6 Ways of Wearing Socks and Boots

6 Ways of Wearing Socks and Boots

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6 Ways of Wearing Socks and Boots

If you live anywhere cold, then you’ll be interested in wearing socks and boots. I had a request from Gina about how to accessorize both ankle boots and tall boots with socks in these colder seasons.

Quote of the day: “Dream and give yourself permission to envision a YOU that you choose to be.” Joy Page

You can read so many articles about how to wear a certain style. Those crazy rules of what to wear and what not to wear. What I prefer is having choices because we are all unique and we all should embrace that concept. Like the quote above, YOU should get to choose!!

SO instead of thinking that I know the only way to approach this topic of wearing socks with boots, I wanted to talk about 6 different ideas. While it’s good to also take into consideration proportion with your outfits, it’s also important to feel good and have FUN with our style.

1-Hide Your Socks

If it’s a warmer day or you don’t mind a little skin exposure, then wearing a sock that doesn’t show in your boots is the way to go.

Insider tip: If you think that all no show socks are the same, I have wonderful news. I have found that Sheec socks really stay put. You can always access their site on my site through the page here where the newest discount code is always shown.

Now this can work with tall boots or ankle boots. With the taller boots, you can easily wear your taller socks and they still won’t be seen.

2-Wear Pants or Skirts That Cover the Boots

On the same theme of hiding your socks like above, would be to wear pants or skirts that cover the top part of the boots. With this option it wouldn’t matter what your socks look like or how tall they are because your pants or skirts cover everything.

In the examples above, Charlotte is wearing a pair of over the knee boots with a shorter skirt. And I am wearing a pair of flare jeans that cover the top of my ankle boots.

Insider tip: Don’t make the mistake of thinking that OTK boots are only for younger women. They are now made to look mainstream and give you more warmth since they are taller. Especially if you wear leggings a lot!

3-Match Your Socks to Your Jeans

Wearing ankle booties with jeans

Now the next 2 ways will be ways to camouflage your socks in an outfit to cover any bare skin but not shout to the world that you are wearing socks with boots.

This first idea is showcased by Lesley above from the blog post
Practical Tips for Wearing Booties with Jeans for Older Women

If you wear the same color socks as your pants or jeans, then they blend in.

Insider tip: If you are trying to stay uber warm, remember you can always layer your socks and wear 2 pair. This is when it’s better to purchase your boots a half size bigger to accommodate the socks.

4-Match your Socks to Your Boots

Now in the same vein as above, you can hide the fact your wearing socks by matching the socks to the boot instead. We tend to do this trick many times with tights and boots.

I’ve used this trick with my socks and oxford shoes in the past too.

5-Wearing Different Color Socks with Boots

Photo from Pinterest for a site on Etsy for boot toppers

Now let’s discuss 2 options where you don’t match the socks at all. You are wearing the socks to peek out of your boots whether they are short booties or taller boots.

If you are someone who is always worried about matching this may be out of your comfort zone. In fact, if you still concentrate on “lengthening” your leg line, this idea may never come to mind.
BUT, LET ME TELL YOU why this could be a fantastic option.

Some of our outfits especially with tunics and leggings end up being a half and half proportion. Not that it’s the worst thing in the world, (for example, I talked about it in my tunic post), but it can make an outfit look less than desirable.
Imagine if I had worn a peek of socks with the first outfit in the tunic post?? It could have made the tunic be 2/3 of the outfit and then the leggings would have stopped at the socks which overall may have looked better.

Insider tip: Many of these wool “socks” peeking out are actually boot toppers and are only 6 inches tall. If you are a knitter, there are scads of these free patterns on Ravelry.

The other time I think this could be a fabulous option is to have fun with your style. For example you can see how Lesley wore red socks with sandals last winter or whimsical socks with her “comfortable shoes” post recently.

This concept is also very popular with the more chunky boots (did you know that combat boots are really popular right now?). It’s a great way to fill the gap between the boot width and your leg.

6-Show Off Your Socks

I would classify this differently in the fact that you are really showing off the socks, not just a glimpse of them like in the above example. We wore our knee high compression socks to showcase how compression socks have come a long way.

This could also be a great way to feature a fun pair of tights like we showcased many winters ago.

Why would you want to be wearing socks with boots this way? Maybe you have a wonderful pair of socks that were handknit?? Those projects should NEVER be hidden away….too much time and love were put into them.
Another reason would be to change up a look. As I say over and over, it’s time to have fun with our style. Life is WAY too short to wear what everyone else is wearing!!

6 ways of wearing socks with boots

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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