5 Ways to Add Sparkle-Life is Too Special to Save These Items

5 Ways to Add Sparkle-Life is Too Special to Save These Items

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5 Ways to Add Sparkle-Life is Too Special to Save These Items With Ageless Style

Welcome to this month’s Ageless Style post where we are talking about ways to add sparkle and shine to an outfit. Do you think these are items that you need to save for “special”? I hope not, because every day is an absolute gift.

Quote of the day: “It’s not the absence of fear, it’s overcoming it. Sometimes you’ve got to blast through and have faith.” Emma Watson

I know those old time fashion rules stick with us without us realizing it. But just like the quote…you just gotta kick them to the curb. I bet you have some sequin or blingy items that rarely see the light of day.
Instead of having them sit in your closet, I wanted to explore ways of wearing those treasures any day.

In fact, if you were perusing Instagram especially around the holidays, you saw a ton of sequin joggers!! Since many people weren’t going out and about, they brought the party home to them.
And that to me is the message of the day!!!

Showstopper sequin top

Sequins as a Showstopper

The first way is the way I’m sure we usually style our shine. And it’s a wonderful tactic. It’s a good thing to add sparkle and have it be the star of the show. EVEN if you are only going to the grocery store. I know, I know, this sounds absolutely crazy.
But if you have a piece of clothing that you love and it brings you happiness, I see no reason on the face of this earth why you can’t wear it where and when you want!

BTW, this sequin top was showcased as part of our showstopper pieces on the blog. You can read the history of this green sequin top which is exactly why I keep this item.
Even I don’t wear it much, but I’m trying to take my own advice. Heck, I could wear this top under a jean jacket for casual days!!
Which leads me to my next suggestion….

Add sparkle by layering over a sequin dress

Layer a Casual Piece Over It

Layering or covering over part of your sequin piece is a good way to have it not be so evident. This sequin “skirt” is actually a dress, so I topped it with a sweatshirt.
The advantage of layering over our sparkle is you don’t see it quite as much and therefore you don’t feel as conspicuous!!

See other examples of how I make a skirt out of a dress
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Just the fact that I paired a casual sweatshirt with a sequin item, is another great way to add sparkle to an outfit. It’s that yin and yang that makes our outfits more interesting.

Sequin top for casual

Add Sparkle in Spurts

Instead of having a piece with all over sequins or sparkle, how about finding something that just has a little bling on it? Like this top I picked up on Poshmark, which has a sequin heart.
Plus I covered it with a casual plaid cardigan which incorporates that yin and yang again.

BTW, it’s not very easy to see the sequins on this shirt. In fact, I bet most of the people that saw me this day, had no idea. Sometimes the details we know are on our clothing is not as evident to others.

Accessories add sparkle to an outfit

Accessory Sparkle

Here’s another example where it’s not as obvious that there is much sparkle and shine in my outfit. To me, when I put on this collar necklace, it seems huge. And it is pretty big, yet in the photos, it’s not as obvious that there is a lot of sparkle going on with it.

In fact, you saw this same necklace when my mom styled me from my closet. She thought it was a brown necklace because it was hanging backwards on my wall.
Which is another interesting idea for taming down some of the sparkle that you might be afraid to wear. Remember you never know until you try it.

If a necklace seems too obvious, then wear some sparkle earrings. Who says that sparkle earrings don’t go with a t-shirt?

Add sparkle with a purse

Add Sparkle with Your Purse

The easiest way to add sparkle to any outfit it just carry it as a purse. This makes it easy to have a little fun but it’s not as front and center as some of the other ways.
In fact, depending on where you go that day, you may even hide it under the table or put it down for a get together. So you add sparkle to the outfit, but it’s not always on you the entire time.

Insider tip: This is the perfect time to pull out those vintage or sentimental purses. What are you saving them for??

5 ways to add sparkle

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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