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5 Ways to Wear a Bad Color

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What exactly is a bad color? I’m sure we’ve all heard the term flattering colors and experienced a time when you wore something that made you glow. Even though I know that black washes me out, I still haven’t gotten rid of all of my black tops. As a perpetual “fix-it” girl, I always think there are ways to make it work. Did I make it work? Maybe, maybe not. You decide.

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Quote of the day: Don’t feel qualified? Nobody does. You can only be qualified to do that which you have already accomplished or trained for. Anything new is accomplished by unqualified people.” James Clear

I used this quote because while all of these ways to wear a bad color should work in theory, I’m not sure they really do. In all reality, I’m sure that the lighting and our environment can make a big difference too.
EVEN IF you don’t like some of my examples, I still hope I can inspire you to try things yourself. You can reason something to death, but until you actually try it in real life, you’ll never know for certain.

So for this exercise, I pulled out my “distressed” black top. As someone with pale skin, I glow more with warm colors. Black is a neutral that tends to wash me out instead of making me look alive. It’s no different than this same idea we tried last summer.
How do I know this?? I’ve used two different online color analyses and have had my colors done in person twice before that.

Here’s where I talked about the online color analyses.

What I Did With This Bad Color

This is what I came up with for the 5 ways to wear a bad color shirt. To me, it’s not as important with your bottom half since they are far away from your face. AND lipstick is always essential in my book. BTW, I was wearing the same lipstick in all of these looks since they were taken the same day.
1-With a Jacket
2-Scarf magic
3-Don a hat
5-Layer under the “bad color” top.
Reality check: I do think the location could make a difference in how you see my “glow.” The background color, the angle of the sun along with how the photographer edited the photos. But let’s just put that all aside and have fun.

Flattering jacket color

Add a Jacket

The idea with adding a jacket or any kind of topper would be to pick one in a flattering color. It’s always good to make sure that the neckline comes up around your face or at least closer to your face than the top you’re trying to camouflage.

My rating: I like this option and think it works a majority of the time.

Scarves as way to bring color to your face

Scarf Magic

Scarves are magical in the fact that you can do so much with this. Twist them, roll them, tie them along with so many places to wear them. Have you ever thought to wear 2 scarves intertwined??

That’s what I did with 2 of my Gibby’s scarves. And then I used an elastic band to keep them together.

Insider tip: I work with Gibby’s because I ADORE her scarves. They are a swimsuit material and therefore stretch all 4 ways which makes them more comfortable. If you go through my link, you can get 20% off these already affordable bits of magic. Right now the company is creating longer ones that will be debuting on Sept 6. But there are a couple on the site right now.

My rating: I think this makes a difference.

Hat for women

Don a Hat

Since your hat is as close to your face as almost anything, this is a trick I’ve used before.

My rating: I don’t like how this turned out. Is it the color of the hat? Maybe the glow we experience only glows up from clothing and not down from hats? LOL. Or is it something else?

Colorful glasses for women


Accessories are another item I’ve used to change the focal point for outfits. For this example, I included my glasses and earrings to add a more flattering color near my face. If need be, a short necklace would work too.

My rating: I didn’t really think this would make a big difference, but it seems to. Although I think the eyeglasses help a ton.

Layer a bad color shirt over another

Layer Under the Bad Color

You saw me layer over the black top in the first example, but why not layer under it also? I feel like I have to remind myself a lot for layering both UNDER and OVER things. We get into habits and tend to forget there are other options. I wouldn’t normally think to layer under a t-shirt like this one, but I gave it a go. AND, I thought it worked swimmingly!! What do you think?

My rating: No surprise that I liked this one.

Another idea is to wear the color head to toe so the outfit is the full focus. See one example with all white.

Ways to wear a bad color

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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