Alembika Statement jacket

5+ Ways to Wear a Statement Jacket: Cheetah Alembika Jacket

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Even a statement jacket should be able to be worn in many different ways. Whether that means you change the silhouette of the item or pair it with all different colors, I have ideas for both.
This cheetah jacket is from Alembika’s Fall 2021 line that was just released less than 2 weeks ago. More about that is below.

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Animal print comes back every season because it is such a versatile neutral. Heck, even the original three models have worn statement jackets on the blog in the past. You would think that I wouldn’t need another one; however, my other one is longer and darker. So I thought this one would be worn even more here in Arizona.


Fall 2021 Alembika statement jacket

Let me give you some background about Alembika. I worked with them last year when I chose a fun, color-blocked top. It’s one of those small companies that are worth supporting. Their items are works of art, and not inexpensive. Yet they have a wonderful manifesto that you can read about on their about page.
As of this moment, it looks like my exact kimono jacket is already sold out (their items go fast because they have such a following). It is still available in limited sizes in a darker cheetah print or in the longer version.

Even if you’re not loving my statement jacket, I hope you give a gander at their site just for fun. BTW, I was paid to showcase this jacket on Instagram (where you can see my short video with other ideas also), but I decided to post it on my blog too.
If you are remotely interested in anything on their site, please use my code Jtouch50 for $50 off. Even though you can get the same discount offered on their website, if you use my personal code, it does show that blogger marketing does work.

BTW, their pieces seem more generously sized than many other companies.

Options With This Cheetah Statement Jacket

There’s no way in the world I would have chosen a shorter sleeve faux fur jacket like this when I was living in Denver. Yet, it seems much more practical now that we reside in Arizona.
As usual, I wanted to see if I could wear it a couple of different ways. I started with 3 ways all with my black dress since that would be the most popular color to wear with it.

Alembika Statement jacket

Worn As Intented

This is how the statement jacket is designed to be worn. It has a one-button and loop closure which closes the front panels nicely to keep you warm. Even though it’s “short” it’s not cropped, as it comes to the top of my hips.

Creative way to style a leopard coat

Tie It Up

Since the jacket is roomy, I decided to tie it up as I do with many of my tops and kimonos. This faux fur jacket is thicker so I used a hair elastic instead of the clear elastics.

Insider tip: Even though my hair doesn’t use hair elastics, I like to buy them just for this reason. This kind of package is my favorite so I have a couple of different colors that can blend into what I’m wearing.

Button It In the Back

By playing around, I found I could button it behind me to create more of a shrug look.

Insider tip: Button the jacket first, and then slip your arms in the sleeves leaving all of the material in the back. You might try this with other jackets in your closet if they are roomy.

Now Let’s Talk Colors With This Statement Jacket

You’ve seen this animal print with the required black. But because it’s made up of browns and blacks, it’s considered neutral and would pair well with so many colors.

This specific print is a warmer “cheetah” which is why I chose it. Therefore, it can help to style it with other warmer colors to start.
What other colors would work:
1-Mustard yellow would match because that’s the background color. In fact, it reminds me of my mustard jeans which I showcased in 5 color combinations last fall.
3-Bright Pink
4-Olive Green
5-Check out how I wore it with dark green too in my daily outfit post on Tuesday.

Leopard jacket and red dress

Of course, I opted for a bright red as another option to go with this coat.

Mixing Prints

Then I wanted to get more creative with this animal print. I’m showing 2 ideas below for print mixing, but make sure to check out my short video to see even more.

I chose a striped dress and a polka dot dress to showcase with my jacket. These options seem to be easy to combine with other prints for any print mixing newbies out there.

My rationale for these two dresses besides their prints. The striped dress has that same mustard yellow in it as the jacket. And the polka dot dress is a vibrant green which works fabulously!

Even if you aren’t a big fan of animal print or this brand, I hope you gleaned some fun ideas for color combinations along with getting creative wearing a statement jacket like this.

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Statement jacket worn 5+ ways

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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