Before and after of my Una Blue Jeans review

6 Women Review Una Blue Jeans: Unique and Customizable

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I’ve talked about these Una Blue jeans a couple of times with my daily outfit looks, but I wanted to give you the inside scoop in a dedicated post. And since I know some women from Instagram who also tried them out, I thought I’d include their thoughts too.

Showcasing all 6 of us with our experiences is a great example of how unique and customizable these jeans can be.

Quote of the day: “The world needs your spark. The world needs your energy. The world needs you to show up for your life and take hold of your potential!” Rachel Hollis

Una Blue Jeans Review
The inspiration
Jodie’s (that’s me) review
Carrie of the Care Project
Janice of @SoJazzed
Kelley of 50 Shades of Style
Annie of Blessings and Sass
Terri of @IAmTerriB
Conclusion and Why?

This quote is perfect as a description for the idea of customizable denim. Now, in all honesty, many of you creative women could certainly do this exact process to your own pair of jeans. And I think it would be super cool.

But for those of us who love the idea, but don’t have the skills or time, Una Blue Jeans is here for you. The process comes down to 2 options. Changing a pair of jeans you already have under the collaborate tab or buying a pair that has already been customized under the Ready to Wear tab.

Facts: I was gifted this pair of Una Blue jeans to showcase on Instagram only. This blog post was my own idea to share my thoughts and give an in-depth look at the process.
If you are thinking about joining the Una Blue family, make sure to use my discount, JTOUCHOFSTYLE10, for 10% off. While the discount isn’t huge, the code also helps give information about where you heard about the brand.

Let me start with my experience and thoughts and then you can scroll down to see the other women’s photos and words.

Blue jeans before the customization


My Original Thoughts

When I first got the email about working with Una Blue Jeans, I really had to think about it. At this stage of the game, I rarely work for products only because I have to value my time and energy. And did I really need another pair of jeans?

But the more I contemplated the Una Blue jeans and realized how sustainable the idea is, I thought it might be something that others would appreciate too. Just so you know, when I evaluate any product to showcase on my blog, it’s not just about me, but I’m always thinking if my readers would appreciate it too.

If you’ve been around here before, then you know that I love thrifting and recycling things so we aren’t contributing to more overbuying. I’m sure it’s in my genes since my mother will create items out of the scraps of material left over from a project.

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The Jeans and Inspiration

When I finally convinced myself to work with Una Blue Jeans, I decided to use my own pair of jeans and create something unique.

Since the jean trend has changed to incorporate the wider styles, I thought it would be interesting to take a pair of skinny jeans and have them made into flare jeans.
The denim I chose to send to Una Blue was a thrifted pair of Kut from the Kloth jeans with a stripe down the sides and a raw stepped hem. Unfortunately, I just hadn’t been wearing them much, so I figured it would be nice if they got a makeover.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted at first or how Diane (the creative genius behind the process) would make this happen. Until I saw this pair of jeans while we were shopping (photo on the upper left).
The other detail I had seen recently and loved was the feather trim. In fact, I had tried on a pair of jeans that had the feathered hem but didn’t buy them.

So those were the photos I sent to Diane for the inspiration for my customizable jeans.

Diane is very communicative during the process and sent me the photo below to show me the fabric she thought I might like.
She also discussed with me the feathered hem and told me it would be hard to wash. Instead, she suggested the pom poms.

Insider information: This is the ONLY thing I regret about my jeans. I do wish, I would have stuck to my original thought of feathers for the hem, even if they wouldn’t have been as long.
While I do love the pom poms, I am still yearning for those feathers. I guess I’ll just have to purchase a pair to get that feature.

Fabric inspiration for the resesign of my jeans
Close up of the added material

Jodie’s (that’s me) Review

Diane was very good about sending me updates and photos of how the process was progressing. She doesn’t do that usually, but I wanted to be able to document the process.

Even though I knew what to expect from seeing the process in the emails I really was overjoyed and surprised with the result.
My husband calls them my “hippy chick” jeans. In my defense, I never got to partake in the 70s styles since my mom was still dressing me in those days.

What I absolutely love about this process is how you get input about how you want your jeans to be made. It’s not much different than having a mother who makes you things (which is how I grew up). And this customizable feature is truly fabulous.

I’m sure you’re wondering about the cost. When I checked while writing this, it only cost $125 for a pair of customizable jeans (with certain details that could be extra). When I say, “only” I realize that is more than I normally spend for a pair of jeans since I’m a thrifter.
Yet many women definitely pay much more than that for a designer pair of denim. Heck, I just looked at Nordstrom’s site and the first couple of pairs of jeans were over $200.

And the advantage of Una Blue jeans is how you can customize a pair that you know already fits perfectly. (or have her alter them while she’s changing your jeans).

The Specifics

Everyone’s experience will be different depending on what you decide to go with, but let me give you my process.
1-Una Blue sent me a pre-paid envelope to send her the pair of jeans I wanted to be customized.
2-After I washed the jeans, I sent them to Diane and emailed her my inspiration photos. I did NOT go through the customization process on the website because of this.
3-We emailed back and forth a couple of times for me to check the progress.
4-I received my jeans in less than a month after sending them to her.

If you have questions there is a FAQ tab on the site. or feel free to reach out to me at

My recommendation? I would definitely go the collaboration route so you know the pair of jeans you are sending her are ones that fit you wonderfully.
Heck, you could find a pair at the secondhand store for a steal or fish out the pair that were going to be purged because you don’t wear them anymore.
But don’t forget you can always choose a pair that is already created. Just make sure to check all of the measurements very carefully.

Carrie of the Care Project

I didn’t know Carrie at all until I checked the hashtag #unablue and found her modeling these two pairs. So I reached out to see if she would be interested to join in about sharing her thoughts with her Una Blue Jeans. Can I just say you can meet the best people through social media?
Carrie has a blog called Carrie Madrid, but it’s not fashion-related at all. It’s about providing encouragement and support to people who are experiencing adversity in life. She is also celebrating being cancer-free for 10 years this month.
Because of this, you won’t see her Una Blue jeans on her own site, but you will see them on the Una Blue jeans website.

Insider info: She has an Instagram feed called The CARE Project Inc you can check out here.

She shared: “My experience with Diane of Una Blue has been up close and personal as she lived in my area when first starting the company. I was able to give Diane two pairs of my jeans to “play with” and gave her very little direction. All I said was make them fabulous and fun as my motto in life is Laughter and Lip Gloss. Life is short, wear the crazy jeans. 

I love how they came together, especially my ruffled pair. Every time I wear them out, I get stopped and complimented.  I only wish I could detach the ruffles and put them on other jeans I own. Guess I’ll have to have another pair made! The best thing for me was being able to bring my own jeans. As a size 14, finding jeans that fit well is tough enough. Finding custom one-of-a-kind jeans, impossible until Una Blue.  

I also love that Diane and I collaborated to give a small group of fellow Breast Cancer Survivors the experience as well. I have my own nonprofit, The CARE Project, Inc., and Diane has been a big supporter. It left them all feeling pretty, sassy, and put together!”

What I love about both of Carrie’s pairs of Una Blue jeans is how different they are. The ruffled ones definitely stand out more whereas the other pair is fun yet more subtle.

Janice and a Una Blue Jeans Review

Janice of @SoJazzed

Janice is on Instagram at @Sojazzed, and here is her pair of Una Blue jeans she showed on her Instagram feed. She also has a blog called Don’t Hate Your Closet but told me she only posts a few times a year.

Her response when I asked for her input about the process and the jeans was, “I love these jeans so much!!!”

Now Janice didn’t actually customize her own pair of jeans. Instead, she opted to choose a pair of jeans that had already been designed and was on Una Blue’s website under the Ready to Wear tab.

Kelley of 50 Shades of Style

Kelley has a blog titled 50 Shades of Style where she documented her experience with the process of customizing her jeans.

When I asked her about her thoughts, this is what she told me: “I thought the process was great. I sent them a pair of my denim and gave them an idea of what I like and they did a wonderful job. 
I love their concept.”

Annie Una Blue Jeans review

Annie of Blessings and Sass

Annie has a blog called Blessings and Sass and included her review of her Una Blue Jeans in this post back in November 2021.

Her first sentences in her article were “If you’re looking for a unique fashion gift, Una Blue Jeans is perfect! Since completing the smooth collaboration process, I’ve got even more admiration for Una Blue!”

Terri of @IAmTerriB

Terri is on Instagram at @Iamterrib and recently showcased her pair of Una Blue Jeans.

This is what she shared with me: “I loved working with Una Blue Jeans. They make the experience very user-friendly and enjoyable. You can choose to do as much or as little as you like. I found a picture of a pair of jeans online that I loved so I sent them a picture as the inspiration for my jeans. They did an amazing job recreating the look. 

As fun as the experience is it’s not inexpensive. Getting something customized can be costly so it’s definitely something to consider if you’re thinking about it. Would I spend that much? Yes, but it would take careful consideration and I wouldn’t do it often. 
All in all, I loved the experience!”

Conclusion and Why?

What you can see with all 6 reviews of our Una Blue jeans is not only that it is sustainable living and recycling at its best, but also how unique each pair of jeans can be.
Since each of us likes different things, each of our pairs of Una Blue jeans is totally different.

What that means for you, is you don’t have to have them be wild and crazy, but can make them reflect your own personality.

Why would you even consider this option? Here’s a couple of reasons:
1– You want a pair of one-of-a-kind jeans.
2-That fabulous pair of jeans that fits wonderfully yet never get worn anymore. You could have them redesigned to make them your favorite pair.
3-Maybe your jeans are a tad snug or too short? This is a way to have them altered AND make them special.
4-Since the jeans silhouette is changing, you can take a pair of skinnies and make them more current.
5-Have some great fitting or expensive distressed jeans, but you’re tired of the holes? This process would be perfect to “patch” them up.

Insider tip: If you are thinking about joining the Una Blue family, make sure to use my discount, JTOUCHOFSTYLE10, for 10% off. While the discount isn’t huge, the code also helps give information about where you heard about the brand.

6 women review Una Blue Jeans

Photo credit: (for me) Rob Filogomo

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