5 Variety of Styles for Wearing a Halftee to Stay Modest

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What is a halftee

5 Variety of Styles for Wearing a Halftee to Stay Modest

Have you even ever heard of a “Halftee?” It’s an actual brand of tops that are meant to provide coverage to be modest without the bulk.

Quote of the day: “Be modest, be respectful of others, try to understand.” Lakhdar Brahimi

The truth behind the story is this company reached out to me back when I was living in Denver. And while I liked the idea of the halftee, I am one of those strange women that is always cold. So I wasn’t enthused by this concept. In fact, at that time, I WANTED the midriff coverage of my camis and tops.
Fast forward to moving to an area that boasts 100 degrees days almost daily. Now I can see the advantage of these items. Thus, let me introduce you to the concept. More information about the tees themselves at the bottom of the post.

Insider tip: I signed up to be an ambassador of the company so I could offer you a discount. Use the code JTOUCH20 to get 20% off. By going through my link, I also receive a small commission, so thank you.

The funniest part is when I posted my OOTD on Instagram Stories wearing my halftee, my friend, MK, responded that she just bought a couple also. It goes to show that I’m not the only one that thinks these are a good idea.

Here are the ways that I thought that my halftees would help in my wardrobe.
1-Under a Wrap Top/Dress
2-With Spaghetti Straps
3-Coverage under a Sheer Top
4-With Crochet Items
5-Armholes too Big

Neutral outfit with a pop of red

Under a Wrap Top/Dress

While wrap tops and dresses are touted as universally flattering, for those of us with “girls” they can also be revealing. I’ve covered this topic before in the cooler months showing 5 different modest ways to wear the wrap design.

Insider tip: I’ve also started sewing in a snap to many of my wrap pieces.

Details about the Outfit

The top is a new linen top from ASOS. If you haven’t tried ASOS yet, it’s not just for young girls. I have bought many items from their site for myself and my husband. One of the aspects I like is the free returns. I realize this top would be a tad too open for my preference; however, I’ve been searching for some solid pieces lately. And I knew I could make it work.
This pair of shorts is from my Fashom box. I even created a video of this box and how I would style the items with what I had in my closet.

Insider tip: Fashom is a styling box that you request when you want it. It’s risk free since your first styling fee is waived, and with my link, you get $20 you can use on anything you like.

Modesty with spaghetti straps

With Spaghetti Straps

Keep your eyes peeled for a blog post showing 5 different ways to wear spaghetti strap pieces. Sure, it may not be a detail that you usually wear, but for myself, I’m trying to be more open to different styles.

Details about the Outfit

This top was also a recent purchase using my rewards from my Banana Republic credit card. I will wear it without a halftee under it in the future, but for now, this is my comfort zone.

For those of you that think I wear makeup every day, here’s proof that I don’t. Sure, I will apply lipstick just to look alive, but I appreciate a no makeup day.
The fedora is one of my husband’s hats. I routinely “borrow” his hats when I need them.

Halftee under sheer top

Coverage under a Sheer Top

Sheer tops are definitely a go to in the hotter weather as my mom, Charlotte has shown recently. Since I wore the pink halftee under this top, you really don’t notice the extra layer.

Details about the Outfit

This is another new top that I picked up on our mini vacation in Sedona. Thanks to my friend, MK, who told me to visit a boutique while we were there.
The white skirt was another item from my recent Fashom box. For some reason my wardrobe was missing out on both white shorts and skirts so I had requested these two pieces.

Crochet top outfit

With Crochet Items

Crochet is a detail that was showcased as something to look for in my spring trends post. Any open weave like crochet may feel too revealing for most of us, so an added layer can be key.

Details about the Outfit

You might recognize this cardigan from a blog post this spring. It’s older than dirt yet still makes an appearance almost every spring or summer.
The jeans have been showcased in my 5 ways to wear wide leg pants. You can also see them in the 5 options for wearing jeans in the summer because they are very lightweight.

I wanted to show you how the the halftee looks not being covered. You can see it just covers the bottom band of my bra.

Wearing a halftee under a tank top

Armholes too Big

If you get frustrated with how big some armholes are, then this halftee might solve that problem.

Details about the Outfit

Personally I don’t have many tops where the armhole is too big because it’s one of the alterations I know how to do. However, I haven’t tackled this tee because I thought I wear it more for working out.

Insider tip: My mom is a master seamstress and shared many alterations that are easy to do in a post.

The yellow sandals are from Bzees. I talked about the company in a post about comfortable shoes this spring. They are extremely comfy AND machine washable.

Insider tip: I knotted this tee on the inside to give it a ruched look. This is one of the tricks I talked about in styling a kimono, and it works for all kinds of tops.

The Deets about Halftees

These t-shirts are made in a huge variety of styles, colors and SIZES (we are talking up to a 6X) including young girls sizes also. Just like I’ve shown in the examples above, it’s about providing coverage for the side boob, your cleavage or even your arms. All without more material on the midriff.
The arm lengths range from sleeveless to long sleeves. There are v-necks, scoop necks and even turtlenecks. And there are different materials offered.

Insider tip: These are made without a label at the neck, so you can turn them around to have a higher or lower neckline.

I am only showing two options here. My halftee in white is the basic cap sleeve. The pink one is the boyfriend halftee in blush pink.
The site occasionally offers other clothing pieces to pair with your halftee, so make sure to look around.

Don’t forget to use my code JTOUCH20 to get 20% off. I always rationalize that it’s like getting free shipping. Also, I was gifted these two halftees but was not paid to write about them. And I will receive a small commission if you purchase using my link or code, so thank you.

Could you make your own halftee?

If you are comfortable with a sewing machine, I could imagine that you could make your own tee like this. Just take a longer one, cut it off and add a band under the girls.
My suggestion is to try it on a top you wouldn’t mind messing up. At least for me, the first time I try a DIY, there are usually mistakes.

5 reasons to wear a halftee

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

My Goal

Thank you for visiting my space on the internet. I like to showcase how it’s never too late to look great for women of any age, size or working with any budget.
I feel I’m here to help move beyond the fashion rules of yesterday and evolve. Style and clothes are made to give you joy. Not cause us stress because we are worried about what other’s think.

My hope is that you get ideas and inspirations from Charlotte, Lesley and myself. It’s not about copying what we wear, but about using what you already have and updating items along the way.
Most of all it’s getting us to think differently and dare I say, have fun?


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