Wearing more than one bracelet at a time

5 Techniques of How To Layer Bracelets

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I had a suggestion from Violet many months ago on how to layer bracelets. Wearing more than one bracelet at a time tends to be easier than necklaces, and springtime is the perfect time to practice this since sleeves are getting shorter and we are exposing our wrists.

Not only that but I’m joining in with Sally, of Within a World of My Own, so I hope you’ll go to her article and see what she has come up with. Sally is an expert at how to layer bracelets and even makes her own paper and bead bracelets. She is a wealth of information.

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Why Layer Your Bracelets?

There can be many reasons to layer your bracelets from wanting them to be seen as well to covering up spots on your wrists.
The younger girls call this arm candy and I like to think there are no rights or wrongs to this kind of accessorizing.

For the beginner, I am sharing 5 techniques of how to layer bracelets that will help the groupings of single bracelets look more cohesive and decorative.

Unless you have mostly statement bracelets or large cuff bracelets, then most people won’t notice a single-strand bracelet when you wear it by itself. That’s the primary reason you should think about adding more than one bracelet to your wrist when you are adding your accessories to any outfit.

Insider tip: If you don’t have the gumption to think about combining single bracelets together, then your best bet is to look for bigger bracelets or ones already stacked together.

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How to layer bracelets with similar metals

1- Same Metals

Combining a couple of smaller bracelets that have the same metal base is the easiest technique for how to layer bracelets.
Don’t worry if all of the metals aren’t exactly the same. Some could be a little lighter, darker or shinier, but this similar property will make them work together well.

Insider tip: You are allowed to mix metals, and you can create a wonderful arm stack with similar bracelets in silver, gold, and rose gold altogether.

How to layer bracelets with same beads

2-Match Your Beads

If you have many bracelets that are made of the same kinds of beads, you should try layering them all together. Don’t worry about the different colors.
Did you notice that there is one bracelet above that is the odd man out? But it still looks great.

Think of these as matching shapes if you don’t have bracelets with the same beads. Maybe they all just have round beads, or maybe they all have links instead of beads. It’s that idea that something among them all is alike and will tie them all together.

Same colors for how to layer bracelets

3-How to Layer Bracelets By Color

Another easy technique for how to layer bracelets is to combine ones that all have the same color. Notice there is a mix of different beads and sizing, yet the color scheme pulls it all together.

Insider tip: Don’t always match the color of your arm candy to the top you are wearing. This will actually camouflage the fact that you are wearing bracelets. Instead, add a different color that you can then repeat with other accessories.

Matching tones for how to layer bracelets

4-Keeping the Tones Similar

Instead of concentrating on the same colors, you can also pair together bracelets that have the same tones. For example, above, I kept all of the bracelets with darker tones.
You can see that individual bracelets in the layered look above include different size beads and different shapes. Yet it’s cohesive because they are all darker in their tone.

More options would be

  1. Lighter tones
  2. Muted colors
  3. Bright colors

Insider tip: Even if you have a bracelet that has multiple strands to it, you can layer it with other bracelets. As Iris Apfel says, “More is more, and any less is a bore.”

Mismatching for layering bracelets

5-Mix and Match

Now the last technique I’m listing is to go hog wild and mix things up. For those of you just starting out, I made it seem more cohesive by using 2 of the same kinds of bracelets within the mix and match.

This arm candy is made up of

  1. 2 small bead bracelets
  2. 2 larger bead bracelets
  3. Multiple white stackable bracelets

Insider tip: You can get wonderful inspiration for ideas of how to layer bracelets by studying bracelet sets that are sold as one.

Now hopefully you will feel more comfortable about how to layer bracelets. And make sure to check out Sally’s idea of how to layer bracelets.

How to layer bracelets

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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