Ways to style print leggings

6+ Useful Options Styling Print Leggings for 2022: Plaid and Camo

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You may think that styling print leggings would only be for younger women. I’m here to say that our age on our driver’s license has no bearing on what we can wear.
Heck, our brains feel young, so we should be able to style more modern looks.

Quote of the day: “I don’t believe in the generation gap. I believe in regeneration gaps. Each day you regenerate—or else you’re not living.” Duke Ellington

This quote made me stop and think. I’m not sure if I’ve shared with you before about the fact that I feel younger now than I did 10 years ago. Part of that is because 10 years ago I was still working as a dentist with a lot of responsibility on my shoulders.
And I looked the part of my career (I’m not sure that’s a compliment, haha). I dressed in more muted colors and played by the fashion rules.

But after retiring, instead of feeling that I needed to dress to look older and distinguished, I started seeing other women with more creative outfits and decided to see what that would feel like for me.

The biggest takeaway that I’ve learned? Give new and different things a chance. Too many times I hear women say, “that’s not my style.” I would propose the reason it’s not your style is that you’ve never tried it.
Having fun and being free to be “extra” (my favorite word of the year) has been extremely freeing and I would hope to inspire others to try!!

How does this all relate to styling print leggings? Maybe you wouldn’t believe me if I told you I never had a pair of leggings before I started blogging. And something printed on the bottom half of my body? Wasn’t that a recipe for disaster?
Haha, those older thoughts I used to think just make me laugh.

Styling Print Leggings
1-Camo leggings and a long sweater
2-Camo leggings worn as tights
3-Camo leggings with a long blazer
4-Plaid leggings with an asymmetrical top
5-Plaid leggings paired with a long jacket and a tunic sweater
6-Plaid leggings and oversized vest
7-Plaid leggings and short top

So let me share the many ways I’ve been wearing both of my camo leggings along with plaid leggings. I have so much to talk about with each idea, so I grouped them together by their prints.

3 Options Styling Camo Leggings

Camo is one of those prints that have become SO mainstream. Trust me when I say I was not on board at first. But the more you see it, the more it seems a tad edgy and fierce. And may I say it makes you look modern and contemporary.

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Colorful Camo

This pair of camo leggings I purchased online from Old Navy. Old Navy is one of those stores that can work for women of ANY age. Don’t believe me? It was Lesley’s idea to style Old Navy items on the blog last year.

Camo leggings and long sweater

Leggings: Old Navy~~ Sweater: Wooden Ships ~~ Top: Maurices ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o ~~ Glasses: Liingo

1-Camo Leggings and a Long Sweater

An option of styling print leggings with a long sweater is what I’d consider the norm. The sweater is long enough to cover my bum without making my proportions look wonky.

Insider tip: There are proportions that our eyes see as more flattering. Something I even learned in cosmetic dentistry. These proportions can be evident in fashion too. BUT I always say, that sometimes the best looks come when you break the rules, so don’t stress about it too much.

This long sweater is one that I won from an Instagram giveaway (if you like giveaways, I wrote a blog post explaining some of the rules and terms here).
I wore a plaid blouse under it to add interest near my face and which also means I’m print mixing! Yay me!

The sneakers are a pair of Orleans from Walking Cradles. While the olive green isn’t in stock anymore, the style is classic and there are always great color options (just search Orleans).

Wear your leggings as tights

Dress: Peach ~~ Leggings: Old Navy~~ Top: LOFT~~ Boots: Jambu c/o ~~ Scarf: I knit it~~ Purse: Gabaangs

2-Camo Leggings Worn as Tights

Can you even tell the difference between footless tights and leggings? You may store them in different places in your closet, but in all reality, they can do the same job.

It’s no different than when I wore my workout leggings as tights in my Wednesday outfit a couple of weeks ago. Just because you buy an item thinking it will be worn for one particular occasion doesn’t mean you can’t switch it up.

Insider tip: Stop categorizing your clothing. Don’t call them “workout” wear because you might be able to wear them for other occasions too. Instead, describe the piece. These camo leggings are print pants that are very form-fitting and the material is thin. By saying it that way, then I think to wear them as tights.

The faux suede dress is from Peach (I have a discount in my shopping links listed here under companies I work with) and I just wore a fitted t-shirt under it. Notice the brooch at the “v”. I’ve been trying to wear my brooches more lately.
I also wore my Jambu booties from many seasons ago. They aren’t available now but these are from some of the comfortable brands that I love.

I knitted the infinity scarf and used it to carry the olive green color of the leggings up near my face to make it look intentional.
This scarf got showcased on my #yarnday Saturday on Instagram here worn 3 different ways.

Long blazer and camo leggings

Leggings: Old Navy ~~ Blazer: Ann Tayor ~~ Top: Kleids ~~ Shoes: Ann Taylor ~~ Glasses: Zenni Optical ~~ Socks: Sheec Socks

3-Camo Leggings with a Long Blazer

I was experimenting with wearing my camo leggings as part of a work outfit. In my previous career, this could have worked since I was the boss and most patients only saw my top half as they were sitting in the dental chair.

I wore a lace turtleneck top which means I’m print mixing with the camo in the sense that the lace is textured. Then I wore my long, black blazer.
The heels were a splurge when I was working and I vacillated on buying them. But I loved them then, and love them now.

I didn’t wear socks with them while I was working, but if you look close you can sorta see the Sheec sock here. I forget to tell you about them most days because you don’t see them. But I’m sure I’m wearing them with ALL of my footwear in this post.

Notice I had to add in some pops of color with my earrings and bracelet. When we went out for the day, I also grabbed a red purse to tie it all together.

Styling Plaid Leggings

Plaid leggings are another example of wearing printed bottoms that would have been out of my comfort zone in the past.

I bought these not even realizing they were leggings per se. They said one size fits all and I couldn’t understand that. Now I get it because of all the spandex in them.
BTW, these are fleece lined which makes me feel more comfortable in them with shorter tops since they are thicker.

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Asymmetrical tunic and plaid leggings

Leggings: SG Style ~~ Top: Leith -thrifted ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o ~~ Necklace: NY and Co-thrifted ~~ Headband: Gibbys Use code Jodie20

4-Plaid Leggings With an Asymmetrical Top

If you’ve been here for a while you saw this outfit on my daily outfit posts here. I showcased how the asymmetric ruffle could be left hanging or else tied up around the waist here. The idea of leaving it long creates a unique look and takes the focus of your eye to the ruffle.

Insider tip: Distraction. It’s a tool used even by magicians. You wave your right hand and people look at it and don’t notice what the left hand is doing. It’s the same with outfits. Have an interesting detail or distraction like this asymmetric ruffle and who notices that my bum isn’t covered?

The top I found thrifting and had to buy since it was so different from anything else in my closet.
This pair of Walking Cradles is called the Samantha. They don’t have the red version anymore, but they are a classic style. (BTW, I just wore them in my red accessories post here).

For my accessories, I layered 2 different necklaces and used my clear elastic band to tie the one together so it didn’t get “caught” on the girls when I moved around. The headband is one of Gibby’s that stays put without bobby pins and doesn’t give me a headache since it’s scarf material.

Print leggings and layered tops

Leggings: SG Style ~~ Cardigan: Chicos ~~ Top: Peach c/o ~~ Boots: Jambu c/o ~~ Glasses: Glasses Shop code GSHOT35 FOR 35% off

5-Plaid Leggings Paired With a Long Jacket and a Tunic Sweater

With this plaid leggings outfit, I decided to layer 2 longer, asymmetrical pieces. The white sweater is a Peach brand (see my shopping links for a discount code) and the denim cardigan is from Chicos.
You can see how the varying lengths hang differently so you get a glimpse of both at times.

It’s extremely modern to show the underlayer instead of always thinking it has to be covered up. It creates more texture to your outfit PLUS it adds a little bit of distraction.

These are the same Jambu booties as the camo leggings as tights photo. And the necklace was given to me by Lesley when she was purging items.

Oversized vest with plaid leggings

Leggings: SG Style~~ Vest: Belong Lifestyle USA ~~ Top: JJill c/o ~~ Boots: Jambu c/o ~~ Glasses: Glasses Shop code GSHOT35 FOR 35% off

6-Plaid Leggings and Oversized Vest

Sweater vests are totally on-trend right now and the oversized ones work fabulously to pair with any of your leggings. My outfit could be a tad too “extra” for many of you with the bold print mixing, but I loved the combination.

You saw this vest worn inside out over a sweater not long ago. Not every item can be turned inside out and look great, but you’d be surprised at how many can (sweaters especially). Most times all it involves is removing a tag and then you’re good to go.

I kept my shirt under the vest neutral and my boots are my Jambu lug boots from this last fall season. See how I styled them 5 ways here.
The vest is from my friend’s online boutique called Belong Lifestyle USA. I hope you check it out!!

Leggings: SG Style~~Cardigan: DYI~~ Top: Downtown East~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o

7-Plaid Leggings and Short Top

Wearing a shorter top with any leggings may be part of your list of “What Not to Wear”, haha!! And I totally understand that because that’s my usual too.
But as I explained, these plaid leggings are thicker due to the fleece lining, so I decided to challenge myself.

Distraction is part of this look by turning the top backward and wearing the opening and crossover part in the back. This changes the focus of your eye to check out that detail instead of focusing on my behind. Well, at least that’s the premise, haha!!

Needless to say, even if you do notice my rear, I’m trying to change my thinking that curves and dimples are bad. My body has served me well and I want to love it!!

The backward top is meant to be a workout jacket, and the top underneath it was my mom’s (see it on her here).
I’m sporting another pair of the Orleans by Walking Cradles. This was my first pair ever (see that post here) which started my love affair with the company!!
Funny how I wore the same necklace as with the long jacket and tunic sweater and layered it with one of the same ones that I wore with the asymmetrical top.

Conclusion with Styling Print Leggings

There are so many reasons for styling print leggings instead of always sticking with the black ones.

They aren’t much different than print pants or jeans, and you’ve seen my 80+-year-old mother even wear those!!

The biggest advantage that you may not realize with any print on the bottom half of your body? It actually camouflages any lumps and bumps that you’d rather cover up. Your eye is too busy looking at the print to notice what is underneath it.
Don’t believe me? Then put it to the test even with t-shirts. Go to the store and select 2 exact same tops (same size, same brand) but one in a solid and one in a print. Make sure they are a tad tight on you. Then try them on and take a selfie. I bet you’ll like the print one better. Thus the same principle applies to print pants, and print leggings!!

6+ options styling print leggings

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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