5 Ways of Styling Joggers-Unlock Ways to Wear this Trend

5 Ways of Styling Joggers-Unlock Ways to Wear this Trend

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Peach joggers

5 Ways of Styling Joggers-Unlock Ways to Wear this Trend

Styling joggers seems like the activity of the year since the world has gotten more casual. This isn’t my first pair of joggers, but this pair made me think I should showcase them for different occasions.

Quote of the day: “Don’t ever let anyone put out your light because they are blinded by it.” Shannon L. Alder

I do think that sometimes you all think I’m crazy with my styling ideas. And I realize that not everyone wants all of their clothing to be versatile. Yet there are so many times, it’s helpful to look at our clothes with a different light. And I consider that one of my superpowers.

I’m not here to promote a certain brand of joggers per se. I bought this pair when I won a $50 credit from Peach. Even though I don’t work with Peach anymore, I still love their pieces, and these joggers are nice because they are lightweight and have a nice drape. They are actually called the “Modern Boho Pant” and this color is called dark steel and also comes in black. Plus pockets!!!
If you are interested in any Peach products, you can get $10 off with my link. I feel that most of their items run big, so I sized down in these.

Now, I’m sure you could get many different definitions of joggers, but for me, I think of them with ribbing at the ankle, and an elastic waistband to give a looser fit. Basically the 2020 version of the yoga pant, LOL! I do see some without the gathering at the ankle.
The biggest takeaway I’d like to point out is not all joggers are created equally. There are many that are basically sweatpants. The material, the fit and the details can make a huge difference. AND they don’t all have to be black. The proof is in the widget at the bottom of this post.

Insider tip: I removed the drawstring on my previous pair. It’s an easy alteration!!

So let’s start with the most obvious ways of styling joggers and then I’ll throw in the wild card options.

Lounge wear

Styling Joggers for Lounging

This is the most obvious time we think of styling joggers. Especially with all of “at home” we’ve been doing over this last year.
Joggers fit the bill for comfy pants and I paired them with a sweatshirt, slipper booties and Spookie!!

Insider tip: Even a sweatshirt can get styled for more than just lounging. See this sweatshirt styled 3 other ways here.

Styling joggers to work out

Work Out Wear

It only makes sense that since joggers are athleisurewear, they would work for our athletic activities. Our activities are either walking around the neighborhood or online yoga/stretching through the Yoga Collective. We bought this thicker mat for our pilates classes, and it’s perfect when we are working out on tile or cement floors.

Errands in a casual outfit

Casual Outfit

The third idea that seems obvious for styling joggers is as part of a casual outfit. My idea of casual would be one where I could leave the house and feel good in public. In fact, we did run to the grocery store this day.

I wanted to wear the yellow jacket, so I went for a column of color with the joggers and shirt under the jacket. It’s not a perfect match. In fact, as I’ve said these joggers are a dark steel (I would call them charcoal grey) and my top is more of a darker blue.
And then I added in a totally different color with the bright pink. Really, if you look closely you can see this color in the stripes of the jacket, but I also wore it in my earrings, glasses, bracelet and purse to make it seem intentional.


Business casual with joggers

The Work Environment

Could you, would you, should you wear your joggers to work?? I’m sure you could make a case depending on your work environment. Of course, the vibe of the outfit depends on the details, right?
So I added in a blazer and my brogues.

Insider tip: I recently blogged about different ways to wear these kinds of shoes. Call them brogues or oxfords, they can be functional.

Styling joggers for date night

Date Night

Would it be appropriate styling joggers for a date night out? Just like with the work environment outfit, I do think you can camouflage joggers with the focus on other details.
For my example, I wore a silky blouse, a furry jacket and heels. I also added in a pink belt and statement earrings.
I’m not 100% sure I love the belt with this outfit, but hopefully my scintillating conversation will be the star of the show on our date–not my belt!!

So confess all of you out there!! Have you been styling joggers all kinds of ways or just at home??

5 ways of styling joggers

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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