Options of how to wear snake print boots

6+ Ways of How To Wear Snake Print Boots

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I’m showing many ways of how to wear snake print boots ranging from casual to dressy and even with 3 different kinds of boots. My examples show a short ankle boot with a minimal heel, mid-ankle boots with a tall heel, and an over-the-knee boot with a tall heel.
Since snake print is a combination of blacks, whites, browns, and greys, it can be a fabulous neutral print to elevate any outfit.

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How to Wear Snake Print Boots
1-Short booties and jeans
2-Ankle boots and a dress
3-Knee boots and a skirt
4-Knee boots and a dress
5-Knee boots over jeans
6-Knee boots with a maxi dress

Quote of the day: “The meaning I picked, the one that changed my life: Overcome fear, behold wonder.” Richard Bach

I chose this quote because of my personal experience with snake print boots over 15 years ago. This was in my working days as a cosmetic dentist when my style was VERY professional and safe. It was also before you saw a ton of snake print on any clothing.
We were shopping at the fabulous secondhand store in California that sold clothing from tv shows and movies. (Isn’t that so cool? Rob and I still have many pieces we picked up from that store)

I happened to see this pair of snakeskin boots (you can see them styled here) that were my size. They fit fabulously but they were also $60. I can’t tell you how long I vacillated about purchasing them.
Even in line to check out, I kept hashing it over with Rob, and finally, the lady behind me in line said I should definitely get them.

Does that ever happen to you? A stranger (who you don’t know from Adam) influences your decision? Well, I bought them. At first, I would have told you they weren’t my best purchase. There was a small rip in the material that I hadn’t noticed at the shop. Yet I was able to glue it together and it was never noticeable.
And then wearing them in public? OMG, I worried about what people would think. You see, my bold style is a new thing to me. I wasn’t always this way.

But after a couple of times wearing them, I realized how they were the perfect boot, especially with my dresses for winter wear because they were warm and looked amazing!
Unfortunately, they wore out with all of the wear and tear, and I had to get rid of them. No worries, because I’ve replaced them with 3 other snake print boots.

How to wear snake print boots with jeans

Jeans: Cowgirl Tuff Co-thrifted ~~ Cardigan: Handknit by me~~ Top: Robert Graham-thrifted~~ Boots: Bleeker & Bond ~~ Earrings: Heartland Jewelry ~~Glasses: Glasses Shop

1How to Wear Snake Print Boots and Bootcut Jeans

This type of shorter and low-heeled snake print boot is perfect with jeans. The fact that these are bootcut jeans and hang over the boots makes it perfect for adding in tall socks for warmth.

You can see how this pair of snake print booties have a darker overall vibe to them. There are so many variations of the print, that you can choose from.
This means if you tend to wear more black on the bottom half and don’t want the boots to stand out as much, you might like these versions better.

BTW, I am print mixing with the boots and the top. I consider this one of the easy ways to dip your toe into mixing your prints. We’ve shown other examples of this many years ago here.

Fun Fact: This cardigan sweater was hand knit by me with three different yarns held together. I found the trim in Taos, NM when we were there for a yarn event. I showcased the sweater for one of my #yarnday Saturdays on Instagram if you want to see the video and close-ups of the piece here.

How to wear snake print boots with a dress

Dress: Piphany ~~ Poncho: Banana Republic Factory~~ Boots: Walking Cradles c/o~~ Scarf: Gibby’s Frillery-use code JODIE20~~Hat: BP

2-Ankle Boots and a Dress

These are a lighter version of ankle boots with a taller shaft from Walking Cradles. They are called the “Shine” booties and have limited availability on their site now. Even with the 2.5-inch heel, they are comfortable because of the tiny pillow and the overall construction of all Walking Cradles shoes.

I’ve worn these with jeans also, but I love them with dresses. This example shows an overall lighter outfit with a lilac dress and tan poncho. (Tan poncho worn with jeans here).
This pair of snake print boots have more white in them and seem to work better with my lighter outfits.

Insider tip: Don’t think they wouldn’t work with dark jeans too. They would be a wonderful contrast, just like white boots are all the rage right now.

Again, I’m print mixing in a small degree with the Gibby’s Frillery scarf and boots. Using your scarf as the second print in an outfit is another easy way to try out the idea as we’ve shown before.

How to wear snake print boots with a sweater skirt

Skirt: Free People ~~ Top: from Naomi & Ruth ~~ Boots: Thalia Sodi~~ Necklace: Naomi & Ruth ~~ Earrings: Lil Shop of Ours

3-Skirt with Knee-High Snake Print Boots

The taller snake print boots are a perfect pairing for your skirts and dresses in the winter. You get the advantage of more coverage of your leg for warmth as well as showing off more of the eye-catching print.

You may laugh that these couple of photos seem to show that I only wear the snake print boots with shades of purple. Obviously, they do go well with purples, but you can see how they look great with other colors below.

Insider tip: Snake print boots are a combination of neutrals, so think of them as neutral too. Wear them with any other neutral or any color.

In this outfit I only wore solid colors in my top and skirt, so the snake print boots added a wonderful focal point for the eye.

Dress on Left: Mom made it ~~Dress on Right: RD Style~~ Gold Cardigan: ~~ Boots: Thalia Sodi~~ Fur Scarf: thrifted

4-How to Wear Snake Print Boots with a Dress

I didn’t mean to recreate the same outfit twice with different items, haha. It goes to show that even I get in a habit.

Again, the purple shades and snake print boots are a match made in heaven. And the dresses that hit above my knee are a perfect way to showcase the entire boots.

Wearing snake print boots over red jeans

Jeans: Style & Co ~~ Jacket: Ann Taylor-thrifted ~~ T-shirt: Cactus & Sundaes~~ Boots: Thalia Sodi ~~ Belt: self belt from a dress

5-Wear Your Snake Print Boots Over your Skinny Jeans

One of the reasons I think skinny jeans are considered classic is because they tuck into boots easily. This is so advantageous for the winter months. Especially if you are walking through the slush. It’s easier to wipe the slush off leather than your jeans material.

For this look, I tucked my red skinny jeans into the snake print boots. A simple graphic tee and yellow leather jacket kept the outfit bright and fun.

Insider tip: This belt is a self-belt from a dress. You can see the entire dress here. I store these belts with my leather belts so I can wear them with anything and everything. Doesn’t it look fabulous with this look?

Coat: Banana Republic Factory~~Dress: ASOS-thrifted~~Boots: Thalia Sodi~~ Bracelet: Mom made it from buttons~~ Earrings: Heartland Jewelry ~~ Purse: thrifted

6-Maxi Dress & Snake Print Boots

A maxi dress works just as wonderfully for the idea of how to wear snake print boots. Even though you won’t always see all of the boots, they are functional in the fact that they keep you warm, PLUS the part that does stick out is fabulous.

In fact, if you have a dress that has a slit, this is the perfect way to stay covered and modest.

Insider tip: I will oftentimes wear my compression socks in these taller boots. They not only are good for my legs but also keep me warm.

6+ outfits with snake print boots

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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