5 Style Reasons to Embrace Hats-Yes You Do Look Good in Them

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Colorful hat

5 Style Reasons to Embrace Hats-Yes You Do Look Good in Them

Hats are more than just a functional accessory. They can add different styles to your look which I will explore below. Maybe you are one of the many humans who think they don’t look good in hats? Let me squash that idea and say that E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E can wear hats.
If you’re just starting to embrace them, then my post on beginner guide of how to wear hats might help.

Quote of the day: “The list of mistakes you can never recover from is very short. The first step to being courageous is being willing to look foolish.” James Clear

Not that you DO look foolish in a hat, but I know those of you who don’t wear them, probably think you do. It’s all about the mere-exposure effect for anything we wear or see. The more you see it, the more normal it seems. Remember when skinny jeans first came out? No one thought they would look good in them, and now look at us!!

So let me give you some reasons to pull out those hats and wear them more and more.

Add interest with a hat

Add Interest to a Neutral Outfit

Let’s start off with the same theme as previously this week where we added color to neutral outfits. If you love your neutral clothes, then a hat can bring in a different kind of visual point. Granted my hat has some color to it, but a tan, straw hat would work also.

Insider tip: Sometimes a monochromatic outfit can be hard for the eyes to have something to focus on. That’s why it’s good to either incorporate texture or something of interest like a hat.

Add in a better color around your face

Add a Flattering Color Near your Face

What if one of your favorite tops is a color that isn’t the best with your complexion?? Not that I believe we should stress out too much about everything we wear, but I think by now we realize some colors make us glow.
Does that mean you get rid of everything else? Maybe, and maybe not. But if you do have an item that doesn’t make you glow, then there are tricks to wearing other items with it to camouflage the fact.

For example wearing a hat like I am above can help. I used this trick when I talked about wearing non flattering colors last year.

Insider tip: Interested in knowing your better colors? I’ve discussed online color analysis in the past.

Other items that you can add to an outfit to bring a better color to the mix?
1-Your eyeglasses are a HUGE factor
3-Jacket or kimono
4-Even your earrings or necklace can help.

Masculine flair with a hat

Masculine Flair

Some hats give off a masculine flair like this newsboy cap. Granted it is my husband’s hat originally, so that could be one reason I think of it as masculine.
So if you are trying to make an outfit less feminine, certain hats could help in that respect.

Different style hat for the outfit

Hats Can Give Off a Different Style

Just like the idea of a hat bringing in a masculine flair, they can remind you of a totally different style. A beret is one of those hats that have a chic vibe. I decided to try it with a more boho dress.

Insider tip: Sticking to only one style can look costumery at times. It would be like wearing vintage head to toe while wanting to look modern. The yin and yang (or dichotomy) in our styles is very contemporary.

Bold hat choice

Go Bold with Hats

You can use your hat to give off a bold statement. There are many articles I read how older women tend to feel invisible (and it’s not all about appearance), and part of that can be attributed to trying to dress so you don’t stand out.
Having attention directed to you may not be easy for us introverts, yet there’s a reason to stand out at times. Each of us has experiences and wisdom that no other person has, and sharing that is beneficial for all.

Hats for all Seasons

We definitely tend to wear more hats in our area in the summer for sun protection, yet they are wonderful year round.

Want to see how we’ve styled hats for other times?
Unlimited Options of Newsboy Hat Outfit and Tips for Winter Hats
Styling a Beret: Ideas for Unique Winter Hats
Winter Hats– Shrewd Ways for Wearing a Fedora and a Cloche Hat

Remember there are tricks with hats
1-Check out the children’s hats if you have a small head or the men’s hats if you have a large head.
2-There is hat tape available to make a hat smaller.
3-You can add your own cord if you want it to be able to tie so it doesn’t blow off. (like I showed here)
4– There are packable hats for travel, but the normal ones aren’t impossible to pack either. Just place them upside down in the bottom of the suitcase and fill with undies or socks.
5- Check thrift stores for great deals.

5 style reasons to wear a hat

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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