Ways to wear a lace tee with a Halftee

5 Ways to Wear a Lace Top

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I always love coming up with ways to wear anything in your closet. Last year, I picked up this lace top at a secondhand shop, but I never pulled it out to wear it.
So I decided to use some creativity to make my wardrobe sustainable. You may think that if you haven’t worn something, you should purge it. BUT many articles reveal that many of our purged items aren’t really recycled, and are added to waste anyways.

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Quote of the day: “Man’s goodness is a flame that can be hidden but never extinguished.” Nelson Mandela

I believe if you already have something in your closet, it’s there because you liked it. This means as long as it still fits, why not figure out how to wear it?
One of my superpowers is to find ways to wear items in unique ways. What this means is I hope to teach you how to do this, even if you don’t like my exact examples!

Woman over 50 in color

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I’d also like to point out I experimented with different colors with this top with:
3-Other Blues

Why a Lace Top?

I chose this lace top only because I loved the color and thought it would be lightweight. Of course, the disadvantage with lace is that it’s see-through, so it might not work by itself.
While layering may not be your first choice in the summer, it can make an outfit wonderful. I think layering is part of the aspect of fall and winter that we all love, so why not incorporate it with summer items?

Lace is very much like eyelet, thought of as a feminine material. We have styled 4 eyelet pieces in different ways previously.

My trick on how to wear anything is to always remember that most things can be modified. How this works:
1- Think about not just wearing it alone, but layering it over and under.
2- How about turning it backward or inside out?
3- Change the look by tying a top (10 no-sew ways to transform a top)
4- Make sure to wear different color combinations because that changes the look a lot.

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2 Ways to Wear the Top “Over” Something Else

Since the lace is an open weave, whatever you layer the lace top over will show through. I’ll show 2 examples below of wearing this lace top over another top.

Ways to wear a lace top over another top

Layer Over Another Top

First I tried layering the lace top over another lightweight top and tried it with a top that was in the same colorway.
Monochromatic is not my normal way to put together an outfit, but it’s good to try new ways.
I added color with my shoes, earrings, and purse.

White wide leg pants outfit

Layer Over a Halftee

If it seems too warm to layer over a full top, then a halftee could be easier. If you are a DIY person, you could always make your own version of Halftee.
You may worry that you are showing some midriff with this idea, but then you can always get creative with a scarf like I did. (Granted this counteracts the idea of less bulk, haha).

Halftee Info: Halftees have a band on their shirt that keeps the top under the “girls” so it doesn’t move. It’s a wonderful idea of how to reduce bulk around the middle.
I became an ambassador only after I grew to like them living here in Arizona. If you use my link, I do receive a small commission. Use the code Jtouch20 for 20% off.
Here’s another post about how I wear my Halftees.

3 Ways to Wear the Top Layered “Under”

Now let’s explore 3 ways to wear this lace top under other items. Over and under, over and under. That’s something I have to remind myself of when styling to give many more options.

Ways to wear a dress over a top

Layer Under Your Spaghetti Straps

You can certainly try the lace top as its own Halftee (even though it’s full length). Basically, you are making it a camisole or a layering t-shirt.
I wore the top under a spaghetti strap dress, but it would be also as effective under any small strap top.

Layer over a lace top

Layer Under a Blazer

Wearing your lace top under a blazer is a fabulous way to add a feminine vibe to a more masculine item. Whether you keep the blazer buttoned or not is entirely up to you.

Lace over lace

Lace with Lace

Double lace!! I layered a lacy hand-knit tank (knit by me) over the lace top. I showcased this tank on Instagram for one of my #YarnDay Saturdays recently if you want more information on it.
Even though only one layer of lace is see-through, when you add another layer, it camouflages the fact.

Ways to wear a lace top in summer

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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