What to wear with cowboy boots for chic appeal

8+ Colorful Looks: What To Wear With Cowboy Boots

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Trust me that I’m just as surprised I’m writing about what to wear with cowboy boots as you are. But when you move to the Southwest, it is expected, right?
And I’m learning that it’s quite fun to have an assortment of options in our closets

Quote of the day: “The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” Coco Chanel

What to wear with cowboy boots
2-Cropped Pants

The funny thing about this quote is the fact that many women regurgitate Coco’s “rule” for taking off one accessory before leaving the house. Yet the icon herself also said the above quote.
This goes to show how you can say one thing and then something else that could mean just the opposite and yet you are correct with both tidbits.

What does that have to do with what to wear with cowboy boots? Because I wouldn’t say that cowboy boots are something you might think about wearing with your daily outfits. Even living here in the Southwest, I don’t see them as much as you’d think I would.

Maybe you have a pair hidden in the back of your closet from your younger days? Or maybe you just can’t imagine what to wear with cowboy boots so you never even bought a pair?
So I wanted to showcase how versatile cowboy boots can be, even in the springtime.

The secret of what to wear with cowboy boots?? It’s to stop thinking of them as cowboy boots per se, and think of them as just boots!! They are a fun option of footwear that can work no matter where you live!

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1st Outfit: Jeans: Kancan ~~ Top: thrifted~~ Boots: Matisse-thrifted
2nd Outfit: Jeans: Style & Co~~ Cardigan: Belong Lifestyle USA~~ Top: thrifted~~ Boots: Matisse-thrifted
3rd Outfit: Jeans: Unablue Jeans c/o~~ Cardigan: thrifted~~ Boots: Matisse-thrifted

Jeans and What to Wear with Cowboy Boots

I feel like jeans are the most popular option of what to wear with cowboy boots. And with that prompt, I wanted to include 3 different versions of jeans.

First and foremost, the blue denim skinny jeans. This is one reason that those skinny jeans will always have a place in my closet. The fact that they are tight around the lower leg makes them incredibly easy to tuck into ANY type of taller boots.

Of course, I’m a huge fan of colorful jeans too, so I wanted to showcase a pair of red jeans with my tan cowboy boots. Again, the fact that these red jeans are a skinny silhouette makes them easier to tuck into the boots.

Insider tip: You can still tuck in straight-leg jeans. The best way is to pull them tight against the ankle and either tuck them into your socks or wrap a hair tie around them so they stay tight against your leg.

Then the third option with your jeans and cowboy boots is to wear either bootcut jeans or some type of wider-leg jeans with the footwear. The only disadvantage of this option is you are hiding your cowboy boots. Then again, that could be an advantage depending on how you look at it.

BTW, this pair of wide-leg jeans was custom-made for me. You can see 6 different options of styles that my friends and I all showcased here.

Cropped pants and what to wear with cowboy boots

Pants: Ann Taylor~~ Sweater: hand-knit by me~~ Boots: Matisse-thrifted

Cropped Pants

Combining any version of cropped pants and your cowboy boots is another great way to make sure that your cowboy boots are on display.
Cropped or shorter-length pants CAN work for the colder weather if you combine them with footwear that covers the rest of the leg.

Insider tip: I’ve worn these same cropped pants with 5 different styles of footwear to show how versatile they are.

1st Outfit: Dress: from Just Be Youtiful~~Blazer: Banana Republic~ ~ Boots: Target
2nd Outfit: Dress: thrifted~~ Tights: workout leggings~~ Boots: Matisse-thrifted

Cowboy Boots and Dresses

Dresses are another perfect item of what to wear with cowboy boots. It’s not unlike the cropped pants in that most dresses will showcase the boots.

I’ve shown examples of wearing a midi dress with my tall white cowboy boots on the left and a tunic-length dress with leggings on the right.
But don’t think these are the only options. Wearing your boots with a maxi dress or a knee-length dress would also be just as stylish.

One of the reasons that these boots seem ideal with any cooler weather look is they cover your leg to provide warmth.
Yet, if you don’t need all of that coverage, there are many shorter options available. In fact, my friend, Cathie, wore a shorter pair called roper boots with a dress in this post.

1st Outfit: Skirt: my mom redesigned it~~ Cardigan: Chicos~~ Top: Steinmart ~~ Boots: Nordstrom-thrifted
2nd Outfit: Skirt: My mom made it~~Cardigan: thrifted~~ Boots: Matisse-thrifted

Skirts with Boots

In all reality, skirts are basically the same concept as dresses when thinking about what to wear with cowboy boots.
Therefore, in these examples, I created different styles with my cowboy boots and skirts.

In the outfit on the left, the overall vibe is somewhat classic with the tartan skirt and long cardigan. Whereas the outfit on the right has a more Western vibe since the skirt is made with pieces of leftover leather.

Insider detail: Both skirts were “made” by my talented mother. The plaid one was originally a kilt that she took apart and made into this asymmetrical beauty (also seen years ago here with a fancier air).
The leather one was created with a bunch of scraps of leather that Charlotte fashioned into a skirt. I’m sure I’ve worn it on the blog before, but I can’t seem to find proof.

1st Outfit: Shorts: Roka Boutique~~ Sweater: Naomi & Ruth Boutique~~ Boots: Norstrom-thrifted
2nd Outfit: Shorts: Kancan~~Top: thrifted~~ Boots: Nordstrom-thrifted

Shorts and Cowboy Boots

I’ve always seen shorts and cowboy boots on younger girls and think how cute it looks. However, at that time, I was way too serious about how I dressed and would always think that I couldn’t wear that style.

Fast forward to blogging and finding inspiration among other older women that have taken Coco’s advice above and decided to think for themselves. It gave me the realization that I could wear shorts at my advanced age AND wear my cowboy boots with them too.

My examples of shorts and cowboy boots differ in that the look on the left is with sweater shorts while the look on the right is with Bermuda denim shorts.

Insider tip: Bermuda shorts can get a bad wrap, but I’ve shown 5 ways to style them thinking about proportion.

So what do you think?? Could you, would you wear those cowboy boots with an everyday outfit? I have more inspiration with a white pair of western boots too.

BTW, both pairs of cowboy boots are secondhand. Here’s an article about thrifted shoes.

Cowboy boot style

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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