5 Ways to Style a Denim Shirt

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Wearing a denim shirt as a tunic with leggings

5 Ways to Style a Denim Shirt

There are so many ways to style a denim shirt. In fact, I lied in the title above and actually gave you 6 ways in this post. The last way seemed very obvious so I wasn’t sure if it should count?

Quote of the day: “Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.” Unknown

The quote is perfect though because some of these outfits didn’t photograph as perfectly as they felt. Yet, that’s life in a nutshell. How many times do we put together a great concept in our head, and the reality turns out different?

Yet the nice thing about clothing and style, is you get a mulligan every day. Start anew, and try other ways to wear what you have. But back to the idea at hand. Your denim shirt is very versatile. I should know because I have 4 different ones in light to dark washes.

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Layered Under a Sweater

Styling a denim shirt under a sweater

As a collared blouse, the chambray shirt is perfect to layer under sweaters. For some reason, I rarely style a crew neck sweater by itself. I always think it needs something else, so a collared shirt works for this.

For this outfit, I also let the denim shirt hang out under the sweater. This is the outfit that just doesn’t do it for me in hindsight. I have worn these pants before both casually and for dressy. I’m not sure it’s them or the scarf. The scarf FYI is actually a skirt I knitted years ago where I even showed it while it was being blocked. I was trying to make it as versatile as the chambray shirt.

Casualize a Blazer

Finding ways to style a denim shirt for casual

I do think of a chambray shirt almost like the classic white shirt. When you can’t figure out what to wear with something, then grab it. For example, I wanted to wear this blazer to a informative talk we were going to. Yet, I didn’t want to look too “businessy”. So adding in the more casual denim shirt was a great idea.

And here’s proof I don’t change out my purse EVERY day. I was carrying this same one in the first photo too. This is my wine carrier purse that always is such a great conversation starter. (And no, I had my wallet and essentials in it, not wine this day)

It Can Be a Topper

Wearing your denim shirt as a jacket

Through blogging, I have discovered the idea that anything that buttons down the front can be a topper or jacket. For example, a shirt dress or your classic white shirt could be a top over another top. And therefore, so can your denim shirt be a jacket. This is especially true when you don’t need a heavy layer over something which is most cases in Arizona.

I’d love to point out that I knitted this sweater and have worn it before on the blog. And then to add a different color to the mix, I picked lime green sneakers, scarf and a purse.

Another way to wear it as a topper is to tie it at the waist as I did here.

With a Dressy Skirt

Ways to style a denim shirt with a tulle skirt

Since the chambray shirt seems very casual to me, I think it’s the perfect dichotomy to pair with a dressy skirt. Of course, not everyone has or wants a tulle skirt in their closet. For some reason, my inner child keeps knocking at the door, so I picked up this one on Poshmark.

This is the same kind of idea that we styled years ago using a graphic t-shirt. Of course I wore sneakers with this because we were going to a tree lighting ceremony in the evening. But it would look equally good with flats or boots.

I used this same outfit for the post about styling a leather jacket many ways too. You can see a better view of the shoes in the photo on that post.
You can also wear it with a maxi skirt in the summer as Cathie did.

If It’s Long, It’s a Tunic

Wearing a denim shirt as a tunic with leggings

One of my denim shirts is quite long. Tunic length really. Which I didn’t appreciate at first until I started wearing leggings. Then it became clear to me that I could leave it untucked. Granted, I wore another longer layer over it for this day.

This cardigan was found thrifting. It’s a Chico’s brand and I always think they have some wonderful pieces that add so much to an outfit. In fact, while I was checking their site while writing this, they had a lightweight one on sale for only $20. Not that it’ll probably be available by the time this post goes live, but if it is, you should snag it.

One of the Ways to Style a Denim Shirt

Wearing a chambray shirt

Obviously, wearing it as a shirt should be considered one of the ways to style a denim shirt. I always think a fun statement necklace pairs so well with denim tops so make sure to add one. Of course it’s not bad to add in a fun pair of ankle boots as well.

Ways to style a denim shirt with leggings

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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