths, I chose one that was shorter than my capri pants and longer than the shorts. Again, I wore a slimmer silhouette since the kimono has volume.

Details about the Outfit

The cami was handed down to me by a friend before I left Denver. I’m still trying to be okay with my bra straps showing but instead of wearing a bralette over my bra, I opted for the kimono.

Insider tip: If it’s a windy day, you may want to use some kind of closure for your kimono. I’m showing my magnetic one that I talked about in this post. In fact, I put it under the cami so the kimono would stay in place better.

Who Wears Shorts? What to Wear Under a Long Kimono

What to wear under a long kimono with shorts

The advantage of a long kimono is how it basically covers you. While I’ve decided that I’m not too old to wear shorts, there are times when I’m sitting that my legs feel a tad exposed. Therefore, this long kimono comes to the rescue.

Yes, my legs are pale and not perfect. I’ve worked extremely hard to embrace my skin color as I’ve discussed in the past. I only hope I can inspire others to love their bodies as is.

Details about the Outfit

The lace top with the red trim was a find at our first trip to Goodwill when we moved to Arizona last summer. It’s because of the red trim that I added my Walking Cradles “Lydia” sandals.

I now have two pairs of denim shorts. Moving to Arizona has definitely changed the amount of shorts in my closet. Usually I stick to the 5 inch inseam, but these fit so well, that I bought them anyways.

Straw purses are the epitome of summer I think. I agonized over this one from a consignment store because it was $20. However, I have worn the heck out of it and I love how the strap is adjustable.


Looking back at my outfits makes me learn so much from this experiment. That’s why I suggest to everyone to take a selfie photo daily of their outfit and review them occasionally.
What I learned from these photos is that the slimmer silhouette is key to what to wear under a long kimono. Even thought I broke that idea with my white peplum top, the capris were still straight leg, and so I think it still worked.

For example, I don’t think my pleated skirts or fit and flare dresses would be as visually appealing. Then again, we never know until we try it. So don’t let that stop you from giving it a go.

Details about this Kimono

This long, tie dye kimono was part of my second Fashom box that I requested for our Caribbean cruise in December. When I requested a kimono, I made sure to tell my stylist the colors I already had. I can’t remember if I asked for a long one too.
Luckily my stylist “knows” my body shape, and picked out a long kimono that wasn’t overpowering. Part of that is the thinner material and part is how the front pieces angle into the body of the kimono.
To me that’s the advantage of having a “stylist” because I wouldn’t have thought about asking for something like that.
BTW, you can always request a piece through Fashom if it’s something you think you’d like.

On our Caribbean cruise, I wore this piece as a bathing suit cover up (which you can see in this post) and also as a topper for dinner (I’m holding it in the photo).

Insider tip: By going through my links for styling boxes, you should receive an incentive. For Fashom, you get $20 to use on anything you like which makes it risk free since the first styling fee is waived also.

What to wear under a long kimono

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo


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