5 Options for Wearing Jeans in the Summer

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Ways of wearing jeans in the summer in Arizona

5 Options for Wearing Jeans in the Summer

Finding ways of wearing jeans in the summer is all about finding the right styles. Since denim is basically a neutral, and it’s easier than ever to find different varieties, this should work no matter where you live.

Quote of the day: “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” Albert Einstein

And what is more valuable than finding ways to stay cool in the summer yet look fabulous? Truthfully, wearing jeans isn’t my go-to for summer styles especially now that we live where it’s regularly over 100 degrees in the summer. Yet considering we all live in different areas, they might be good options for you.

The ideas I came up with for wearing jeans in the summer include:
1-Cuffing Your Jeans
2-Wearing Distressed Denim
3-Denim Capris
4-Wide Leg Denim
5-Lightweight Denim

Wearing Jeans in the Summer Cuffed

Lilac floral top with wearing jeans in the summer

To me, staying cool means some air on my body. I figured this would be a great way to transition from the cooler temperatures as it starts warming up. Cuffing up your jeans to give your ankles some breathing room.
While most of us worry too much about looking taller (and remember my opinion about trying to look any kind of “er” here) this adds a contemporary vibe to an outfit.
For example, Lesley showed a great example of how cuffing her black jeans in a previous post made it look less frumpy.

I also like the idea of wearing sandals with your jeans for the summertime. Even though jeans are considered casual, you don’t have to only wear sneakers with them.

Details of this Outfit

These jeans are a pair of Mott & Bow jeans that were gifted to me last year. While I usually stick with the more budget oriented denim, I have to admit this pair has gotten worn a ton. Why? Maybe because they cuff easily, because that’s usually how I wear them. Also, because I really like the wash on them AND they don’t sag after many wears.

The sandals are my Walking Cradles hot pink wedges called “Lynn.” I have worn these many times already because of comfort and the fun color. Since I am an ambassador for the company, I can offer you a discount code, JODIE15, that saves you 15% off your first purchase.

Wearing Distressed Jeans

Wearing distressed for women over 50

Now I know many of you would never wear distressed jeans. But considering that it’s basically air conditioning in your jeans, I figured it was a perfect option of ways to be wearing jeans in the summer.
While I have a pair that is REALLY distressed (handed down from a friend), I wanted to showcase a less distressed pair.

Details of this Outfit

This pair of jeans is Silver brand and I like how only one knee is ripped. And not hugely ripped since you barely notice it when I’m standing. There is a little distressing up on the pocket also.
In the past, I did cover the open knees of one of my pairs of jeans with lace.

Insider tip: If you’re not sure about distressing but are thinking of trying the trend, you can always take an old pair of jeans and distress them yourself as shown here or here. The nice thing about this is you can make them just a tad distressed and where you want the distressing.

I wore a coral tank top and thrifted jacket with the jeans along with some ballet flats. What you don’t see are the no show socks that I’m wearing with the shoes. I wrote an entire post comparing no show socks, and these Sheec ones are the only ones that stay up in my ballet flats. (These are the Secret 2.0 Ultra Low-Cut Thin Liner)
As an ambassador for the company, I can offer a 15% discount with the code, JODIE. (Although keep your eyes peeled because sometime in June I will be able to offer a bigger discount)

Capri Jeans

Capri option for wearing jeans in the summer

I know that capri pants get a bad rap, yet many older women just don’t wear shorts anymore. We have blogged about capris many times, and just like I talked about in my Frumpy post, I don’t believe that one piece makes an outfit frumpy. It’s a combination of things.
So for this thought, I wore my fringed capris. The fringe gives them sass.

Insider tip: This is another way to DIY your own jeans. I cut these off (in fact, you can see them in their original form here) and then cut long strips in the hem. If I ever get tired of them, I figured I could cut off the fringe and hem them shorter.

Details of this Outfit

The other detail that gives the outfit a more modern look is how I transformed this top. This is one of my pieces from my Fashom box. Fashom is an online clothing box service (it is NOT subscription). I compared 3 different of these types of companies, and have been so surprised at how much I love them.
What I did to this top, is tied up one side with an orthodontic elastic (you can find them here). It created an asymmetrical look and a keyhole in the back.

Insider tip: It’s risk free to try the Fashom box because the first styling fee is waived, besides you get a $20 credit going through my link.

Wide Leg Pants are Cooler in the Summer

Wide leg denim in style

It’s no secret that wide leg pants are cooler in the summer. That’s exactly why you see all of the palazzo pants make an entrance every spring. I discussed 5 ways of wearing wide leg pants, and what I didn’t tell you is that I’m short. My height is 5’2″ so yes, I think women of any size and height can wear these.

Insider tip: If you are worried that the wide leg denim jeans aren’t “flattering”, then make the focus on other things. For example a fun necklace or interesting embroidery on the jeans.

Details of this Outfit

This pair of jeans is high waisted, so I don’t have many tops that are cropped anymore. However, I just bought this tee at Target to wear as sleepwear. Of course, if I didn’t tell you that, you wouldn’t realize it’s a pajama top.

Insider tip: Sleepwear can be worn for everyday. Heck, even MK’s MIL, Goody, wore a nightgown for a party once.

Lightweight Jeans

Wearing jeans in the summer with lightweight denim

Obviously the heaviness of the material makes a difference if you’ll be wearing jeans in the summer. I found this lightweight pair at Goodwill and bought them specifically for our Caribbean cruise last winter. As it turns out, I didn’t take them on the trip but now I’m glad I have them for our Arizona summers.

Details of this Outfit

I added yellow accessories and shoes to the blue outfit to give it more of a summery feel. Yellow accessories can add a punch of color to so many outfits. In fact, the three of us have showcased this in the past.

With these sandals I did wear my Sheec Sockshion for comfort. You can see that this pair of sandals have no cushion themselves, which is why I love this invention.

Insider tip: These Sockshion’s have an elastic for your big toe and small toe, but I have changed that up depending on my shoes. For instance, you can see how I wore it on my middle toe, here.

So what do you think? Will you be wearing jeans in the summer? And if so, what’s your favorite way to style them and stay cool?

5 ways of wearing jeans in the summer

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo


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