5 Outfits for What to Wear with Navy Blue Heels

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Different outfits for what to wear with navy blue heels

5 Outfits for What to Wear with Navy Blue Heels

I’m showing 5 outfits for what to wear with navy blue heels ranging from casual, for the office and even a little more dressed up. This post is sponsored by Walking Cradles. More details about that at the end.

Quote of the day: “Give a girl the right shoes and she can change the world. Marilyn Monroe

I love showcasing how the same item can be worn so many ways. While I think we are pretty good at doing this with our shoes, I still think it’s nice to push ourselves out of our comfort zone.

These Marley shoes from Walking Cradles are on a special sale for only $84.99 this entire week (November 18-24, 2019). Think of it as a pre Black Friday sale. The shoes come in both black and navy suede (I am wearing the navy suede ones), along with nude, black and navy leather. It’s a special sale and you will get this deal when you add them to your cart. As you can see, they are usually $115.

I’m sure most of us think of these types of heels as “work shoes.” Therefore, I wanted to showcase them with more outfits than just that. I started off showing the ways I think is the most obvious, and then I wanted to get a little different.

What to Wear with Navy Blue Heels

Can You Mix Navy and Black?

Yes!! You can absolutely mix navy and black. That is no longer a faux pas, and it’s actually quite easy. Since many of us have trouble even being able to tell if something is navy or black, then mix them. If you have trouble telling the difference, than every one else does too!

So I started with what I’d consider a work outfit. In fact, these black pants were a pair I wore to work years ago. And yes, they are black.

With the black pants and navy blue heels, I wore a thrifted print tank top under my thrifted jacket. While I would never have been this bold when I was actually working, I love it now.

Honestly, there are times I still question myself. In fact, I asked Rob if this blouse and jacket were too much the morning I put this on. Luckily he said it looked good, and I have to agree that the photos prove he was right.

Do They Look Okay with a Dress and Jean Jacket

Heels and a dress

In my mother’s day, you only wore “dress up shoes” with dresses. Not like we do now by wearing sneakers and ankle boots with our dresses. That’s why I thought of this as what to wear with these navy blue heels.

Yet, we all know that life is much more casual nowadays, even when we wear dresses. That’s why I added the denim jacket. Yet I still like these pumps with the look.

I even wore a clustering of brooches on my jacket. To me, it’s a fun way to add some sass to the classic piece. We’ve styled brooches many times on the blog before, and while I don’t see them in person much, I still love them. I think of them as something that if you have them, you should pull them out and wear them.

Do Pumps Go with Flared Jeans

Navy and jeans

Absolutely yes! I know when I first bought these flare jeans, I didn’t quite know what shoes to wear with them. Since then I’ve decided that I can wear just about any shoes I want with them!!

For those of you that like the same color pants with your shoes, then this works perfectly. Which goes to show that navy blue shoes are a great match for the darker denim.

With this outfit I threw on my Belong Lifestyle snakeskin body suit again. You just saw it in one of my options for wearing wide leg pants. Of course I added in a third, brighter color with my scarf, belt and purse. The scarf is another tactic to fill in the neckline. In my wide leg pants post, I wore a cami under it.

Is it Silly to Wear Heels for Casual

Lilac and navy blue heels

I’m sure most of us think casual shoes with casual jeans. But if it’s one thing I love lately, it’s creating some dichotomy in my outfits. So even though the jeans are light colored and distressed, I made the rest of the outfit snazzy.

I think the darker shoes ground the outfit better and make it seem more fallish. Of course the furry jacket helps with knowing what season it is too. Of course living in AZ, I didn’t need this furry jacket, but how could I resist?? If you adore it too, I found a similar one for you.

I even added earrings that copy the color of the navy blue. I bought these earrings from a woman on Instagram, Pam, who makes the most unique pieces. One of these days, I’ll treat myself to one of her necklaces too!

White Pants and Navy Heels?

White pants in the fall

Wearing white past Labor Day is another one of those rules that is extinct just like mixing black and navy. I really put this outfit together without the coat. I thought the navy heels were an interesting addition with the mint and white.

However, this morning it was actually chilly (either that or I’m becoming a cold wimp) and I had to throw on a lightweight coat. Of course, I have one that had the blues and mint in it. I’ve worn this coat as a tunic before when we were trying to make an item something it wasn’t intended to be.

These are the same white pants that I wore for my disco outfit recently. I always love wearing white jeans in the cooler months, but rarely do I wear white pants. So see? I try to push myself out of my comfort zone too.

The Real Deal Behind these Marley Shoes

Ways to discover what to wear with navy blue heels

Let’s talk about the comfort of these pumps. They aren’t much different than the red pumps I recently bought from Walking Cradles to wear to FierceCon. Even though the heel on both pair are 3 inches, the wider heel makes them very easy to walk in.

I will admit that I usually choose a more pointed toe (like the red heels), but I grew to like the rounder toe the more I wore it.

Since I was trying these out for a review, I wore them at least every other day for two weeks. They were truly comfortable from the get go.

I was trying to think of a con about this shoe, but I really couldn’t find one. The only thing is the inside sole does sometimes stick to my foot when I was taking them off since I didn’t wear hose with them. Which is exactly why my mom almost always wears hose. Granted, to me it’s not a huge disadvantage because I just push the sole back in.

The Facts

This is a sponsored post by Walking Cradles. Which means they gifted me these shoes to review, and I was paid to write this post. I always appreciate it when small companies support my blog, and they appreciate your support. It’s a win/win for everyone.

As an ambassador for Walking Cradles now, I do make a small commission on any purchase from their site if you use my link. Whether that’s on these Marley shoes that are a fabulous deal, or any of their shoes. At any time. So thank you in advance for that.

Maybe you think that I work with every company that reaches out to me. That would be furthest from the truth. I have a very limited group of companies that I work with on the blog because I want to be very authentic in my reviews. While Walking Cradles is a little more expensive than my usual items I support, I do think that at this age, we tend to experience the need for better shoes.

Just so you know, I have bought many of my Walking Cradles shoes. Sure, I usually wait until they are running a sale, but they are that comfortable. Heck, the proof is that they are the ONLY shoes I took with me to both New York City (as proof by the blog post) and to FierceCon in LA.

In case you didn’t realize, Walking Cradles carries sizes 4-13 and from slim to wide wide. All their shoes have the tiny pillows in the foot bed that help to cushion your foot. AND if you have trouble finding shoes to fit your foot, I know that Lisa (who works for the company) would be happy to help you. Just reach out to me (Jodie@Jtouchofstyle.com) and I’ll get you in touch with her.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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