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7 Amazing Style Hacks To Save You Money

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One of my superpowers is finding style hacks to save you money. I talk about them in many of my posts, so I thought I would collect them all together in one easy-to-save article.

Quote of the day: “Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.” Dale Carnegie

What are style hacks? I consider them ways to make our closet more versatile and ideas that make our outfits look better without spending tons of money.
Not every hack works for every clothing item, but in my opinion, it’s worth it to try these ideas.

The other advantage of thinking about these style hacks to save you money is the building of brain pathways. Learning new things is not only fun but also a wonderful mental exercise that keeps your brain stimulated.

If you’re stressed or overwhelmed with life, I agree that it’s advantageous to have a “uniform” so you don’t have to think twice about what you are going to wear.
At the same time, if you’ve practiced these style hacks to save you money, then they will be like second nature, and easy to incorporate even on stress-filled days.

Why even worry about our outfits and how we look?
Realistically, we are visual creatures, and our appearance affects how we feel as well as how others “see” us and connect with us.

I have written other articles around this style hack subject, so make sure to check those out too.

With no further ado, here are what I consider 7 amazing style hacks to save you money.

1-No Sew Alterations

It’s crazy to think we could buy mass-produced items and they would fit our unique bodies perfectly. This is something I’ve learned being a seamstress’ daughter.

That’s why alterations are so important to making us look great. Yet we all know that alterations can be costly.
Ideally, I would suggest investing in a sewing machine, and learning the basics so you can do your own alterations. But I realize that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

That’s why I wanted to include some no-sew alterations as part of the idea for style hacks to save you money.
1-You can hem or adjust most material with either fabric glue or fusible tape. Using this trick means it’s helpful to know the alterations that are easy to do and the ones that aren’t good for amateurs as I wrote about in the past.
2-Figuring out all of the ways to make magnets or elastics create shapes when items are too big. More details on this in the next paragraph.
3-With the trend of the raw hem, it’s easy to cut off denim to be the length you prefer whether that’s with jeans or jean jackets.

2-Style Tools

In my fashion style kit essentials, I shared 6 items that I would consider as ingredients in the foundation of these styling hacks to save you money.
There are more details and examples in that article, but here are the cliff notes.

Elastics-I like both the small clear elastics as well as the bigger, hair elastics depending on the material of the item I’m hacking.
With elastics, you can shorten a top or skirt, create a dart or even hold the fabric together.

Using an elastic on the inside of the dress to create a waist.

Magnets-I have been using the brand Maggie’s magnets for years now. You can see 8 different ways that I’ve worn them in the past.
These are another way to gather material or hold pieces together without damaging the cloth.

Maggies combo pack magnets

HalfteesThis brand has come up with an easy way to add modesty to tops without bulk. Use code Jtouch20 for a discount.
Instead of always limiting yourself to shirts that cover what you want to cover, you can use these to make a sleeveless top have long sleeves or fill in the cleavage area.

Halftees as fashion styling kit essentials

Peekaboo ShirttailsThis company has figured out a way to make shirts longer without bulk. Use code Jodie20.
Here’s an easy way to make your shirts cover your bum when you are wearing leggings or just want a longer top. You don’t have to buy tops of every length this way.

Peek a boo Shirttail or dress extenders

Sheec socks-These no-show socks are the real deal. They are sized for your foot size as well as different styles of shoes.
This saves you money because you won’t be wasting your hard-earned dough on socks that don’t stay put.

Soul insolesThese reusable arch support adhesives are a great way to make flat shoes more wearable.
I don’t recommend buying uncomfortable shoes, but sometimes your flat shoes need a bit more arch support depending on what you are doing for the day.

Soul Insoles as part of fashion styling kit essentials

3- Style Hacks to Save You MoneyDon’t Categorize

Learning not to categorize our clothing when wearing them can expand your wardrobe without spending one dime.

What I mean is the idea that many items can be worn outside of their intended use.
For example: wearing a long-line sports bra as a top instead of just for working out. Or how about some of your pajama tops? They might be perfectly fun to wear as part of your daily outfits.

The other way we mistakenly categorize is to think of a clothing item as dressy or casual. Just because you have a sequin dress doesn’t mean you can’t wear it with a sweatshirt (as I have done here).
And when you retire, don’t think you have to throw out all of your blazers. Blazers can still be worn for a casual day of running errands as a snazzy jacket.

4-Learn to Transform Pieces

This category of my style hacks to save you money is one of my favorites. Or as I like to say, it is one of my superpowers.
It’s learning to think differently about your clothes and transforming them into something they weren’t originally meant to be.

For example, I took a long sleeve, tunic-length blouse that normally wouldn’t see the light of day in the summer, and figured out 4 ways to make it cooler for our hot temperatures (the 4th way can be seen in the post).

Even my mom, Charlotte and Lesely have participated in this idea by transforming a kimono into a dress and making a maxi skirt wearable as a dress.

Once you stop thinking of your clothes as what they were marketed as, and think of them instead as fabric with seams, you can create a much larger wardrobe out of what you already have.


When you add accessories to the mix, you are creating a look that no one else will have. Because there are so many ways to accessories, you can save money by wearing the same top over and over yet with scarves and necklaces, it can look so different.

Style hacks to save you money with accessories

Insider tip: Even with your accessories, don’t categorize them. For instance, this “bracelet” is actually a necklace that has been wrapped around my wrist multiple times.

Other ideas to make your jewelry part of these style hacks to save you money:

  • Earrings can be used to hold fabric together or be a brooch.
  • Combine a short necklace and bracelet to be a longer necklace.
  • Rings can be hung on a chain to be a pendant.
  • Necklaces can be bracelets and long bracelets can be necklaces.
  • Scarves are the most magical piece of fabric out there as they can be twisted, folded, and worn on almost every part of your body. Even in the summer, I’ve found multiple ways to wear them without overheating.

6-Color Combinations

Experimenting with different color combinations can make your clothing items much more versatile. For instance, I recently wrote about 15 colors that you can pair with lime green. Even though most of us would stick to white or black, there are endless colors that can look amazing to just those two.
Get creative, and try them all. What do you have to lose?

In fact, I came up with a color recipe and have tweaked it many times to make it easier for you to get comfortable with color combinations that you may not think about firsthand.

Insider tip: I believe that ANY two colors can look good together as long as you have something that ties them together.

7-Go Thrifting

One of my favorite style hacks to save you money is to go thrifting. Buying items secondhand is such a great way to get things for a deal.
Plus you are being environmentally conscious by keeping these items out of the landfills.

I’ve written numerous articles about thrifting and recently compiled them into the ultimate guide if you need advice.

If you don’t have any great secondhand stores near you, there are online ones as well.

Online Thrift Stores

These are the ones I’ve used more than once (except Swap, but it comes highly recommended by a friend)
thredUpthis link gives you $10 (and me in return).
Poshmark — here is the post about how to shop the site.
Uncommon Closet— nonprofit to help women.
Gild the Lily–a local Michigan store that sells online.

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7 amazing style hacks to save you money


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